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Chapter 23: Confrontation

Once Arizona snapped out of her shock induced trance, she stalked out of the elevator and pushed her way through the crowd of hospital staff.

"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!" Arizona yelled angrily.

Everybody looked at her shocked. None of them had ever seen Arizona so mad. When Callie heard Arizona's voice she immediately pushed Erica off of her.

"Arizona, it's not what it looks like!" Callie defended herself.

"Seriously Callie? That's the oldest line in the book. You really want to start with that?"

"Arizona just let me explain."

"Come on Callie, I think it's time we told Arizona about us." Erica cut in.

"Erica, shut the hell up! There is no 'us'!" Callie yelled.

Arizona looked at Erica and Erica just stared back with a smug smirk. She couldn't take it anymore.

"What the fuck are you smirking at? You look pretty smug for someone who is about to get their ass kicked!" Arizona knew she was making a scene but she had held in her feelings long enough and couldn't hold them in any longer.

"Arizona…" Callie said in a warning tone.

"NO! You don't get to speak to me! Not now, not ever again! In fact, you're not even allowed to say my name so just shut the fuck up! I'll deal with you after I deal with that cold hearted bitch!" Arizona pointed at Erica.

"Arizona, don't you think you're overreacting just a bit?" Callie asked.

"Overreacting? OVERREACTING? My girlfriend of one year is cheating on me. The person I trusted the most, the person I thought was the one, betrayed me! So no, I don't think I'm overreacting. Now shut up so I can kick that bitch's ass!"

"You really think you can take me?" Erica smirked at her.

"I grew up with the name Arizona; I learned how to play dirty on the playground. My dad and my brother were both marines so I know how to knock you out with one punch! So yeah, I think I can kick your ass and I'll have fun doing it!"

"That's rich. You know what Arizona? You should have become a comedian because the thought of you actually being able to kick my ass is hilarious."

"Erica! Don't push her!" Callie told her but it was too late.

Before anyone could react, Arizona was on top of Erica, kicking and punching the crap out of her.

"How dare you, you fucking bitch! You stole my girlfriend!"

She could hear some of her friends encouraging her to continue and she could even hear Callie begging her to stop but she ignored Callie and anyone else telling her to stop. She had lost control of her actions. She was seeing red. The image of Callie and Erica kissing played over and over in her head. Finally, she felt arms around her waist, pulling her off of Erica. She knew instantly that it was Callie. Her first instinct was to lean into Callie's embrace but Erica groaning in pain reminded her of why Callie needed to pull her off Erica in the first place.

"Callie let me go! I don't want you touching me!"

Callie flinched at Arizona's words.

"Teddy, can you hold Arizona back please?" Callie asked.

Teddy immediately replaced Callie and held Arizona back. Callie and Mark went to check on Erica.

"It looks like you have a couple broken ribs and a broken nose." Callie told her.

"You bitch!" Erica yelled at Arizona.

"Look who's talking you whore! I should have done much worse to you!" Arizona yelled back. "And you said I couldn't kick your ass. Looks like you stand corrected!"

"Okay that is enough! Someone take Erica away. Arizona you need to take a deep breath and calm down!"

"I told you to not talk to me! We are over, do you hear me Callie, over!"

"Arizona, please just hear me out. That kiss was not what it looked like. Just let me explain please. You don't need to break up with me because of that."

Arizona let out a short laugh.

"Seriously Callie? You don't think cheating is a good enough reason to break up?"

"I am not cheating on you!"

"Then why were you kissing Erica?"

"First of all, she was kissing me. I was the victim here. She was coming on to me and kissed me out of nowhere!"

"Then why the fuck didn't you push her away?"

"Because I was caught off guard! You know me, when I'm shocked it takes me a second to react."

"I thought I knew, but now I'm not so sure."

"So you don't believe me?"

"At this point, I don't know what the fuck I should believe."

"She's telling you the truth Arizona." Mark cut in, "Callie wouldn't cheat on you."

"Oh shut up you bastard, you helped her lie to me." Arizona turned towards Mark, "You knew she was lying to me to hang out with Erica on Saturday. I can't believe you could be this big of a jackass. Helping your best friend cheat on me."

"What?" Mark and Callie yelled in unison.

"I know you've been lying to me Callie. You've been lying to me since last week when you said you were spending the day with Mark. I know that was a lie because when you sent a text to me saying you were having dinner with Mark, I was outside the diner looking at Mark having dinner by himself. You lied to me so you could hang out with Erica all day. Erica told me you guys had made plans. At first I didn't believe her but then Cristina said she overheard you accepting Erica's offer so don't even try to deny it!"

"That's what you wanted me to lie to Arizona for? So you could hang out with that bitch!" Mark turned to Callie furious.

"No!" Callie yelled.

"So you didn't make plans with Erica?" Mark asked.

"Yes I did but I cancelled! I swear!"

Arizona scoffed. "Likely story. So if you weren't out with Erica-"

"I wasn't!"

"-and you're not cheating on me-"

"I'm not."

"-then what the hell is all the sneaking around and lying for?"

"I… I can't tell you… yet." Callie looked at Arizona sadly.

"Nice Callie. You know what? I'm done, we're done! If you don't have a fucking good reason for all the lying then we're through. I already packed. I'm staying with Teddy until I find a place of my own."

Arizona turned to walk away but Callie stopped her in her tracks with the words she uttered out.

"I was planning on proposing to you!"

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