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Life afterwards

Three years later

Ronald Weasley and Harry Potter

Both of the monsters that hurt Hermione so very bad ended up getting disowned by their families one year after being expelled from Hogwarts as the truth of what happened to Hermione came out. In a desperate attempt to get back into their families, the pair went to Dermstrang and took their NEWTs, receiving just enough grades so they could get into The Ministry to become Aurors. But that didn't impress any one and to the day, both are living together in a small tatty flat with no woman on their arms.

Hermione Granger and Severus Snape

Just six months after Hermione graduated from Hogwarts School of Witch Craft and Wizardry with straight 'O's she and Severus got married on the grounds of McGonagall Manor where they now resided with Minerva and Albus. Although not tradition, Minerva gave Hermione away to Severus as her own parents had passed away just days before the wedding; their photos stood on a table at the front so Hermione knew they were there in spirit and memory.

Now, three years on, Hermione wrote fiction books from home and looked after their daughter Athena Minerva Snape who had her father's eyes, her mother's brown but straight hair and her mother's features. She was just as much a bookworm than both her parents and grandparents were. She was now two years old and was already showing a strong magical ability. Severus ran his own potions company, with just him as a brewer so he often spent time away, but he loved Hermione with all that he was and his daughter was the world for him. Every spare moment of the day was spent with Athena (if she wasn't reading with Minerva) and then every spare moment of the evening was spent with his wife.

After all those years of fighting and hanging on to life by a thread, Hermione had finally found happiness. She had a loving husband who had comforted, healed and loved her right from the beginning; a daughter who she held close to her heart and would always protect and teach; and a mother and father that looked after her when Severus wasn't around to do so. Her family was everything she had ever wished for.

She was comforted, healed and now loved and she was the happiest person alive.