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I reached out for the final few glasses, half full of alcohol, to clean after the service in Seventh Heaven, After washing them I sighed as to notice another glass on the table in the opposite side of the room. Where is Cloud? What is he doing? Why isnt he here? all those questions running through my head at the esact same moment which made me loose focus as my hand slipped in the result of dropping the glass. With the sound of the smash I heard Marlene's soft foot steps hurrying down the steps to see what had happened.

'Tifa?' She looked at me with those big brown eyes of innocence. Seconds later Denzel followed ' Mom? are you okay? what happend? do you need help?'' he asked

'' No, I'm fine thanks for asking though, It's getting late you two, Go and get ready for bed please, I'll be up soon''

''And Cloud'' Denzel asked

I Froze, that was a question i was hoping i wouldnt need to answer, I mean I couldn't answer i didnt know where Cloud was or what he was doing

''He's uhrmm.. Hes just got a late delivery thats all he should be here in the morning though'' ''Hopefully'' i said under my breath

It was the only thing i could tell them. I couldn't say Cloud's done a runner because i didnt know that and it would just make them more concerned and want to know everything even if i didnt know anything, Cloud hasnt stayed at home for a few days now and whenever he is at home he's not himself.

''Okay I love you!'' Marlene shouted ''Are you sure your alright, your not yourself'' Repeated Denzel

I nodded, even though he was right, im not myself when Clouds not arround, Maybe i just worry too much...

I watched them both race upstair, budging each other to get to the top first. It reminded me of when me and Cloud were younger, the games we played. A smile slowy lit my face and then quickly faded...I brushed the dust off my clothes and went upstairs to bed, hoping Cloud would be there as i wake up.

I woke up the next morning, tired. Did i stay awake waiting for Cloud? Or worrying about him. I thought about it for a while but i was interupted by Fenrir's engine, I rushed over to the window to see a leaving bike. I sighed without realising the Children were behind me.

' We thought it was him too' Marlene said Disappointedly it was like she wanted him back as much as I did, He was her Father Figure and i was her mother figure, but never together as mom and dad.

''It still might be him! It couldnt been! You never know, maybe he had another early delivery'' Denzel argued

Ive been telling them he's had Early and late deliveries all week it made me sick, i had to lie to the children because i didnt know myself. But I am going to find out! i was so upset and angry with Cloud, but not just cloud i was with myself too. I could feel my face heating up as my eyes started to tear, i wouldnt let the children see me like this i decided to fight them back, although it was a battle i was going to loose..

''M..maybe Denz'' I stuttered '' Why dont you two go play with the local kids okay? I have things to do here but i'll see you in a few hours okay?''

''what about breakfast mom?'' Denzel asked

I was so focused on my own troubles i forgot to even think about Denzel and Marlene. I was still facing away from them, what a terrible person they must have thought of me, But i would prefer them to think that than let them see my pain, that would hurt them even more.

''Oh im sorry you two go on rush downstairs i have one thing to do first i'll be there in a second''

they both rushed downstairs I grabbed my Phone from my desk...'Cloud Strife'...'Calling'

The irritation of the beeping when you know that their not going to answer, but you hope so hard that they do. I just wanted to hear his voice, See his face.

''Oh Cloud you never answer your -''

'' I let you die.. Can my sins be forgiven... I couldnt protect you''

Cloud didnt mean to answer, at least i knew he was alright.. even though he was living in guilt.. i now know where he is.. but did i really want to go...

WOW I didn't realise it was THAT short! My bad, chapter number two is longer!

Find out what Tifa decides and if Clouds going to get home!