Author Note: *Looks around.* Whoa. Old territory. I'll try to not keep you forever, then. Well, this is one of my oldest stories. (As you can probably tell if you've seen the dates.) I was about eleven or twelve when this was written, and I'm not going to go back and edit for spelling/content/grammar/anything, because this marks a special and tender time in my life when I was really getting into the website and hobby. So, aside from this note warning people this is written from a quite young girl's perspective and the information that my newer stuff is a lot better, thank you so much for the support. Happy reading if you're new here! :)

Original Publication Date: 8/10/10.

Original Completion Date: 9/17/10.

Powerpuff Poof

Zzzzzzzzzzz... The Powerpuff Girls were sleeping in. Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! The hotline rang loudly. Moaning and groaning, Buttercup answered it. " Hello?" she mumbled. She expected to hear the mayors frantic voice. But instead, she heard a deep burton. " Hello? Powerpuff Girls? When I heard about you, I called! My name is Chet You- Betcha In my town, Dimsdale, it's chaos! Natural disasters are destroying our buildings and scaring our people! Please save us! Uh, hello?" Chet didn't hear a reply. But, quick as a wink, the girls burst through the roof. " Oh, Powerpuff Girls! Thank goodness your he-ee-ere!" His "here" came out weird because Buttercup and Bubbles had picked him up and they were flying high in the sky. " Where to, Mr. You-Botcha?" Blossom asked. " It's Betcha! And down there!" Chet replied, pointing to a tattered city. The girls put Chet on safe ground, and then took off to the town. A few volcanos popped up out of nowhere and spewed hot lava everywhere. " Looks like these volcanos need a cool down!" Blossom told her sisters. She flew in front of the lava and covered it with ice breath . She then did the same inside the volcanos. Once it was safe, Bubbles and Buttercup shattered the volcanos. Then, Blossom ate a tornado, Bubbles stopped an earthquake, and Buttercup drank a tsunami. The city cheered. But then, all the fixes undid and came back worse, and adding slitting ground and lightning to the trouble. As Blossom and Buttercup tried to close the spitting ground, Blossom yelled to Bubbles through the noise, " Bubbles! Go try to find the source of this!" " And stop it!" Buttercup added. The blue puff took off. As the made her way through the sky, a lightning bolt struck her. She was not harmed, but now in a state of shock.

Bubbles's P. O. V

I had just been scanning the city for any sources of all this, and then a feel something surging through me. It burned and stung me greatly. When the feeling faded, I knew I would be fine soon. But my body was stiff. For some reason I couldn't move at all and I felt myself dropping. I had no idea where I was going to land, but for some reason I didn't care. Something pierced my skin as I loud crack sounded in my ears. My world suddenly went dark.

When I opened my eyes, I was on something soft. I felt wet. I then realized there was water all over me. But why? More water poured onto me. It was raining. I sat up and found out I was on bed. Not my bed, though. There was a good sized hole above me. I felt a lot better than I did before I... that's it! This must have been where I landed. I shot up and looked around. There was a different looking boy. He was short, had on a pink shirt and blue jeans, a pink hat, and 2 buck-teeth. There was another floating form. This was a lady. She was kinda' short, pink hair with a swirl, yellow shirt, and black pants. She also had a crown and a stick with a star on the end. A figure that was the same height was floating beside her. It had green hair, a floating crown, a white shirt, black pants, a tie, and a stick with a star. The lady and man by her also had small wings. The forth figure was a circle-form. It had a crown, one purple hair, big purple eyes, a purple suit, and a rattle. They all looked at me in shock. Where was I and who were they? Wow, it was confusing.

Nobody's P. O. V

These four figures were Cosmo, Wanda, Timmy, and Poof. Baby Poof had been hiccuping, thus the disasters happened. The other three had been trying to cure them when Bubbles fell in. She had landed on Timmy's bed and was only out for a couple of minutes. Bubbles got off the bed and asked, " Where am I?" " Well, your at Timmy Turners home. You fell through the roof," Cosmo told her, pointing at the hole. " Who are you?" Timmy asked her.

Timmy's P. O. V

Who the heck was this and why did it fall into my home out of nowhere. It could tell it was a girl, with the blonde pigtails and the short blue dress. It had on a short blue dress, white tights, and black shoes. She looked weird. No fingers, no toes, no nose, huge blue eyes, and was floating. What was going on? "My name is Bubbles and I'm a Powerpuff Girl," she told us sweetly. Bubbles? What kind of name was that? Right then, I heard a click. I had accidently turned on my TV. Two girls were floating proudly above the people who live here. The people were cheering about how they had saved the day or something. A rolled my eyes. Only because Bubbles had crashed through our roof had caused Poof to stop hiccuping and the disasters to stop. They both were like Bubbles: No fingers, no toes, no ears, no nose, huge eyes, white tights, black shoes, and short dresses. Only, one had pink eyes and a pink dress and the other had green eyes and a pink dress. Also, the pink floating girl had long orange-red hair and a big red bow on top of her head and the green floating girl had short black hair. I looked at Bubbles. She ran up to the screen and pointed at the floating girls. " Those are my sisters!" she exclaimed. She then told us all about them and what happened. That girl sure can talk!

Nobody's P. O. V

After Bubbles finished, she asked again who the four where. They each said their names, then Wanda picked up Poof. " And this our baby, Poof!" she said. " And they are my parents," Timmy said, pointing at Cosmo and Wanda. " And I'm the brother!" Poof added, smiling. " Aw, what a cute baby!" Bubbles exclaimed. Wanda held him out and Bubbles took him in her arms. She then noticed his wings. But she cared not. She had decided Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof had super-powers as well as herself. A magic super power. Poof felt a wave of comfort over himself.

Poof's P. O. V

Okay, I had no idea who this lady was or where she came from, but she was so soothing. Her arms supported me and didn't make me feel like I was falling, unlike sometimes when Timmy holds me. Those big blue eyes looked at me with peacefulness. I held onto her and closed my eyes. I was sure she wouldn't mind if I took a little nap in her arms.

Wanda's P. O. V

That was just to cute! My baby boy snuggled in a sweet little girls arm. Bubbles was safe, trustworthy, gentle, sweet, and very loving. " Mam, you don't look so good," Bubbles told me in a worried tone. I was tired from caring for Poof. He was awesome, sweet, and loving, but that little ball wore me out. " I'm just beat," I tried to assure her, but my wings sagged and I fell onto the floor. I was joined by Cosmo and Timmy. We were all tired from Poof. A let out a tired sigh.

Bubbles' P. O. V

Those three were really tired, I could tell. I wasn't born yesterday, so I could tell. I looked at Poof. This little boy must have really tired them out. I had an idea. " Mr. Cosmo, Ms. Wanda, Timmy! I can look after Poof for a while! Me and my sisters!" I told them. " Are you sure, dear?" Wanda asked, but I could tell she enjoyed that thought. "Of course!" I assured, looking at Poof. How hard could looking after that little bundle be that hard. Cosmo handed me a baby bag, Timmy told me the next night about six, and they all waved good-bye. Before I left, Wanda handed me a list, said good-luck, and kissed Poof. I took off, Poof in my arms. I noticed the title on the note. It said: Warnings about the baby.