50 ways to annoy a god, goddess and their kids.
...by nameless imperfections.

# 01.
While being 'claimed' by a God or Goddess, occasionally bob your head like a parakeet.

Kaleigh Roberts did not like Camp Half-Blood, nor did she like for the campers. In fact, she hated everyone at the camp, starting with that Chiron, whom she dubbed, Sir Horse-ass, and of course the important and oh-so looked up to Percy (Pansy, seeing as she found his name rather fruity), Annabeth (Annabarf, she didn't know why, but she disliked her greatly), Grover (...she hadn't quite thought of a name for him yet, but she would...eventually) and Thalia (Count Olaf, she didn't know why, but the girl reminded her of the well-know villain of the Series of Unfortunate Event series).

She even doubt anyone noted of her existence, if they did they would refer to her as 'that quiet emo/goth check always reading Stephen Books' which of course didn't bothered her.

Well, if you count creating a list of pranks and ways to 'jokingly' torture the Gods and their children as revenge a way to cope the thing that 'wasn't bothering her'.

But in her eyes, they deserved it, she hadn't asked to come here, she'd much rather stay home in her Gothic bedroom reading Stephen King books all day, but noooo, she had to be here.

And she wasn't even welcomed here. She doubted even Sir Horse-ass knew of her existence-and it was his job to! So after long hours of contemplating, she decided that she would unleash her wrath after being claimed, she of course did want not to anger her father...

That is, if EVER got claimed.


Hermes was a very busy man. Frankly, he no time to be claiming his children, but this one child...she was just a riot! He looked over her list of plans to 'jokingly' torture the Gods, and their kids...and couldn't help but laugh.

It was the funniest thing he'd seen since...since...a while. And that's saying something seeing as he's a God.

"Okay," he decided. "I'm going to claim this child."

Now when a God claims their child, it wasn't something special. Well, to the God claiming the child, anyway. The process was pretty simple, a little window thingamabob appears and you could see your child while you claimed them.

Hermes could see his child, Kaleigh, touching her forehead in shock.

He smiled."That's right, you're my child."

GAG, George hissed.

Hermes then frowned, but not because of Geogre's outburst. "What...what the Hades are you doing?" He blinked a few times making sure what he saw was correct.

"Stop that..." he trailed watching his daughter bob her head idiotically. "Hey...stop that. What the Hades are you doing? Stop!"

But she continued as the Hermes sign slowly appeared on her forehead.

"STOP BOBBING YOUR HEAD!" Hermes screamed.



Kaleigh was now currently twitching violently. "Aaagh..." she broke off after that.

Some of the Hermes kids coming back from a game of Capture the Flag (the very same game Kaleigh ditched) saw her. "Um, is she having a seizure?" One wondered aloud.


"Yeah, she is."

Kaleigh's face was now turning a lovely shade of purple.

"Um, she's dying, I think." Another said.

"And who cares?" One sighed, "It's been a long day, and I feel like a total loser...I mean we lost to a team that was practically composed of the Aphrodite kids!"

"What if she's good at Capture the Flag?"


"I say we drop her off at a Chiron's office."


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