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A/N: Hehe, it's my birthday today. Since someone already squealed (check out the amazing fics and NSFW pics at HappyBirthdayTuesday(dot)blogspot(dot)com! Love you gals!) I decided that because it's always better to give than to receive *snorts*, as a thank you to all of you R&R readers I would share a present I wrote for myself while moping around about getting older this past weekend. As some of you know, there's nothing I love more than a shower wank, and what could be better than Spanksper jacking off in the shower to thoughts of spanking Edward in leather pants? Am I right?

This happens during Chapter 9 of Raw and Rosy - the Friday Edward came to school in leather. And this really is PWP. ;)

Leather pants.

He wore leather fucking pants.

He wore soft, supple, boot-cut leather pants to school on Friday. Instead of pairing it with something ridiculous, he wore a plain white t-shirt that hugged his chest close enough to leave little to the imagination.

The air in the school buildings was charged with even more sexual energy than usual, and I attributed that to Edward himself. Girls would stare and then giggle. I swear I even saw Mike Newton checking out Edward's ass. It might have been for comparison - no contest, by the way - but he was definitely looking.

Edward, however, remained as aloof and oblivious as always. I still didn't really know why he acted like such an grade-A twat at school, but after meeting his mother earlier that week, I knew Edward had some major mommy issues. That woman was all about keeping up appearances. I mean, if my mother had been able to put two and two together after finding handcuffs on my headboard - well, actually I didn't know what she would do, ma would never be that observant when it came to me.

Edward practically ignored every giggle and attempt to flirt with him made by the entire slut brigade. Every time he let a girl come close, at least when I was around, he would pointedly make eye contact with me.

When Jessica "Look at my Cleavage" Stanley told him point blank that his ass looked good, he simply said, "I know," but he raised his eyes and fucking winked at me.

He winked.

I was half hard all day.

By the time school got out, I was about ready to fucking lose it.

I drove home recklessly; I was that desperate for release.

I briefly considered calling Riley the bus boy and making him suck me off, but then I probably would have had to return the favor, and I just couldn't do it. After Edward, I was pretty sure that I'd never quite feel fully satisfied with anything else. Riley was tofu, and Edward was a nice, thick, bloody steak.

I only got home minutes before Rosalie, who must have had McCarty drop her off before he went to baseball practice. I wasn't exactly sure if they were dating, but I wasn't too happy about it, and things between my sister and I had been shaky ever since I saw them making out in his car in our driveway.

So, when she started talking to me, I was kind of stunned. However, I was in absolutely no fucking mood to have a conversation. I needed to get off.

"Hey, Jay," she said tentatively.

"Yeah," I said shortly.

"Look, I know you're pissed at me, or whatever, but can I borrow your-" she began to ask.

I knew she was asking to borrow my truck. We were waiting on a part to come in to finally fix the exhaust system on her own car, so hers had been out of commission since we took the muffler off Tuesday.

"Sure, whatever," I said, tossing her my keys as I huffed past her on my way to the bathroom.

"What crawled up your ass and died?" she asked, instead of thanking me.

"I spilled acetone on me during chem lab today, and I can still smell it. I'm going to take a shower," I snapped, hoping that would be enough to get her to leave me alone.

I wasn't even taking Chemistry this year, but Rosalie didn't notice.

"Just don't use up all the hot water. I have a date tonight to get ready for," she called after me.

I grunted in response as I finally reached my destination. Without any other acknowledgment, I slammed the door shut and began tearing off my clothes. There was only one thought in my head.

Edward in leather pants.

Edward in leather fucking pants.

I couldn't stop the image from running through my brain.

My dick was hard and there was nothing I wanted more than to have Edward in front of me so I could peel the black leather off his ass, slap it raw with my bare hands and then plunge my dick into it.

I bit the inside of my cheek to stop from moaning.

I turned on the shower spray and stepped under it immediately. It wasn't hot yet, but even the shock of cold wasn't enough to get me to lose my boner.

My imagination raced as the water heated up. I grabbed some of Rose's shower gel and squirted it into my hand. Normally, I didn't want my cock to smell like melon and cucumber, but I was beyond rational thinking at this point.

He had been the worst in English class. As usual, he found excuses to get up from his desk and walk right past me. I'm not sure why no one else seemed to notice that Edward was always dropping things in front of my desk, or that the way he went to pick them up was decidedly obscene.

I mean, he bent over at the waist and fucking wiggled his ass in front of me. The leather stretched tight across his cheeks, making a groaning sound that I tried not to emulate as I recalled the image.

The boy was in for it when I could get my hands on him again.

He was lucky I didn't jump over my desk right then and there. He knew he was playing with fire. What would he have done had I taken the bait in the middle of class?

I squeezed my dick with my now-slicked right palm at the thought.

I could have bent him over his desk, in front of all our classmates. I could have pressed my dick, straining hard against my denim, right against his ass. I could have leaned over and whispered in his ear, loud enough for everyone to hear, about how he looked like a huge manwhore encased in leather.

My hand picked up speed a little as the water heated up, rolling down my back. I stroked exactly the way I liked, up with a twist of my wrist as my thumb brushed over the head.

I would have ordered him to stay bent over the desk, as our classmates stared at us in gaping shock. Then, I would have stepped back and slapped his ass - hard - through the layer of leather. Edward would have moaned and pushed his ass back wanting more, and of course, I would have complied.

My open palm would make contact over and over with his perky, leather-clad cheeks while Edward came undone on the desk, Mr. Berty too shocked to tell me to stop.

Once I knew his ass was bright red under the black leather, I'd carefully, peel the pants off, revealing the prize.

I couldn't control the moan from escaping that time. I moved further under the streaming water and used my left hand to cup my balls.

In my fantasy, he would have been wearing his plug. The stainless steel would reflect the fluorescent lights of the classroom. I would pull it out slowly, and Edward would whimper at the loss.

His whimper killed me.

Not that I would ever let him know that. He'd be stretched and so fucking ready for me. All I'd have to do is coat my dick in lube before plunging roughly, balls-deep into his hole, making his dick rub uncomfortably against the cheap, imitation wood of the desk. I'd feel his hot walls clench around me at the intrusion.

The water in the shower was scalding hot now, but I couldn't be bothered to adjust the temperature. I was pumping furiously and my balls were tightening in my hand, but I didn't want to come just yet. At least, not like this.

I thought about how I would stay inside Edward, letting him adjust, until he would beg for it. "Fuck me, Jasper," he'd say, and everyone in the room would gasp, shifting uncomfortably in their seats - dicks hard and pussies wet, as they couldn't take our eyes off us.

"What was that, slut?" I'd ask, slapping the side of his right cheek.

"Fuck me, hard," he'd pant.

Of course, I would have to comply.

In the shower, my hips took over for the work of my hand as I thought about drilling into Edward. I thrust into the tight grip of my right hand. Imaging it was Edward's, now pink-spattered, lily-white ass.

My left hand drifted behind my balls, and my fingers tip-toed up my crack. I didn't often play with my ass, but I was too worked up. I wanted to come, and I wanted to come hard. I brought my hand away and squirted more shower gel into it, I couldn't wait to get out of the fucking house so I could keep lube in my shower like a normal person. I had to put the thought of moving away out of my head, though; the idea of leaving Peter didn't sit well with me, and I couldn't think about that and fucking Edward while bent over a desk at the same time.

Edward's leather pants would be pooled around his knees, making it hard for me to get in deep. But I didn't care, at that point, I was too far gone. I could almost hear the noises Edward would make as I pulled in and out, my balls slapping against him.

I rubbed a few circles against my opening before tentatively pushing a finger inside. I had a well-placed prostate, so I only had to twist my wrist before I brushed against it. I'd played around with dildos, and I just didn't like being filled, especially not by anything big, but an occasional finger brushing up against that center of nerves made jacking off slightly more satisfying.

It was nothing like being in Edward's hot, tight hole.

That's what I focused on as I fucked my wet, soapy hand, squeezing it hard around my cock. I could hear him moan and wail as I hit his prostate, while brushing against my own in the shower. He'd be gasping for words the way he did when he was close, begging for me to let him come. I'd glance around the room and notice that at least half the class had their own hands shoved down their pants, watching us, panting along with Edward, begging for permission to come.

"Come, Edward." I would order.

But, in the shower, it was me who came.

My mouth opened slightly as I let out a quiet gasp, my mouth filled with hot water, but I didn't even sputter. My whole body tensed as the feeling rushed through me, from my head to my toes. I bent over reflexively, unable to stand upright as I began to convulse, cum shooting hard out of my soapy dick.

I pulled my finger out and used that hand to lean against the shower wall while I caught my breath, squeezing the last of my orgasm out of my dick.

Fucking hell.

Leather fucking pants.