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The Heart asks Pleasure First


She was sitting on the edge of the bed, peeking up at him through her lashes and looking shy and like Bonnie, just being all addictive and beautiful as she rocked back to pull off the knee-socks she was wearing.

"Holy fuck, B." He managed to hiss, running his hand down her back as he scrambled over the bedcovers to look straight at her, "You're not wearing a bra."

"Well, no," She whispered, "You wouldn't be able to do this, if I was," She turned around into his arms and pressed herself against his bare chest. He wanted that.

Her hands moved slowly, tracing up and down, over the outline of his abs as he leaned into her touch, as he moved even slower to pull her against him and began to unbutton the blouse she was wearing.

"Baby, don't tease me tonight," He whispered, "please." And his head was pounding because she was so close to him, and she smelled so good, so much like girl and fresh linen, "I really can't-"

But her lips were all over his, cutting off his words as she practically jumped on top of him. Everything was an overload, because the feel of her skin on his own was more than incredible, and the taste of her, as she pressed her open mouth lightly against his, was mind-blowing.

He leaned back, pulling her down on top of him and pulling against her panties to get them off. She tugged them away by the bows on the side of her hips, and he groaned because, hell she was wet. She was also grinding right down over him, seemingly desperate for something more than his fingers.

"Do you-" He managed to whisper, "Bonnie, do you want to-"

"Jesus, Damon, will you please just..." Her fingernails scratched at his scalp, and he let out a moan as she shifted her hands to his chest. "Fuck me."

Okay, he was either stoned or dreaming, because this was Bonnie he was currently licking, and she wasn't into dominating. She just liked... well, she just liked to be with him, no sex to complicate it all. They were waiting – and then he couldn't help but shift his hips, and he was inside her.

He loved it. Her body was tight, both because she was a virgin, and because she was petite, and he wasn't exactly small. He was more than above average sized, even if he did say so himself. And this girl had skill. Her hips were moving very slowly, as she adjusted, but then she was moaning as he grabbed one of her hips and one of her breasts, twitching his fingers first around her pebbled nipple, before palming her ass to keep her balanced.

"You okay, cara?" She simply moaned in reply. "God, you're so tight-" He groaned again as she deliberately clenched her hips around him, rocketing the sensations through his hips and sending him straight out of his mind.

He could get used to this.



She stumbled as she tripped over the rug at the bottom of the stairs, and Henry McCullough couldn't help but laugh as his daughter groaned, grabbed the back of the armchair in front of her and still managed to lose her footing and faceplant on the floor.

"You okay, Bon?" He made her jump out of her skin; unable to believe her father was sitting on the sofa. He was a genuinely quiet man, but this had surprised her nonetheless.

"Yes, Daddy." She nodded, "He's completely out of it." She gestured upstairs and smiled at her father, "I think he'll be out until morning."

"Ah, well, at least he's alright, eh?" She laughed, grinning wildly and nodding her head.

"Would you like coffee?" He shrugged, and Bonnie laughed again, "I'll bring you something."

"Thankyou," Henry smiled at his daughter and watched her pad quietly through to the kitchen. She was a good kid – and she always had been – and by the looks of it, she had found somebody who would look after her just like she deserved.

A moment later, he had made a decision, which was likely to either make, or destroy his image of Damon. And he hoped it was the former. He stepped into the kitchen, following his daughter, and sat down at the kitchen island, where so many important conversations seemed to take place.

"Bonnie?" She glanced up and smiled over her shoulder at his expression.

"You didn't need to come in, Dad, I would have brought it, I promise!" She laughed, but it was cut short by the suddenly-solemn look which spread across his face.

"Honey, just a question..." Bonnie set the coffee mug down in front of him, and joined him on a second stool.

"Yes, Daddy?" And although Bonnie was falsely bright, she was petrified about what her dad was going to ask.

"How did you and Damon... you know... meet?"

And that was it. She couldn't exactly turn around and say "well, he's an ex-300-plus-year-old vampire, and he tried to kill me, and a couple of my friends, but then I sort of harboured a crush on him, and now he's human and not blinded by his addiction to Elena's magical blood, he's seen me for who I really am and we're together," could she? For one thing, it was a lot to say in a single breath. Right now, she was begging for inspiration, for lies, or for absolutely anything. She could barely breathe, because she had to rationalise more than three hundred years of what could easily be termed fantasy, into a believable reality.

"Oh," she smiled, toying with the spoon which was sitting in the coffee before her, and half-staring at her own reflection, "Well, at one stage last year, Matt's mom was ill, and I wanted to take her flowers, or at least that sort of thing, but the florist in town was closed, as usual." She paused, "So, I ended up running to the gas station, and..." She cringed just a little bit at this point, because it was starting to sound absolutely ridiculous, and clearly made up, "Well, Damon nearly ran me over when I ran out into the lot."

"What did he do? Stop and yell at you, or something?" Her father was suddenly furious and quite worried about what had been going on while he was away on business - for he was away on business a lot.

"No," Bonnie let out a quiet laugh, "Not at all. I dropped my wallet, and it had my driver's license in it..." There was a short silence, "He ended up coming to the house, and returning it, I asked if he wanted a coffee, and we talked for about three hours. When he left, I got his number, but before I could text him, I was at Elena's place to meet her new boyfriend, and his brother, who'd just moved to town..." She sighed wistfully, "And hell, there he was, standing by the fireplace, looking absolutely incredible, and..." She smiled again, "When he saw me, he dropped his drink on the floor, the glass shattered and everything, crossed the room and said something about fate. Then he kissed me, Daddy. It was so...fairytale. Absolutely ridiculous. But wonderful."

And her father would never agree with her, to call it ridiculous that she had found someone for her. It wasn't ridiculous because she was happy, and smiling, and she was just so different to her former self. She was happy, and that was enough for him. Although he couldn't help but wonder whether Damon was very aggressive in their relationship. He needn't have worried.



Damon felt as though somebody had stuffed the back end of a rabbit into his mouth. Everything tasted cottony and horrible, and he was sure that his tongue had doubled in size overnight.

Overnight. Bonnie. Sex. Ohmygod.

He had been in the hospital, and then, Bonnie had brought him home, and just jumped him. How could he have even begun to forget that? But she wasn't lying next to him now. Did she have second thoughts in the night? Did she hate it? Was she hurting? He had to apologise, at least.

"Oh, god..." Damon had sat up too fast, and now his head was spinning.

And that was how Bonnie found him, ten minutes later, curled up on their bed, head in his hands and eyes all closed and screwed up so that he didn't have to face the light.

"Damon?" He started, almost jumping from the mattress in surprise, "Are you alright?" And then his arms were around her, tightening his grip so that he could dip his head and press his lips down to hers, very chastely.

"You were incredible." He whispered into her ear, before dropping his head to nibble the side of her neck, "You are so much..." His hands slid to her backside and she gasped.

"What're you- oh." It was a low moan, but it was enough to spur him on, trailing his hands up her back and under her shirt... Until she pulled away. "Damon!"

"What?" He quirked his eyebrow quickly, and she growled. "You weren't like this last night-"

"I wasn't in here last night." She hissed, knowing that her father was using the bathroom nearest their bedroom, and he would be able to hear her if she spoke at a normal volume, "You were on a sedative, Damon. I didn't want to disturb you-"

"But... b-but Bonnie, you came in here, and you got on top of me, and it was real!" He pouted, scowling at nothing but his pathetic imagination, "Damnit, Bonnie, tell me it was real!" He pleaded.

"Baby," She ran her fingers up and down his forearm, and he hissed at the feeling of her fingers on his skin, "It would be taking advantage of you," She murmured, running her fingers across the neck of his T-shirt. "And I'm not doing that, because you haven't done it to me."

He sighed and nodded brightly, even though he did feel like he was dying a little inside.

"Although, if you're on that," Her fingertips ran up and down his chest as she put her arms around his neck, "I'm sure, when Daddy's gone... I can work something out..."

That, he liked the sound of.


So it came to no shock that as soon as Henry had left on his next business trip – ten days after he had arrived – Damon was pressing up to Bonnie as she started cooking, he was kissing her neck as she read the paper, tried the crossword...

He was even encroaching lightly on her showers, scaring her as she stepped out of the stall, but wrapping her in a warm towel just so that he could press their bodies together.

"Damon... stop," She giggled, as he pulled her down on top of him at the kitchen table on a Wednesday night, "Let me have some icecream," He laughed, "And then we can make out, or something." She winked, before striding straight to the freezer, opening it up, and being subjected to a box avalanche.

She caught it deftly, even though the plastic bag the box was wrapped in was chilled and slightly slippery. She assumed her dad had bought it, and so shrugged and ducked her head into the bag. What she saw made her heart judder in her chest.

"What's this?" She pulled the box up, and bit her bottom lip innocently. "And why are there condoms in it?"

Damon flushed bright pink, his eyes darting between Bonnie's hands and her face, unable to breathe for fear of making an inappropriate comment.

"Matt told me I'd need them!" He blurted quickly, "If we were going to be..." Then he dropped his voice and blushed, "I-intimate."

"I could kill you, Damon." Bonnie blushed brightly in retaliation, "We could have bought them." She sighed, "Together, Damon." She stared at it, "You're very ridiculous, you know that?" She paused and let out a quiet giggle.

"What? How was I supposed to know that you'd be okay with this?" He gestured at the box in her hands, "I mean okay, they probably wouldn't feel like you were being boned by the IceMan, but cara, I..."

But she glanced up at him and he was cut to silence, her eyes burning bright as she smiled devilishly and bared her teeth more than he would have done stalking his prey. Suddenly, Damon was very, very scared. Reaching her hand into the bag, she pulled out the box and glanced across the front, attempting to hold in her laughter.

"Ooh! Magnum size," As if she hadn't been grinding down on his groin for the past three months, "Are you really this big, D?" She giggled as his face flushed again, "Because if you are, I don't know how I'm going to cope with it all up in my business..."

"Seriously, Bonnie, it'll be okay, if we take it slow," He was really worrying that she was... scared of him. "I promise you-"

"I don't know, Damon..." She frowned for a minute, then, as her hands dropped the box to the table, she grabbed a fistful of her hair and stood in front of him, worrying her lip nervously. He reached up and cupped her cheek with his fingers. She reached her hand up and covered his with her fingers, "What if I don't want to take it slow?"

His breath caught in his throat as he breathed out, and all that could be heard in the kitchen was a sound that was suspiciously similar to a dying cat. Bonnie rubbed her hand up and down his back as she took three steps closer, so that her hips were pressed against his fairly obvious problem.

"What if," She whispered, her lips trailing up and down the side of his neck and circling to his earlobe, "Hmm," For his hands slipped against her hips and fumbled against the skin beneath the waistband of her panties, "Ha, Damon... what if, I want you hard," She bit down on his earlobe, then turned her attention to his lips, "Fast," She licked her lips and pulled on his shirt, "And very, very, Damon."

She pulled back quickly, walking away from the kitchen, and Damon's obvious problem. As she reached the frame of the door leading into the living room, she turned her head, blinked a couple of times and smiled widely.

"And maybe just a little bit rough."

As Damon recollected his senses, he lost sight of her. Then he regained the function in his legs and tore across the kitchen floor after her, almost slipping over in his bare feet. That, if he was not mistaken, was an open invitation. And he was about to RSVP.




Bedrooms, bedrooms, bedrooms. Too many bedrooms and too many places for her to hide.

Damon had sprinted through all of the rooms upstairs, ignoring the master bedroom – ew, not having sex where her dad slept – but not finding her anywhere. He stepped back into the bedroom they shared; feeling a little defeated, and determined to get to a shower, so he could release at least some of the pressure going on in his lower half.

He heard the door close before he could even register the movement behind him.

"On your knees, Damon." Oh, good god. He swallowed audibly, feeling his mouth watering simply at the tone of her voice. "I said, on your knees." And an invisible force pushed at the back of his legs, making them buckle so that he fell to the carpet, though not so hard it would hurt. He heard a low moan and it took him a while to realise that the noise was coming from his mouth.

"Sorry, cara." He whispered, as he felt the feather light touch of her hand across the back of his neck. God, he was hard. He needed some kind of release or he would literally explode.

"But you're not, are you, Damon?" Her hands gripped his shoulders, and he tried to turn his head to look at her, but she wasn't letting him move at all. "You've teased me all week." She groaned, running a hand through his hair as she spoke, so that could lean his head back into her touch. "Pressing against me, letting me feel you, but then," She sighed and let him go, "Just walking away."

There was a long silence, where Damon did not dare move.

"I want to tease you, you know," She whispered, and Damon heard the rustle of fabric. "But I really don't know how best to do that..." And then she was standing in front of him.

Holy fuck. Holy motherfucking fucking hell. She had a set of lingerie on which was... well, there were no words. Dark blue, with red trim to match her hair. Her lips were bright red, and she was wearing stripper heels to bring her up to his height. Fucking fuck. To top it off, she was still damn well wearing his shirt, hanging open and making her look so fucking... he couldn't even breathe.

Damon was sure there were obscenities streaming from his lips as he fought to reach forward and touch the soft skin of her thighs as she sat down at the end of the bed, rubbing her knees as though she was in a quandary about where to go next. A second later, he realised that she was keeping him bound with her psychic Power, his hands stuck in front of him, pinned to his knees and totally unable to reach forward to touch her. Tease.

"Holy shit, B." He muttered, "Do you know what you're doing to me?"

She giggled a little bit, and edged forward to slide her fingers further up her legs. He groaned, still on his knees and still staring.

"You like this?" She whispered, "Seeing me just... touch myself?" She sounded astounded, but then there had been a million times that Damon had proven that he liked watching her touch herself, on the occasions that they had fooled around. He panted out a 'yes', and she giggled again.

And she stood up from the bed, stepped around him neatly and he made to turn around.

"Eyes front, Damon." Bonnie was petrified, but this seemed to be working. It seemed to be going well. She just had to hold her nerve, and he would... this would be perfect. She fought to keep the slow smile from spreading across her face, and tried to keep her voice low, but strong and commanding. Part of her didn't think that this was going to work, but part of her was done simply 'fooling around'. She wanted him, he wanted her, it should have been easier than this.

"Yes ma'am." He nodded, and Bonnie was dropped back to reality. She tugged her panties down, then shimmied out of the bra and drew Damon's shirt tighter around her. It covered her backside enough that he wouldn't guess that she was near-naked until it was too late, and then... well, then...

She sat down in front of him again, and her lips curved into a smile as she squeezed her eyes shut and the button on his jeans practically exploded out of the room.

"Shit, Bonnie!" Damon gasped, and Bonnie let out a quick laugh.

"Up, now." She gestured with her hand and he stood up immediately, biting his lip and moving forward immediately as Bonnie raised her hand to beckon him to her. Quickly and quietly, he stepped forward, and Bonnie had her hands at the hem of his shirt, pulling it off so that she could simply lean back and stare at him for a little while.

"My turn," Damon whispered, dropping down to kneel between her knees and push them apart. "Cara..." And his hands were on her thighs, thumbs rubbing circles on the insides of her legs. "You call me a tease?" He went to pull his hands away, running his thumbs down towards her knees. A second later, and she had her hands pressed hard against his.

"You are if you pull away."

"You're not wearing panties." He hissed quietly, leaning forward to bite the skin he had just been massaging. "Filthy girl." He coupled the word with the slow movement of his thumb up and down the apex of her legs, and she bit back a moan.

He was always too much for her, even when she wasn't this horny. He was so sweet, so kind, so wonderful, so sarcastic... So perfect. His lips pressed to the juncture of her shoulder and her neck, and she hummed in pleasure, before gasping again as his fingers found purchase straight between her legs.

"So wet." He pumped his fingers into her slowly, and she was sure she was seeing stars. "You're-" But Bonnie lifted her head to crush his lips with her own. Nothing could ruin this. Nothing could ruin them.

She moaned again as his free hand slipped between their bodies and slowly, somehow coherently, began pulling the shirt from her shoulders. The fabric slipped away easily, and she moaned as his fingertips found her taut nipple, pulling, twisting and plucking her like a fucking six-string guitar.

"Enough." She managed to growl, though her moans and soft whimpers definitely indicated that she wanted more. "Damon, clothes off. Now."

He liked her demanding. In half a minute, he had complied, and her hands were on his shoulders as she straddled his knees and pulled him into a searing kiss.

"Are we doing this?" Damon managed to blurt, both impatient and nervous at the same time, his thoughts just exploding out of his mouth as her hand wrapped around him, lightly stroking his length before his hands stilled her.

"Yes." She whispered, "Please, Damon," And his lips moved from her own, down to her neck again.

"Lay down." And now he was being the demanding one. He didn't want to hurt her more than he knew was natural, and he wanted to be able to... well, control at least some of what was going on. He – just about – knew what he was doing, so... "Good," And now he sounded patronising, but he didn't care.

His lips fell against her neck again, and she let out a strangled whimper that crossed between begging and incoherency.

"In," She gasped, "Now." And then he pulled back to look straight into her eyes. He shifted her hips a little way, and without even thinking about it, because this, to them, was almost as natural as breathing, he pushed forward and into her. "Woahmygod." Though that was muffled, addled and staccato because it hurt, and felt so good and he was big. Bigger than... well, just woah.

He had to bite his lip to stop from moving. Every sensation, from the way her pulse was beating in her chest, to the way she was breathing, whimpering, and lightly pulling at his hair, was magnified tenfold, because he could feel her wrapped around him.

And then she moved.

"Holy shit." He was going to explode. How could she be this good at something she had never done before? "Bonnie..." He gasped as she lifted her hips again, "Can you... can I-" He wanted to ask her to let him lead, but god, he was just content to feel her for a while.

"How can you-" Bonnie let out a quiet moan as Damon shifted his hips into hers, and nothing was balanced anymore.

"Is this okay?" She let out another whimper. "Bonnie, talk to me."

"Yes." And they moved together again, "Yes." And he loved that. He loved how she was rubbing her hands across his back, how she drew one knee up and let out a low moan from that.

"I want you to," Shit, he wasn't going to last if she kept squeezing him. "Bonnie, I need you to come."

"I'm..." Her head fell back and his lips pressed to her neck, nipping, and sucking, and biting until he knew she would have a mark. "D, if-" And she shifted her hips again, "If you-" another movement, and he was burying his head against her shoulder, "Need to-"

"Please, B-" He would feel guilty. He knew he would feel so bad if she didn't. But it was a lot to take in. She groaned again as he shifted his hips once more. "I can't-"

"Damon-" And she leaned forward, pulling his earlobe between her lips, "Come, baby."

He stilled, groaned and she could feel him inside of her, releasing hard and fast.

"Damon." He pressed his face into her hair as he pulled her close, and whispered an apology. "Baby, it's okay." Her hand found the back of his neck, and she whispered words that she knew he needed to hear. "I love you, baby."

"I'm so sorry." But she wasn't having any of it. "You didn't get any-"

"I got you," She whispered, as Damon pulled the pair of them back up into a semblance of a sitting position, "And that's all I could want." He couldn't form words that would make her understand how happy he was at that sentiment, so he slid his hand into her hair and pressed their lips together.

There were two options Damon could have taken at that moment. Slid his hand between their bodies and get her hot, tight, aroused body so wound up that she fell over the edge and got the same kind of satisfaction he had just had... or – wait, what the fuck was that noise?

"Oh, no." Bonnie shook her head into his neck as he asked out loud. "My fucking phone."

"I'll get it." Damon reached in two directions at once. In one way, he reached over to the bedside table and picked up the tiny cellphone in his hand, and in the other, he lifted Bonnie onto his lap and slid his hand between her legs.

"No, Damon-"

"Ah-ah-ah, Cara, you've gotta be quiet." And he slipped two fingers inside of her at the same time as pushing the green button on the screen. "Hello?"

Bonnie's head dropped back onto his shoulder and he started to pump his fingers in and out of her, quietly, quickly and determinedly.

"Hey B, listen-" There was a short pause, "Wait, Damon?"

"Yes, Elena," And he punctuated the word with a languid kiss to a shocked Bonnie's shoulder. "What do you want?" Bonnie shifted her hips against his hand and gasped as he hit a different spot, "Kinda busy here."

"Well, first off, I called Bonnie's phone, to talk to her, so why didn't she answer? And second, are you talking to me while you've got some whore in your lap?" There was a moment of silence, and Damon let out a bark of laughter.

"Yes, right." He smirked, as Bonnie turned her head to look at him, "Number one, Bonnie's a little bit busy right now, she's upstairs in her room, doing god, uh, knows what, with a guy who turned – uh- up earlier." And that slight hesitation was because he could feel her muscles tightening around his fingers – she was close – and because he was waiting, hesitating to piss the girl on the other end of the line off even more, "and second, no, she's definitely not a whore."

With that, he leaned forward, nudging Bonnie's cheek with the phone, so that she would turn to kiss him, long, slow and unhurried.

"Not a whore at all." He whispered, flicking her clit lightly as she moaned against her hand, trying to stay quiet as she spasmed around his fingers, gasping for his touch.

"Oh, for fuck's sake, Damon. It's not even your house! Have some decorum."

"Ha, tell her that." He laughed, pressing his forehead to Bonnie's shoulder, and kissing away the sheen of sweat that had accumulated on her skin.

"I'm in half a mind to," Elena sounded absolutely furious, "But, I wanted to speak to Bonnie. Can you remember to pass on a message, or what?"

"Yes, Elena." He was thoroughly bored with the conversation now, because Bonnie was on her feet, searching for her knickers and Damon's shirt. "What is it?"

"Tell her to bring herself and whatever somebody she's hiding to the Boarding House soon, because Meredith and Alaric are coming back, and we need to reconnect." There was a pause, "I guess you can come too." She added, almost reluctantly, "But no whores!"

"Fine." And now Bonnie was back, in panties and his shirt, straddling his knees and pressing her lips to the corner of his mouth, "I'll, er, talk to you later."

And before she could respond, he ended the call decisively.

"Fuck, Bonnie," He whispered, between kisses, "This is going to be fun."



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