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The trio walked into town. Alexander ended up carrying the little girl the rest of the way. They walked to the square. Alexander left John and the girl on a bench as he went to get a doctor. It was a strange sight to see a little girl and a man up to their waist in the mud. The little girl leaned up against John and fell asleep. John looked over the market. He saw a short, familiar figure.


John had a reputation of being the loudest man in the colonies. He held up to the title now. McNair turned with a jump. He looked arround and spotted John his eyes widening. He droped his bucket and ran across the market towards John.

"Wha... How...?"

John gave a laugh and shifted a little wincing. He looked McNair in the eyes.

"I had full intention of comming to congress today." Started John with a sigh. "Other things drew my attention away."

"What... Happened?"

John glanced arround not seeing Alexander he began.

"I was taking a morning walk. I take it at the same time, early every day. I walked through the square and a dog appeared. He apparently wanted me to come with him. He lead me out of town to a ditch." John stoped to scratch Cassie behind the ears. "In the ditch was this girl. She was sinking fast and couldn't get out. I quickly wrote a letter and shooed Cassie into town, with the letter attached to her collar. I then grabbed a branch and lowered myself down since it wasn't long enough. I mannaged to pull the girl out. I boosted her up and she climbed out. A giant mistake on my part. I couldn't get out. I attempted to pull myself out on a couple branches. Unfortunately one broke and I fell. I don't remember annything after that. Somehow I made it out because a young man helped me. His name was Alexander. We walked back to the city and he went for a doctor. So here we are."

He finished lamely. He looked up to see a doctor and Alexander comming towards him. The two stoped and the doctor began to examine John's arm. The girl was moved by Alexander and McNair. They sat in the square and talked to the girl trying to pry her families name out of her. John looked closely at McNair. His face was relaxed and the girl seemed to like him. John turned to the doctor unaware he was talking to him.

"Your name please?"

"John Adams."

John silently cursed himself. He wasn't being very secretive. The doctors eyes widened and John was getting sick of it.

"I would appreciate it If you didn't stare."

The doctor stoped realizing he was making John uncomfortable.


"No need to appologise. I probably would have done the same thing."

The doctor continued to poke and prod John. Who griminced whenever he touched a soft spot. The doctor said somthing about "Having to break it back into place." John's world went black.


John found himself looking up at a bed canope. His bed canope. He blinked in suprise and tried to sit up. He made it halfway up and noticed he was in his empty rental house. Sighing in resignation he fell back to sleep.


When John woke up for good he was suprised to see a sleeping Sam in a chair by the fire, his crutches resting beside him.

This has been one hellofa week.

Thought John before sliping unconcious.


The week went by a bit like this he would slip in and out of conciousness. When concious Elizabeth would feed him. Sam always looked like he wanted to say somthing but shook his head and let it slip.


John finally stoped sliping in and out of concious. John tried to hold conversation with Sam but always ended up getting a headache and went back to sleep. John always felt like Sam wanted to ask him somthing. He waited patiently untill Sam decided to reveal what it was.


The next day Sam decided. He would ask John today. He watched John's prone form in dismay. John awoke to find Sam awake for a change. John rubbed his eyes with his good hand.


It was frazed as a question. Sam looked into John's eyes enough to make him uncomfortable. The younger man turned away. Sam looked at his hands.

"Do you think... It would be alright if I..."

It was John's turn to stare into Sam's eyes. It was said the eyes were window's to the soul. John's eyes were hard and determined, but the tints of light brown said somthing diffrent. On occasion John was known to be giving and caring. John had a feeling he knew what was comming and smiled breaking the scilence.

"Yes Sam, you can go home."

Sam heaved a sigh of relief and thanked John profoundly. He gathered his stuff and was halfway to the door, when he stoped. John's eyes were closed, he looked so relaxed. Sam knew if he left John would go back to the loud obnoxious man he once was.

"You shure John?"

"I'm shure Sam."

Sam nodded and opened the door with a hand and hobbled out on his cane. John sighed knowing he would have to go back to the loud obnoxious man he once was. It was the only way to release some of the steam in his ears.


Soon after that Sam left for Boston. The Congress appointed General George Washington to General of the Colonies. Things fell into shambles for John. He worked three men's jobs and had the temper of all three conbined. This is why we all know him so well as the loud obnoxious man, we all love. He managed to get his Decrelation of Independence passed. Perhaps after the war, John would return to his, sincere self.


I Smell a Sequal! I hope you all enjoyed my story of John and Sam Adams! Perhaps I will write a sequal. You never know!