Hurt Me

By LeAnn Rimes

Fic Bastion

"Come on Hina-chan, we haven't had fun singing since.. In a while." Izumi encouraged.

"I suppose." She answered, letting her friends drag her to the karaoke box they used so often.

The trio took up their usual energy upon entering the room, choosing the first several songs for her to sing.

After which the trio sang some of their usual songs while Hina sulked in her seat, barely listening while the energy in the room dwindled.

Finally they offered her the mike again and tried to get her to sing another song to close out the afternoon.

She flipped half-heartedly flipped through the book of offered songs until she happened upon a song in english that seemed to call out to her.

She took the offered microphone and dragged the offered stool behind the mike-stand while the song loaded up.

'Hurt me.

Why in the world did you,

Hurt me.'

When she'd been growing up, those she'd grown to love had eventually hurt and left her, so she eventually closed off her heart to keep from being hurt anymore.

Her parents had disappeared when their debt had become to large for them to handle. Her older sister had managed to pay off the debt, but then had turned to the bottle and continually asked her for money.

'Just when I thought I'd found someone to trust,

You took away your love.'

And then Hayate had appeared in her life, and on her birthday had shown her that she still had the ability to love someone like she had in the past.

'And, hurt me.

Still can't believe you,

Hurt me.'

And then he had decided to go to Athena's side with his love, and had abandoned everything he had here in Japan to go to Athens with Athena.

'Just when I thought it was safe to come in,

You let me want you, and need you, and then,

You left me, like a child in the rain,

Now I'm mending myself of the pain.'

He'd taught her to overcome her fear of heights as well as in love. Now she'd had the curtains in the student council room replaced with darker ones because she couldn't even stand to look at the balcony, and she'd completely lost her ability to cope with heights of any sort.

'Oh, you hurt me'

Even getting into the elevator to get to the office was hard for her. She'd gotten colder to all but her closest friends as well, as the walls of her heart had gone back up stronger than ever, even Koutaro had given up his fondness for her.

'Yes, you left me,

Like a child in the rain.

Now I'm lost in an ocean of pain.'

This hadn't been the first attempt by the trio to try and get her to cheer back up, and none of them had worked. This time she was getting to express why she was so down.

'Oh, you hurt me.

I fell in love and it,

Hurt me.'

Whether it was enough to stop them from continuing to try, she didn't know.

'Can't you imagine how I'm feeling now?

Oh, will you ever know how.

You, hurt me.'

Her voice finally broke on the final note, but she did manage to hold back her tears.

Until she saw all three of them standing and approach her. Releasing a hiccup was all the time it took for the three to meet her in a group hug and she felt safe enough to let someone else see her crying. Even her adopted mother hadn't been allowed to see it yet.

Izumi had fallen to full-blown weeping, and Hinagiku let herself get caught in it. Even Miki was unable to keep from releasing a few tears for her friends, and the four walked out of the building with their arms around each other.

I'm not a fan of the Athena/Hayate pair, if the tone of the fic isn't enough to tell that. She's the only one who could conceivably take him away, thus preventing any of the other girls from having anything close to a happy ending. Hinagiku would be the worst hit by it.

I have a full-blown HnG fic simmering in the brain-box and this is an AU from that one, I'd just gotten so struck by this song that everything wanted me to write it down. Hopefully the real fic will be coming soon.