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Suzaku x Lelouch

Note: This takes place in a my own dimension (like all my fics), where the characters are slightly really OOC and yummy. I don't really integrate other characters from the series well besides the main couple, sorry. One day I want to turn my fics into doujinshis.. one day.

-Disclaimer- Oh, and I don't own Code Geass; It belongs to C.L.A.M.P., just like my heart. This is for entertainment and to give my creativity an outlet.


Lelouch Lamperouge

Age: 17

Lelouch is a glamboy attending a university in central Japan. Having few real friends in life and recently breaking up with his ex, he finds himself often pondering his own existence. He's used to social discrimination due to his androgynous aesthetics, apathy towards other people's opinions about himself, and a huge lack of living up to people's social expectations of a male. People say his violet eye on the left is a sign of the bloodshed, and the bright pink eye to his right is a sign of his rebellion. He's breezed by most obstacles throughout life, until now.


Age: 19

Lulu's friend since late high school, she immerses herself in doing only what she loves; has a strange obsession with Pizza Hut, and also has a random tendency to be insanely genius.

Suzaku Kururugi

Age: 18

Foreign exchange student whose socially popular and well known as a grade 'A' student. People around him tend to be overly fond of him. His charm, good looks, and money gives him an advantage in life. However, most people don't realize there's more to him than meets the eye. Tends to be very open minded.

Chapter 1: Fuck You, Fate

Lelouch sighed and sat back in his seat, looking out the window of the classroom. The class took place on the third story, where he could make out various people entering and leaving the building. It was a large and popular school, and was always bringing new faces to it on a daily basis. He watched as scholars and teenagers alike walked in and out, people getting into their cars ready to leave, exactly where he wanted to be right now. The sun was gleaming through the window and he immersed himself in warmth that it brought to his seat despite the freezing cold building. The history teacher always ranted on about the war history regarding the Britannia World War era or some garbage he could care less about. He was about to doze off when he heard a knock near the front of the room.

He glanced up, entering was a taller, slender, brunette boy wearing a black denim jacket. There was a messenger bag hanging over his shoulder, which he rested his arm on as he casually walked over to the teacher, handing her a slip of paper. She read it over before setting it on her desk.

"Students, it appears we have a new student joining us." she announced, putting a hand on his shoulder "Please welcome Suzaku Kururugi."

People talked and starred, whisper swept through the room. Chatter erupted from various parts of the room. Another honor student joining Mitsuhashi, this was a pretty typical welcome. After all, the school idolized it's honor students. His eyes swept the room before looking down at his feet.

"Students that's enough, Suzaku, please take a seat in one of those empty desks" she said pointing near Lelouch's area. That transfer student walked over and took a seat directly adjacent to him. They made act contact for a short moment before quickly turning away.

'Great..' he thought glancing back over at the window. Class went on as usual, besides the occasional glances from other students looking back at Suzaku. For some reason people would make eye contact at him, too. Then again, he thought, it probably was a little ironic. Directly to the right of him was this honor student everyone's been rumoring about, while to the left of the honor student sat he, the outcasted slack off. The bell rang and everyone stood up, a few walked over to greet Suzaku while many left. Lelouch gathered his things and began to walk out, ready to leave more than ever.

"Excuse me, Lelouch, can I have a word with you for a moment?" the teacher said. He groaned on the inside and walked over. What now? His grades? Homework? "You can our new student have a lot of periods together, including the next, could you please show him where the classes are?"

He glanced over at Suzaku, surrounded by a few students who were eagerly asking questions.

'Great..' he thought. Well, he didn't have a reason not to.

"Uh.. yeah, sure-"

"Suzaku-kun! Can you come here for a minute, please?" she called. Suzaku smiled at the other class mates before excusing himself to walk over "Suzaku, this is Lelouch, he'll be showing you around."

"Oh, arigato!" he said happily looking over at Lelouch, who looked towards the ground, his face red. Suzaku walked back to get his things.

"Suzaku-kun, where's your next period? I'll show you around" he heard one of the girls say

"Oh no, that's okay, Lelouch is already showing me" he replied

"What!" she said looking over at Lelouch.

'Great.. make it seem like I offered' thought Lelouch. Suzaku walked back over, leaving the sad-faced girls behind, and followed him out of the classroom. He walked down the halls, the foreign exchange student strutting beside him. People looked and starred, probably wondering why they were together.

Lelouch looked at the ground and put his hands in his pockets.

"So.. what's it like here?" Suzaku said breaking the silence.

"Ehm, boring.." he replied, walking a bit faster, as did Suzaku.

"Oh, really" he said "by the way, could you show me where dorm 83 is? This place is so huge that I couldn't find it dismorning"

"Sure- wait, dorm 83?" he stopped turning around.

"Yeah, it's the one they assigned me" he said pulling out a slip of paper.

'Great! Now I'm stuck with him. Well that's just great, we make a lovely fucking couple'

"Just follow me, looks like we'll be bunking together" he sighed, continuing to walk. This is bad, he's going to make all kinds of friends, people who hated Lelouch. That means that he'd have to be around those people even more.

After a day of guiding Suzaku around, they arrived at his (now 'their') dorm room. Lelouch had furnished it himself, rejecting the stock furniture and other things provided by the university. He had a black leather couch facing a flat screen television atop of an entertainment system, a futon, and on the other side of the room sat the desk containing his computer, and to the right of all that was the kitchen. To the back was two rooms, both with identical beds and dressers. Laying on Lelouch's bed was his cat, purring and nuzzling one of the pillows.

Suzaku entered slowly behind Lelouch.

"This is your room" he said opening the door "There's one bathroom accessible by both of our rooms."

"Uh, thanks" Suzaku said putting his stuff down on the bed before looking up "Your eyes, by the way.."

"Huh?" Lelouch said turning around.

"They're.. pretty" he said staring down at his stuff

"Th-Thanks.." he replied "I'm going to bed, you're welcome to use anything you see"

"Arigato" he said, smiling at him again.

Lelouch walked over to his room and shut the door. He turned on his media center, flopped on his bed and buried his face in the pillows.

'I wonder how much of a looser he's calling me right now' he thought looking up. The phone rang and he glanced over at the caller ID before picking it up.

"Hey CC" he said casually, looking back over the magazine he was reading.

"I heard you got a new roommate?"

"Yes, Mr. Popular everyone's been rumoring about" he heard her laugh on the other end "It isn't funny, this is going to be a real pain in the ass"

"Or it could be something more" she said


"You're not very social, maybe actually try being friends with this one for a change?"

"Yeah, haha nice one" he said turning over, looking at the ceiling.

"Look, I know you've been lonely lately, maybe this is a sign"

"Whatever" he said, yawning and starring at the neon blue lava lamp on his desk.

"Anyway, I need to go to bed" he said before saying his goodbyes and hanging up the phone. He turned off the lights and closed his eyes, feeling the fuzzy animal makes it's way onto the bed and make it's own bed out of stomach. Maybe she was right, though, he didn't seem like a bad guy. But he knew what kind of crowd Suzaku would attract, and he wanted no part of it. He dozed off into a deep sleep.

'Hnn.. who's arm is this? Wait-' his eyes flew wide open.

There, lying with his arm around him, was Suzaku. Wait, he was in Suzaku's room. Fear and confusion over swept him, until he noticed Suzaku was entirely naked except for a thin layer of boxers, and he looked down at his own waist to find himself in his usual black, skintight hiphuggers. His face grew red, Suzaku's hand gripped around his thin waist. They were both shirtless.

"L-Lelouch?" Suzaku gasped

Lelouch yelped and jumped out of the bed and against a wall, eyes wide open and staring at the brunette, now awake and in confusion.

"W-What did you do?" he said, watching blush marks form across Suzaku's face.

"Nothing! Why were you in my bed?" he said shakily

"I.. I.." he sighed "I have no idea, I'm so sorry"

"Are you wearing.. panties?" he said eyeing up Lelouch, who blushed and looked away, avoiding any eye contact.

"Y-Yes.. I.." he shook his head "Look, whatever, I'm going back to bed"

"No, wait, it looks good on you" said Suzaku standing up.

"W-What?" he said in shock turning back against the wall as Suzaku approached him and put his hand across the boy's face, turning it towards him "Wait, what are you-*mmph*"

Suzaku kissed him on the lips, grabbing the boy's arms and holding it against the wall. Lelouch could feel the taller boy place his knee between his legs. Now confused, he turned his head away, trying to catch his breath.

"W-Wait, Suzaku-" Suzaku kissed him again, harder, sliding his hands around his waist.

"This is why you came into my bed, right?" he whispered into his ear before biting it.

"N-No, I didn't!" he replied, had he been sleepwalking or something?

"You don't have to lie" Suzaku said, cupping his hands around the boy's ass.

Lelouch yelped and struggled to push the brunette off.

"N-No.. *Hn!* Suzaku! *Mmph*" Suzaku continued their kiss and grabbed the boy's wrists before pinning them over his head.

The doorbell rang.

"I-I have to.. *Hn!* get.. that" he stuttered as Suzaku bit into his neck.

"No, you want this, right?" he replied groping the boy's package through the hiphuggers. Lelouch moaned as Suzaku reconnected their mouths and slid his tongue inside.

"S-Suzaku.. stop-"

The bedroom door flew wide open, and a light green haired girl stepped through.

"CC! This isn't-" she starred at them, Lelouch pinned up against the wall with 'Mr. Popular' between his legs, both nearly naked. She yawned and walked back out.

"Sorry for interrupting, you can continue now"

"N-No! CC!"

Suzaku starred blankly "how'd she.. get in?"

"She has a key, now let me go!" he said "I don't know how I got in here, just stop.. please.."

Suzaku's eyes widened

"You mean.. you didn't.." Suzaku backed off of him and put his hand on his reddened face, sighing "Sorry.."

Lelouch backed away from him, face also red and eyes still wide, and ran into his room, letting the door slam shut behind him.

~End chapter 1