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Chapter 2: Smut! What What

Lelouch breathed heavily with his back to the closed door. He put his hand on his forehead, looking up at the ceiling and brushing the bangs out of his eyes. What the hell happened just now? Why was he in Suzaku's bed- no, why did Suzaku do that to him was the real question. He looked at the digital clock on his desk: 7:30am, meaning he had to get ready for school. He put on his pants and shirt and sat down in front of the mirror. There was a knock at his door.

"Come in" he said, the door swung open and CC stepped through before closing it and flopping down on his bed.

"Interesting, I didn't know you worked so quickly" he heard her say.

"Ugh, I'm not, I woke up in his bed and then he did it" he said, pulling the clasping the straightner over his bangs and slowly pulling it down.

"You know what that means, though" she said

"Mm? What?" he replied looking over.

"The honor student that all the girls are going to be hitting on has probably fallen for you"

Lelouch sighed, taking a bright pink bottle off of his desk and spraying over his hair.

"And you guys have every class together and are going to go everywhere together" she went on

"..." he looked down, face turning red "Whatever."

"Okay students! Looks like it's raining so we'll be using the indoor pool today! Now get changed" ordered the female instructor.

Lelouch opened the door to the locker room and walked over to his designated locker, turning the lock left and right as he had done several times. He undid the two studded belts wrapped around his waist, and pulled down his pants, revealing his usual tight, black swim wear. He took off his shirt and shoved it in his locker.

"Hey faggot, why not take off the wristbands and bracelets too" he heard from behind, he looked over his shoulder at the loudmouthed idiot calling him out from the other side of the room "Or is it not fabulous enough for you?"

"How do you even swim, doesn't it mess up your hair?" the other guy to his left said. Lelouch turned back around and yawned, shutting his locker and locking it. He had too much on his mind and too little concern for these ass holes, today.

"Hey faggot, I'm talking to you" the guy said, turning him around and shoving him against the locker.

"Piss off" he said punching the guy across the face, knocking him on the ground, but the other guy grabbed him and pinned his arms over his head.

"Oh so she can fight" he said regathering his stance, he walked over and put his hand around Lelouch's neck, his friend still pinning him to the locker. Lelouch tried to kick the intruder off but he grabbed his bare leg, moving in between his legs and pushing against his body.

"You've done it with guys before right?" he said removing his hand from Lelouch's neck and cupping it over his mouth, grinning and looking down the boy's body. Lelouch's eyes widened as the intruder slid his free hand over his ass.

The guy was suddenly pulled off of him and thrown on the floor.

"S-Suzaku?" said Lelouch looking up. The person pinning his arms up released him and swung at Suzaku, who grabbed his arm and twisted it. A loud cracking sound filled the room followed by the guys screams.

"Scum" muttered Suzaku, throwing the guy on the floor beside his friend. He grabbed Lelouch's arm and pulled him out of the room, walking over to the bleachers by the giant pool.

"Are you alright?" he asked.

"Y-Yeah, thanks.." he said looking at the ground. He'd never had problems like that, normally he could just throw those guys across the room.

'But it's cause of you that I almost lost' he thought, blushing.

"You should report them" Suzaku said

"No, it's not that big of a deal" he replied coolly, looking at Suzaku's identical swimwear "Anyways, I forgot you had this class"

"Yeah... I hate it, though" Suzaku said, sitting down near him and looking up. There were various windows on the ceiling, allowing the rain to be seen splashing off the glass.

"Why?" said Lelouch looking up in surprise, for most people this class was an easy A and a slack-off period.

"My former teacher used to use me as an example, always making me demonstrate things" he replied "It get's old after a while"

"Well, you are the 'Honor Student' around here" he said smirking and glancing over. Suzaku laughed.

"Ahaha, I'm not that-"

"Suuuuzzaakkkuu!" called one of the girls from the other side of the pools, she was standing in a group of gawking females starring in their general direction.

"Shit, c'mon" he said grabbing Lelouch and running out the nearest door.

"W-Wait, Suzaku!" he said being dragged down the hall, they rounded a corner before he stopped them "Suzaku!"

He jerked his arm and stopped "Where are you going-"

He heard one of the doors open around the hallway corner, followed by footsteps.

"Shh!" Suzaku said cupping a hand over his mouth and whispering "Come on"

He dragged Lelouch out the nearest door, leading them outside and into the pouring rain.

"This is the outdoor rec-area.." said Lelouch, glancing at the various pools and the giant walls surrounding them. There was a building, used as a concessions stand during the summer time, on the other side. Suzaku dragged Lelouch over to it, opened the back door, and pulled him inside before locking it.

"Safe.. finally" he said looking around. There was a fridge, a stove top, and boxes of chips and various snacks in the room.

"Suzaku, what the hell?" Lelouch said, wiping his wet hair off of his face. "I'm soaked"

"Sorry, I can't stand them" he said "besides you're in a swimsuit, anyway"

"Eugh, you didn't have to drag me with you" he said walking over to the fridge and opening it.

"Oooh hey, Pepsi" he said happily, reaching in and taking a cold soda. He heard a random clicking sound.

"Uh oh.. " Suzaku muttered and tried to open the door.

"What?" he replied turning around

"We're.. locked in" he replied looking at him "Someone locked us in!"

"W-What!" Lelouch ran over and yanked at the door handle; it wouldn't turn "Shit, fuck, damnit! This is bad, people don't check this room for months. Who the hell locked it!"

"I have no idea" Suzaku said looking around, he walked into the other room and noticed the counter was locked off by a garage-like covering with a lock on it. Lelouch followed him inside

"We're stuck.." he said sitting down, Lelouch sighed.

"Here.." he said handing him a drink and sitting beside him. He listened to the rain hitting the tin roof followed by distance thunder. The air conditioner kicked on in the building.

"Fuck that's cold" Lelouch said, holding his sides, soaking wet and shivering. Suzaku put his arm around the boy, who blushed "S-Suzaku, what are you doing?"

"Creating body heat" he said pulling the boy closer to himself "or would you rather get pneumonia?"

Lelouch paused a second before letting the brunette cuddle him further, it was actually pretty warm. His eyes swept from Suzaku's chest down to his waist, staring for a split second at the bulge emerging from the black fabric. His face reddened and he bit his lip. Suzaku's grip tightened around his waist tightened a bit, whose hand was dangerously low, now. Lelouch felt his stomach flutter with butterflies, he looked up at Suzaku who was staring off, getting an intense urge in his gut. What was this feeling? It was like an aura, giving him urges to do things he'd never dreamed of. He bit his lip harder as Suzaku's grip lowered even more, he felt the pressure getting closer to his crotch. He couldn't take it, the butterflies in his stomach intensified and the feeling resonated through his body.

"S-Suzaku.." he whimpered in the boy's ear, who turned to face him and now an inch away from his face. Breathing heavily, he kissed Suzaku on the lips, putting his hands on the boy's shoulders and straddling his waist.

He broke the kiss and with their lips barely touching whispered "I want you"

Suzaku's face reddened, he obliged and slid his hands around Lelouch's ass, gripping him through the wet fabric. Lelouch moaned and spooned the other boy, sitting on his lap and slowly rocking his hips back and forth. Suzaku deepened the kiss, sticking his tongue inside and wetting both their mouths. Still kissing, Suzaku sat up and layed Lelouch on the floor, then began to lick down his face and slowly made his way down his neck.

Lelouch moaned as Suzaku made his way down the boy's chest, slowly kissing down his stomach and pulled the boy's wet fabric off, sliding it off one of his legs and placing his mouth of the tip of the boy's hardened member.

"N-Nn.. S-Suzaku- *ahhh*" he swallowed it entirely, letting his tongue slide around the shaft. He slowly licked up and down, licking every inch "S-Suzaku, I'm so close- *H-Hn!*"

Lelouch shut his eyes and and thrust forward, spilling in the boy's mouth. Suzaku swallowed and, already in position, pushed Lelouch's legs over his shoulders, pulling the boy beneath him. Lelouch's eyes widened, Suzaku slid 2 fingers in his mouth, he sucked and nibbled on them, letting them explore his mouth just like Suzaku's tongue. The brunette's face reddened and he pulled his fingertips out and slid one into Lelouch's entrance. Lelouch moaned as he was penetrated with two fingers.

"It's so warm inside of you.." he said, pushing deeper.

"O-Ooh *Nn* Suzaku.. more.."

"My fingers aren't enough, are they?"

"N-No.. I want you.. *ah* in.. s-side" Suzaku slowly removed his fingers and slid out his erect member and prodded Lelouch's entrance "S-Suzaku.. it's so huge"

Suzaku inserted the tip, then slid inside "*A-Ahh* Suzaku.." Suzaku leaned in and began kissing him, then, grabbing his thighs, thrust deeper inside "I-It's.. all.. *Hn!* the way in.. *N-Nyaah!*" He began thrusting deeper into him, already wet and sweating, he heard it squishing and sliding in and out, deepening their kiss. He pumped profusely into the boy, turned on even more by the sounds it was making and their wet kiss. Suzaku began hitting the end of his insides, making him twitch each time.

"S-Suzaku *Nn* I'm so full.." Suzaku gritted his teeth and grabbed Lelouch's hips before thrusting all the way inside, making him moan and come to an orgasm. Suzaku laced his hands together with Lelouch's, pinning them down, and kept kissing him.

"I-I'm *mmph* close" he whispered, their lips touching "You're so tight, I'm.. about to.. *Hn* c-come.."

He kissed him deeper and harder, thrusting inside of him several times before spilling inside several times. Lelouch moaned at the warmth of Suzaku's seed filling him up, coming to his last orgasm.

They both panted heavily, trading breaths and still in position. Lelouch was about to kiss him again when he heard someone gasp, he turned his head and saw one of the girls from before standing in the doorway, glaring at them both with wide eyes and her mouth hanging open.

~End Chapter 2