Ch. 37

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Jim's point of view

We tied the pirates up down in the cells as we were heading back for Bristol. It was getting late and we were all exhausted and those nasty buccaneers where soon to face trial. Gonzo, Rizzo, me and Alyssa all slept on deck since it was such a beautiful night. I was appointed to Captain as Captain Smollet retired earlier, tomorrow we were going to have a celebration in order of my and everyone else's success on the ship. Before a few members of the crew fell asleep I went on a stroll with my girlfriend.

"What's wrong?" She noticed I was focused on something else. The wind tousled my hair playfully.

"…Nothing's wrong, I have everything I want with me right now." I brought my voice to a loving whisper. I pressed my body against hers, but this time she kissed me without hesitating. I felt my lips tingle with excitement as her moist lips pressed against mine. This girl I've been working with forever, friends, and now in a relationship made my heart pound a thousand miles. The soft kiss turned into a deep passionate kiss as I forced a little harder.

We fell asleep later with my arms around her by our friends.

Jim's point of view

There was a crisp breeze blowing through the midnight sky. THUD… I awoke at the first mysterious sound filling the quiet night air. THUD… I propped my elbow on my side as I herd it the second time. Luckily Alyssa was asleep and the rest of the crew. I quietly got up and left her side for a few minutes to investigate. I herd her softly hum as she noticed the warmth from my presence was gone. But she continued to sleep soundly without me bringing a warm smile to her face. I smiled weakly at her and went down the stairs from the top deck. The mystery was solved when I saw Silver in a Jolly boat bringing the last of the treasure in with him.

"Silver!" I exclaimed as softly as I could. He stopped stacking the last of the treasure into his boat. He looked up at me as his boat bobbed in the black water.

"I suppose you'll be blowing the whistle on me now won't you Jim?" He calmly suggested.

"Suppose I will…You'll have to return to Bristol to stand trial." I told him. My heart was beating fast.

"Oh I'm sorry Jim; I have a terrible fear for hanging." He said after finishing with a nervous laughing. He held a pistol towards my heart. I raised a golden whistle that was dangling from my neck to my lips slowly. Silver stood up intimidated by my act. I tried to blink away my tears as I was about to sacrifice my life.

"Where shipmates eh Jim? Gentlemen of fortune together…Give us one more chance?" He trembled. I placed the whistle to my lips and was about to take a deep breath and blow. But I couldn't release it. Silver cocked his gun showing that he was going to shoot me. There was a small and awkward silence as Silver broke it by lowering his gun. "Oh…hell Jim. I could never harm you." I released my breath willingly "You're honest, brave, and true….You learned that from me." He smiled darkly.

"I learned it from my friends Mr. Silver…Now take your ores and row away; I never want to see you again ever." I choked holding back my tears. Silver did and then just remembered something as he was rowing backwards.

Alyssa's point of view

I shivered and woke up and woken as I noticed Jim wasn't by my side.

"…Jim!" I whispered fearfully. I then saw him down below deck confronting Silver one last time as Silver was in a Jolly boat. I reached the stairs and saw Silver toss Jim his father's compass to him as he disappeared. Jim caught it and uncurled his gentle fingers revealing it.

"It's a shame really; we'd been a great team Jim!" Silver called one last time as he rowed away in the fog. I walked near him feeling his warmth. I herd him sniffle.

"…Well done Jim…your father would be proud." Smollet softly told him giving him a warm smile. Jim broke his concentration off his father's compass and looked at his friends and released a breath nodding.

"It's going to be okay Jim." I assured softly. He gave me a soft smile and brought me into his body. Abraham Smollet smiled at us. Mr. Arrow came to us bringing some startling news.

"Captain Smollet, I have distrusting news; One of the Jolly boats is missing and I know for fact that it was…terrible unsafe." Mr. Arrow quickly announced. We all looked out to sea with concerned faces to where Long John Silver took one of the unsafe Jolly boats.

Alyssa's point of view

It was a beautiful morning and we were sailing among the sparkling blue sea. Benjamina's Zanzibar Arians tribe tagged along to keep her safe. Two of them were playing on both sides of the helm where Squire Trelawney was trying to steer.

"This is not fun!" Squire cried as he was being tossed with the helm. Benjamina introduced her pet anteater to Mr. Smollet.

"Ready to set sail sir." Mr. Arrow confirmed.

"Were to Captain Hawkins?" Mr. Smollet asked. Jim turned around and smiled to wherever the wind may take us!" He smiled feeling the salty breeze tousling his hair.

"Ya off to Zanzibar to meet the Zanzibar Arians!" Gonzo added. Jim opened his compass and saw the arrow; looking up to me.

"Or my father's compass pointing to straight to my girlfriend's heart." Jim spoke softly giving me a kiss on the cheek.

"Ugh…here they go again!" Rizzo sighed. We all began to laugh as the ship sailed into the bright horizon.