VERY IMPORTANT AN! READ THIS! Ok, YES, I KNOW this is not a chapter and that i probably just made a bunch of people rip their hair out in frustration; and i can't apologize enough for that! Yes, it took me forever to get even halfway through 32, but that was because of the new school year and bla bla blah, excuses excuses-it was my fault, but the reason i still haven't updated is not! Weeks ago our mom took our computer to a friend of her's to be fixed while we were at school, and guess what? she didn't tell us. No warning of, "hey, you guys should save all of your stuff onto your flash-drives, just in case"; no, she just brought it in, along with the laptop (which i am currently writing on), and we havent seen it since.

To make matters worse, on the very same day, my flashdrive breaks, the one that had all of my copies of my chapters on it and all my Nanowrimo writing on it. so i had to start my entire novel over again! from scratch, in a spiral-bound notebook!My mom said she'd bring my flashdrive in to her friend to get it fixed, and she still hasn't!

And that's not the worst of it. this laptop (said with disgust) no longer has Mircrosoft Word; the only reason i'm able top write this is because i uploaded a copy of some song lyrics from my sis' flashdrive directly onto , so that i could post this AN where someone would actually read it; but back to the worst part: i can't convert my NaNoNovel into a PDF for the final word count without Microsoft word! there is no other writing program on this stupid computer that i can use, and i don't know how to get another. so yeah; thanks mom, for ruining Nanowrimo for me!

So...yeah. wanted to blow off some steem and at the same time tell you guys exactly why i haven't updated anything recently. as soon as our computer is back (and if any of my stories and chapters are messed up or deleteted, i'm going on a killing spree, armed with Mr. Pointy and un-chipped Spike/William the Bloody), i will update! so be on the look out!