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Grimmjow was super bored. Like super super! He was so super bored he was pretty sure Superman wanted to sue him. There was nothing in Wacco Mundo that could keep his attention, and thats why he would always be in trouble. Like the last time he had fallen asleep in an espada meeting, he began talking in his sleep. He had sung "Never Gonna Give You Up" for crying out loud!

Today he decided would be different he would find something to do even if it killed him.

So here he was wondering the internet that Szayel had hooked up looking for things that humans did for fun. He stumbled across a link that looked promising "Yo mama jokes that will make you LOL" He clicked it and immediately burst out laughing. He didnt know talking about someones mother could be this funny. He always thought that it offended people, hence the black on black violence, that Tousen told him about.

He left his room to go try out his new jokes on some of the espada. He came across Yammy and tapped him on the shoulder to get his attention. When he turned, Grimmjow told him "Yo mama so fat, she broke her leg and gravy came out"

Yammy shrugged "Yeah, so?"

Grimmjow looked at him in disbelief. "Are you seriously not offended?"

"No, thats half way true, if she had gravy inside her she would cut of her leg herself "

And with that Grimmjow laughed loudly at the sick truth in Yammys voice and continued down the hall to find another victim.

"Oi! Ulqiuorra!" Grimmjolw called out to the fourth espada as he neared him.

"What do you want, Trash?" Ulqiuorra said with his everyday monotone, turning to face the Sexta.

"Just wanted to let ya know, that yo mama is so poor I asked her for 50 cents and she said I cant have her life savings!"

"Why would you ask my mother for money?"

"Its suppose to be a joke" Grimmjow informed him.

"You make jokes about people mothers? What a trashy thing to do"

"Its not a trashy thing! Its a joke, plain and simple" Grimmjow snarled.

"Then, your mother is a whore who cant even afford to buy an actual hair color for her son" Ulqiuorra stated.

"Hey, thats not nice!" Grimmjow shouted pouting like a child.

"I thought you said that were joking"

"We are, but only is you say 'yo mama' first" Grimmjow corrected the higher espada.

"Fine. Yo mama is a whore who cant even afford to buy an actual hair color for her son"

"Agh! You cant do it right!" Grimmjow said.

"What exactly am I doing wrong? The only thing I seem to be doing is totally burning you and your mother" Ulqiorra said a smirk forming on his face.

"No your not! Yo mama so poor, she only has coupons for the 99 cent store!"

Ulqiorra's smirk grew. He was enjoying trash talking Grimmjows mother. He enjoyed the reaction he was getting. "Yo mama is so poor, I came over for dinner and she read me recipes" And with that Grimmjow cracked up laughing, he even doubled over due to Ulquiorras show of emotion while saying it. The fourth even began to chuckle at the sight of the sixth.

Nnoitra who heard the laughing, ventured down the hall until he found that the source were Grimmjow and Ulqiorra, of all people.

"Hey ladies, the days a bit young to be halfway down each others pants" Nnoitra called to them. Ulqiorra quickly regained his composure while Grimmjow took his sweet time.

"We...uh...were telling yo mama jokes" Grimmjow said between giggles. "Like, Yo mama so stupid she tried to steal a free sample"

"WHAT YOU SAY ABOUT MY MAMA!" Nnoitra yelled grabbing Grimmjow and shoving him against the pale white walls. "HUH?"

"Whoa, Nnoitra! Its just a joke! Calm down, damn." Grimmjow yelled back at the fifth espada.

"Oh...I get it!" Nnoitra grinned showing all his pure white top teeth. He released his hold on Grimmjow and stepped back. After thinking a moment he says: "Yo mama so ugly she made onions cry" The three espada burst out laughing.

"See! Ya got the hang of it!" Grimmjow said satisfied that his day was taking a good turn.

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