Percy Jackson, maladjusted New Yorker, moves to Forks WA with his mother and pig of a step-father. Between the lack of bright city lights and a place to get a decent hot dog, Percy feels more alone than ever. But Edward Cullen changes all of that. One problem remains, what exactly is he? Percy/Edward Slash AU

A/N: This is rated M by the way, just in case you didn't read the rating. This is basically Twilight if Percy was the main character. Other characters from The Olympians will make some appearances but not a lot; as I've only seen the movie. Percy is still a demigod but I'll get to that later. Obviously this is alternate universe but all the Twilight characters exist. Bella does too but only plays a minor part in the story. All characters will be played by their respective actors and the theme to the story is 'Heron Blue' by Sun Kil Moon.

Chapter One: Empire State of Mind

The attic room was dark and isolated; a horrible match for Percy Jackson. He wanted to be out and about in the world but in his current state he knew he wouldn't be doing anything interesting for the next two years. He and his mother (he purposely chose to leave out his pig of a step-father) moved to some town call Forks…or what it Spoons? Percy didn't particularly care. He wasn't an ungrateful boy, no one would say that at all, but there was a part of him that hated how appreciative and accepting he was. There were times when he wished to 'buck the crowd' but stayed silent; for reasons unknown.

As he looked down from the attic window at the neighborhood outside he couldn't help but sigh with annoyance. He pressed his palms against the wall and leaned, his head falling downwards so he could stare at his feet. The necklace strung around his neck by a simple silver chain dangled in his vision line. The charm on the end of the necklace was the size of a guitar pick and was shaped like the head of a three pointed trident and ended with a horizontal silver bar. It was the symbol for Poseidon, the Greek God of the ocean, which Percy loved. Percy loved the water and everything to do with it. He could hold his breath longer than anyone in his class back in New York.

The attic was old and smelled faintly of cleaning supplies and dust. Percy had tried to move the large double bed that came with the room but had yet to succeed. He knew he was too puny to move anything that huge. A fact his step-father Gabe always pushed into his face. Percy was too 'small', too 'weak', or (his personal favorite) too 'feminine' to appease Gabe's aspirations of a football playing stepson. Percy would never be that, never in a million lifetimes.

Percy was short, he'd admit that. He was the second shortest guy in his class standing at about 5'5 but it never bothered him. It wasn't as if people thought they could pick him up and carry him around like a little monkey. His eyes, which apparently looked like the father's he'd never met, were the purest blue. Percy thought they were his best quality. They were especially beautiful if he wore navy or aquamarine. But they were sometimes hidden by his floppy dark hair, which he also loved. Percy thought he looked quite manly, if he put his mind to it.

"Percy! Get down here! I want to show you something!"

Percy grimaced when his mother called him. He loved her, really he did, he just didn't understand the company she kept. Sally Jackson could've done light-years better than Gabe. Trudging down the stairs Percy stopped short of the kitchen, where he knew Gabe would be gorging himself on food. Percy's small nose wrinkled with revulsion as the scent of beer, Italian food, and the funk that was Gabe drifted into his nostrils.

Fucking disgusting, he thought as he bypassed the kitchen. His mother was waiting outside for him, a smile plastered on her face. She was standing in front of the driveway in front of a car draped in a beige sheet.

"Since you never got one in New York I decided to get you a car." Sally began, "I know you'll take care of it and it was such a bargain! When I saw it, it just screamed 'Percy Jackson's car!'"

Percy winced, "Can I take the sheet off?"

Sally nodded, "Hope you like it."

Percy pulled the sheet off reluctantly and surprisingly beamed at what was underneath. It was a cobalt Jeep Wrangler. He immediately noticed the small accents of frothing waves along the doors.

"Mom, did you do these?" he asked, running his hand over the waves.

Sally smiled, placing her hand on the wheel-well of the gigantic vehicle, "I know how much you like the ocean, Percy. So I figured I'd bring the ocean to you."

Percy hugged his mother tightly, "It's really cool. I love it."


Percy grimaced when he heard Gabe calling for his mother inside the house.

"Sally! I need another beer!"

"Then get up off your lazy ass and get it yourself." Percy said under his breath, his fists clenched.

"Calm down Percy," Sally admonished, "I'll be right there Gabe!"

Percy kicked the tire of the monstrous machine. He hated that mouth-breathing moron! Gabe just liked to poke fun at Percy and make sure his life was a living hell. He couldn't wait until graduation when he could go back to New York. His mom had gotten a transfer so Percy had to spend his junior and senior year at Forks High. The moment Percy stepped off the plane he knew Forks would be his constant nemesis. Forks, where the rain lasted forever and there wasn't a good hot dog place to be found.

Empire state of mind, empire state of mind he repeated as he trudged back into the house. He just needed to take everything in stride. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad; a least he had a car now.

The day began with yelling and for once Percy was glad to go to school. Gabe was ranting about how Sally didn't cook his eggs enough when Percy finally came down for breakfast. He grabbed a slice of toast and five dollars for lunch before running out to his Jeep. Percy pulled out his set of keys, noting his mom had clipped Poseidon's symbol to the ring, and put it in the ignition. The car had a good engine and Percy especially appreciated the stereo system. He fiddled with it until it finally picked up a good station.

"And are still more amused by TV shows. What the hell is ADD? My friends say I should act my age. What's my age again? What's my age again?"

Percy turned up the volume and tried to lose himself in the music. He drummed his hands against the steering wheel and turned down the main road towards Forks High School. It didn't take him very long, the traffic wasn't as congested as New York, so he got there with a half an hour to spare. There were students gathered in the parking lot and they all looked up when Percy pulled into a parking spot. He noticed most of the students were driving cars that were appropriate for teenagers; except for the two luxury ones on the outskirts of the small lot. Percy was reminded of the Lower East Side as he looked at the sporty silver Volvo and the red BMW convertible.

"Nice." He said under his breath as he jumped out of the Jeep.

Percy slung his bag over his shoulder and walked over to the first school building. The school seemed to be split up into many brick buildings and he knew it'd be murder trying to find where his classes were.

"Hey, are you lost?"

Percy turned around and saw a brown haired girl looking at him from across the hall. She was dressed in jeans and a tee-shirt that read One Eyed Pete's. Her eyes were almond shaped and brown, contrasting with her pale skin. At least Percy wasn't the only one who looked too pallid here.

He walked over to the girl, adjusting the strap on his backpack, "Am I that obvious?"

The girl smiled and extended her hand, "I'm Bella Swan and don't worry, I was new last year so I know the feeling."

Percy shook her hand, "I'm Percy Jackson, just moved here from New York City."

"Cool," Bella said, "but Forks must be a downgrade huh?"

Percy shrugged, "A little."

Bella asked him for his classes and proceeded to tell him where everything was. Percy tried hard to remember where they were; stupid ADHD. She walked him to his first class which was English. Bella led Percy to a pair of desks near the back of the room.

"It's nice back here." She mused, "You can crash and no one knows it."

Percy grinned and sat down. As he leaned down to pull out his books Bella pointed to the charm on his necklace.

"That's pretty. Zodiac symbol?"

"I guess you could say that. It's the Greek symbol for Poseidon."

"Cool," Bella said, holding out her wrist. Dangling from her bracelet was a small carving of a howling wolf, "My boyfriend made me this."

"Nice. And he made it himself?" Percy asked, opening his binder.

Bella nodded, "Yup, he's really good with his hands. You like motorcycles?"

"Never ridden one." Percy said.

"You should come riding with us one day." She said kindly, "You might like it."

Percy was about to retort but the teacher was already taking role. He winced when he got to his name.

"Perseus Jackson?"

Percy limply raised his hand, "It's just Percy."

The teacher nodded with mild-interest and continued going down the list of names.

Bella's eyebrows arched up, "Your name is Perseus?"

"Yeah," Percy nodded, embarrassed, "it's weird I know."

Bella shook her head, "No, I think it's really cool. Nothing boring like Isabella."

"Isabella's not boring." Percy insisted, "It's classic. Mines ancient."

"But heroic."

"Yes," Percy said to himself, "very heroic."

Percy got his tray of food and followed Bella to her table. The Forks cafeteria left something to be desired. Percy was used to more international foods but his pasta would have to do. It didn't look too bad anyway. On his way to the table he noticed he was being started at. His cerulean eyes searched for the source and landed on a pair of ochre ones. Percy saw the eyes belonged to the most beautiful person he had ever seen. He was statuesque and pale as freshly fallen snow. His hair was tousled and copper in color and his body was lanky but muscular. Now that he noticed, all the teens at that particular table were…different looking. One was large and muscled, with dark hair and dimples in his cheeks that made him appear childlike. Percy could easily see him on the football team. The other male was taller and leaner, but still intimidating. He had honey blonde hair and looked petrified of the world around him.

And the girls! They could put Scarlett Johansson and Megan Fox to shame. They were beautiful in a classic sort of way. The first was blonde, built, and looked like she'd been modeling since she came out of the womb. Her hair was flaxen blonde and waved past her shoulders. Her pale features were angular but not severe. The next girl reminded Percy of a ballet dancer. She was tiny, almost like a sprite or pixie, and had choppy black hair sticking in every direction. But despite how exquisite they were Percy noted the student body kept their distance from them.

They were outsiders, just like him.

A hand his in face abruptly ended his reverie. A girl with hair that looked like a cross between red and dark magenta was smiling at him.

"I'm Annabeth!" she said.

Percy shook her hand limply, "I'm Percy. Nice to meet you."

The girl beside Annabeth introduced herself as Jessica and the rest of the teens around the table began telling Percy their names. There was a Mike, a Tyler, an Angela, and an Eric. Percy just jiggled his head in a strained response as he tried desperately to eat lunch.

As Percy picked at his rapidly chilling Alfredo he tried not to think of the auburn haired boy. For some reason he felt that he was still staring at him. Not that Percy could blame him, he was a new face, but somehow he knew the beautiful teens were above the mediocre gossiping of the small town. They just felt too big for it. Percy got this feeling when he swam in the ocean. It was a feeling of standoffish familiarity.

"That's Edward Cullen." Bella said, pointing to the table of god-like teens, "And that's his brother Emmett and his sister Alice. The blondes are the Hale twins, Rosalie and Jasper."

"Cool names." Percy commented, pretending he wasn't interested.

Annabeth immediately butted in at the mention of the mysterious Cullens. Her eyes widened and she leaned across the lunch table, speaking in a low voice.

"They're super quiet. And super gorgeous; they're from Alaska. But don't get your hopes up; they think they're too good to talk to any of us normal people."

Bella spared her a disdainful glare, "They were adopted by Dr. and Mrs. Cullen."

"That explains a lot." Percy said under his breath.

Annabeth and Jessica had changed seats and were now fully interested in the conversation, much to Bella's dismay.

"But they're all dating one another!" Jessica squeaked, "Isn't that weird?"

"But aren't they-"

"No," Bella cut in quickly, dispelling any rumors, "Rosalie and Emmett are together and so are Jasper and Alice."

Percy let out a sigh of relief, "Oh…that's better than what I was thinking."

Bella chuckled, "People are just mean to them because they don't put up with crap. They keep to themselves mostly."

"People are stupid." Percy said.

"Yeah," Bella said, "You know, Edward's still staring at you."

Percy glanced over his shoulder. Indeed Edward was the only Cullen staring at him. He was looking at him with a curious expression, like the way one might look at an exotic animal. There was no malice or contempt in the stare, only inquisitiveness. Percy decided to be strong and gave him a small wave.

"I'm just a city boy." Percy insisted, "I'm just interesting because I'm new, nothing else."

I'm certainly not in the same league as them. Edward is so beautiful. Percy thought, slurping up some noodles.

The day progressed slowly as Percy walked to each class, accompanied by Bella of course. He only saw the gorgeous Cullens twice during the school day. Alice was in his art class and Edward took History at the same time he did; he even sat in front of him. Percy took notes slowly as he watched the teacher write on the board. His dyslexia was starting to act up again, sometimes it came and went but he still hated it.

"Perseus? Can you tell us where Alexander the Great hailed from?"

Percy looked up at the sound of his horrible full name, "Huh? And it's Percy by the way."

The teacher, Mrs. Dobbs, scowled at him with her ugly face, "Do you know the answer to the question?"

"No," Percy said shamefully, "No I don't."

Mrs. Dobbs glared at him, "Then perhaps you should pay attention."

Perhaps you should piss off. Percy was reduced to drawing symbols in the margin of his paper. Bella tapped him on the shoulder.

"Don't sweat Dobbs. She's bitchy to everyone."

"Why does it feel like it's only me?" Percy mumbled.

"Thanks for hanging with me today Bella." Percy said, throwing his backpack in the back of the Jeep.

Bella nodded, "It's all good."

Percy gestured to his Jeep, "Need a ride?"

"Na," Bella said, "my boyfriend's coming to pick me up."

As she uttered those words a large rumbling entered Percy's ears. He watched as a tan skinned teenage boy pulled up beside them on a motorcycle. It was like something out of a movie. He removed his helmet and, if possible, he was totally amazing looking. His teeth were white and straight and his dark hair was short. Percy thought he looked like a puppy.

"Hey baby!" he said, scooping Bella into a hug with his gigantic arms.

Bella giggled, "Hey Jake."

Percy stood by awkwardly until Jake let Bella down. She was blushing and her voice shook nervously when she spoke.

"Jacob this is Percy. He's new to Forks."

Jacob smiled, "Well…welcome. Where're you from?"

"New York City." Percy said. He was getting the feeling he was being watched.

Jacob whistled, "City boy! What're you doing in Forks?"

"My mom," Percy said, shifting from foot to foot, "she got a job transfer so we moved here."

"I guess that's nice." Jacob said, slinging a massive arm over Bella's shoulder, "Getting a fresh start and all."

Percy shrugged, "Not really. Being new in high school is like being some sort of alien creature at a zoo only there for a limited time. Everyone's just…glued to you."

Bella pat his shoulder, "It'll pass, the weirdness always does."

"So where do you go to school?" Percy asked Jacob "Didn't see you are here."

Jacob gave him a small smile, "I go to school on the Reservation." He spared a glance behind Percy, like there was something bad behind him, "They let any old riff-raff in here."

"Oh, whatever." Percy said climbing into his car. He stood on the running board for a moment and looked at Bella. She'd already swung her leg over the motorcycle behind Jacob.

"See you tomorrow?" he said hopefully.

Bella nodded before sliding on her helmet. It was black and had a symbol emblazoned on the back Percy didn't recognize; it looked tribal. Percy watched the bike tear away from the pavement and accelerate at an alarming speed out of the parking lot. He also noted Jacob wasn't wearing a helmet.

Percy sat back in the driver's seat of his Jeep and turned the key. Now he at least had two friends. He adjusted his rear-view mirror; it caught a pair of topaz eyes across the parking lot. Percy jumped back, his hand recoiling from the mirror. Edward Cullen was staring at him. His back was pressed against the Volvo Percy had seen earlier. There was a look in his eyes that screamed threatening. It had gone from curious to contempt in about three seconds flat.

"Weird…" Percy said, throwing the Jeep in reverse and quickly backing out of his spot.

He sped out of the Forks High School parking lot, promising himself he wouldn't look back. Not at that horrible school and definitely not at Edward Cullen.

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