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Chapter Eight: Flay You Alive

The days passed uneventfully. Percy was shadowed by every member of the Cullen clan when he was at school and by Edward when he was at home. He was surprised he was taking everything so well. Carlisle still hadn't explained why he was being protected but he said he would speak to Percy's mother about it. Percy doubted his mom knew anything about Furies, vampires, or anything else supernatural. For some reason the voice hadn't been back. Percy almost missed the guidance.

Percy sat beside Edward on the bus to Port Angeles. It was the day of the field trip and everyone seemed to be excited. Whether it was for a day off school or not having gym Percy didn't know. He guessed it was the latter. He leaned his head against the window, letting the cool glass relax him. He liked the cold now. He supposed Edward was to blame for that.

Edward was reluctant about straying from Forks. Although the Fury hadn't returned he was still wary. If Percy was indeed a demigod then there were things out there much worse than Furies. He also felt bad about keeping Percy in the dark about the whole situation but Carlisle said it was for the human's own good. If he knew the true extent of his powers then others might come looking especially if Percy was the son of Poseidon. A child of the "big three" didn't come along too often.

"Okay everyone we're going to stick together, right!" the teacher said as the bus stopped at the museums curb, "Remember to take everything off the bus with you, coats, lunches, whatever!"

"How can you stand it?" Percy asked Edward once they were off the bus.

"Stand what?"

Percy gestured to their fellow classmates milling around, "High school for a hundred years, I'm about to crack after three."

"The younger we start out the longer we can stay in one place." Edward explained.

"So after graduation you'll all leave?" The sadness in Percy's voice was obvious.

Edward gently pressed his lips against Percy's. Judging by his heart-rate spike, Percy was taken aback by the action but didn't pull away. He shyly kissed back. Edward's cool lips made him feel almost faint but he composed himself. How would it look if he were to pass out like a giggling school-girl?

Edward reluctantly pulled away, a smile gracing his face, "I'd never leave you Percy."

Percy couldn't help the blush that crept up his cheeks but didn't say anything. He felt like someone was watching him. Whirling around he found the source. A man with bright eyes stood across the street, blatantly staring, but when Percy blinked he was gone.

"Feeling all right?" Edward asked.

Percy glanced over his shoulder again, "Yeah just…yeah."

Edward picked up on Percy's fearful scent and wrapped his arm around the human, drawing him in closer. Softly, he kissed Percy's temple.

The trip progressed slowly. Percy stuck close to Edward, which put the vampire at ease. He fully intended to snatch Percy up at the faintest hint of danger. Percy insisted he worried too much and Edward told him he worried too little. Percy and Edward stood at the back of the pack of students. Percy smiled a little when he saw a sculpture that he swore looked just like Edward but he didn't say anything; however he guessed that Edward already knew. After that first small kiss on the stairs Edward's brain was finally acting like that of a hormonal teenager. All he could think about was the heat of Percy's lips on his cool ones and how he tasted like fresh water from a stream. Yes, Percy was definitely his now.

"Now what is the proper name for the offspring of a human and a God?"

Edward was only half listening at this point, as his mind was otherwise occupied by a certain crystal-eyed human, but straightened at the mention of demigods. He didn't know if this was purely coincidental or one of these humans knew something he didn't. The teacher deftly scanned the crowd, obviously looking for the most inattentive student.

"Percy Jackson." Mr. Brunner said.

Edward nudged his human and Percy seemingly jumped out of his daze.

"What?" he said, scratching the back of his neck.

The teacher cleared his throat, "The name of the children with one human parent and one God."

Percy swallowed, "An uh, demigod."

"Correct, and can you name the demigod in this etching?" he asked, "I'll give you a hint; you and he have something in common."

Percy squinted at the picture carved in the chipping rocks. There were words along the top of the carving but were in ancient Greek. How in the hell was he supposed to know? He knew he should've been paying attention. Suddenly, the words began to shift and blur. Percy then looked again and low and behold he could read them. It said: Perseus defeats Cetus.

"Perseus." The human said, "His name is Perseus…like me." He added quietly.

This seemed to be enough for Mr. Brunner and he moved on to the next piece of artwork. Edward was busy deciphering thoughts. He decided that the best way to protect Percy was to purposefully listen in on the thoughts of others, that way he would be one step ahead of those who wished to harm his beloved little demigod. Most were useless but there was one that sounded eerily familiar. Edward noticeably tensed as their substitute, the already creepy Ms. Dobbs, approached them. He couldn't risk doing anything out in the open so the vampire opted to just play it by ear. Edward kissed Percy's hair, hiding the fact he whispered something into his ear.

"Stick close."

Percy nodded, "Okay."

"Percy," Mr. Dobbs said, peering at him with her unsettling eyes, "we need to talk." She motioned for him to follow her but Edward wasn't going to let him go that easy. Instead he followed.

"Mr. Cullen will remain with the group." She said, not even turning around to see he was following.

Edward gritted his teeth, "Like hell."

Percy picked up on the fact that there was danger somewhere around but Edward's actions had him believing it was closer than he thought.

"You'll know if I need you." Percy said softly so Dobbs couldn't hear, "Stay here."

Reluctantly, Edward unwound his arm from around Percy's waist.

Percy kept his wits about him as he followed the teacher into another wing of the museum. If Edward was on edge then something must've been up.

"So did I do something wrong?" he asked.

"Where is it?"

Percy whirled around and saw that his teacher had somehow gotten to the top of scaffolding that was at least 20 feet up.

"Shit." He cursed.

"You stole the lightning bolt!" she snarled, her body bursting away to reveal a form Percy knew all too well. Another Fury.

"I don't know what you're talking about!"

Before he could even pick up his feet to run Edward was beside him. The second he heard Percy's heart-beat speed up he knew something was wrong. Actually, he'd never left his human's side. He only stayed out of sight as he followed them.

"Give me the bolt!" the Fury growled, "Or I will bite his heart out!"

Edward hissed it was animalistic; a sound that Percy found both terrifying and thrilling.

"I would like to see you try." The vampire said, "He is mine." He emphasized the word like it had a significant meaning.

The Fury seemed to take the hint and crashed through the window, sending glass raining down onto the floor. Percy felt like he was having another break-down.

"Oh God…oh God…this is never gonna stop is it? God I need medication…" he rambled.

Edward placed his hands on Percy's cheeks, "You need to calm down."

"No!" Percy said, "She said I stole something! I didn't steal anything!"

"I believe you, love." Edward said, "But you need to calm down."

Edward wrapped his arms around Percy in a tight hug. He never wanted to let him go, if he did someone might take him away forever.

"They've found him."

Edward turned around so quickly Percy hadn't realized he was now behind the vampire. It was Mr. Brunner and strangely one of their classmates, Annabeth.

"Who has found him?" Edward asked cautiously.

Annabeth strode forward. There was something different about her gait, Edward noticed. It was strong and confident, not girlish like it usually was.

"We don't mean him any harm." She said, "This will go much quicker if you just trust us."

Percy gulped, "I'm willing to go on a little faith here."

Edward visibly relaxed, "Fine."

Mr. Brunner looked up at Edward, "I believe you already know the danger Percy is in, young man."

"Edward, what's he talking about?" Percy asked.

"It's not important." Annabeth insisted, "What did the Fury say to you?"

"She uh, said something about a lightning bolt." Percy said, "But how do you know about Furies?"

Mr. Brunner motioned for Annabeth to lean in closer and whispered something into her ear. She sighed deeply, as if what he was asking her was some immense chore.

She looked at Percy, "I was sent here to watch you, to keep you safe if you needed it."

"Yeah a lot good that's been." Percy said under his breath.

Annabeth narrowed her eyes, "You've always had protectors Percy. Remember Grover in New York?"

"Of course I do!" Percy snapped, "He was my best friend."

"He was your first protector and when you moved here the duty was passed to me until you found your true protector." Annabeth's eyes flicked to Edward "Take him home to his mother and explain everything. She'll understand."

"Wait? That's it?" Percy exclaimed.

Edward took Percy's arm, "I'll explain in the car, I promise."

"Wait!" Annabeth said.

Mr. Brunner held out a golden pen, "Take this Percy, but only use it in times of great distress."

"This is a pen." Percy said, "What the hell-"

"Let's go." Edward said, pulling his confused human along.

"Do you think we can trust a vampire?" Annabeth asked once they had gone.

Mr. Brunner sighed, "I certainly hope so."

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