This is a short fan fiction of the ending part of the episode, "Sing with Me," Except instead of Shout and Kiki it's Twist and Kiki.

"Hi Twist," Kiki said shyly.

"Hey Kiki," Twist said. "Ready for our Duet?"

"Sure am." Kiki said.

The two went onstage.

The music began playing.


TWIST: Da-at-da-da-da




Two is better than One!

TWIST: You like to Sing your way

KIKI: But I love to sing mine

TWIST: La la la-la la

TOGETHER: Sing, Sing!

TWIST: You got your own thing

KIKI: Uh-huh, and I've got mine

TOGETHER: Hey, what do you say! Let's try new way!

Sing sing, sing it with me!

Let's play together, you'll see!

Two's more fun than one for you and for me

You and me, me and you!

That's how friends should me!


When they finished their duet, everyone clapped and cheered.

"Great performance, Kiki and Twist." Ms. Piccolo said as she climbed up onstage.

"Your duet, was awesome guys!" Marina said.

"I loved hearing you guys sing together," Shout said.

Twist slipped his hand into Kiki's. She blushed. "Hey, we should go celebrate!" Twist said. "That sounds like a great idea," Kiki said as she kissed Twist on the cheek.