Title: Change is the Spice of Life IV

Cross: Joan of Arcadia and Stargate Atlantis

Spoilers: general knowledge of both shows

Word Count: 300


Cadman waved to Joan across the length of the crowded mess hall. They had agreed to meet for lunch but then Joan had gotten caught up in one of His Jobs and was just arriving. Cadman didn't seem annoyed.

"Sorry I'm late," she said as she plunked her tray down next to Cadman's.

Cadman glanced at the fresh bandage around her arm. "Looks like you have a good excuse. You okay?"

"Surface burn," Joan told her friend what Dr. Beckett had told her. "It should be fit as a fiddle in a couple days."

"Didja see Beckett?" Cadman asked.

Joan laughed. Cadman's crush on the Scottish doctor was the worst kept secret in the city. "Yes, he treated me."

Cadman sighed like an eighth-grader. "How'd you get such a minor injury? Maybe I should try it."

"Maybe you should just ask him out," Joan counted. "How come you could in McKay's body and not your own? You even kissed him in front of everyone."

"I have no idea, but I just can't face him for some reason."

"I have an idea," Joan realized. "I just finished the bulk of the work for the art gallery. You, as my friend, have the responsibility to throw me a party to celebrate its opening."

Cadman laughed. "I do, do I?"

"Yes. Now, when do you want to have it? The 'where' is easy, the gallery, of course. And we know some of the 'who.' We need to invite all of the artists that we can. And all of the teams that brought back art for the exhibits."

"You might as well invite everyone," Cadman remarked. "You don't want to leave anyone out."

"True… You ready to throw the biggest party of the year?"

Cadman grinned. "It can't be any harder than handling explosives."