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~Pain is necessary to live.~


Punishment For Those Who Need It

Chapter 2

Zero's POV

Urgh…what now? Kaname came from behind his desk and stood and I became horrified. I gulped as he came closer and closer. You know that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you know something bad is going to happen

I see him put down those "things" on the table beside the huge couch. Then, he turned to me with that smug look of his. Damn! How I hate that look! As a reply to his smug look, I give him a glare, one that would surely put even the deadliest of persons in their grave. But he just chuckled, still with that smug, annoying look. I just kept glaring at him, but he turned his head to look at the items on the table. To me, he seemed to be thinking of which one he wanted to use; like how a person would think if they should buy this or that.

None of the items looked... pleasant. Damn him! If he thinks that I'm going to let him use those on me, he can go to hell! Fuck!

"Ne, Zero?" He pulled me out my thoughts with that melodic voice of his.

"What?" I growl at him.

Without turning his head around, he asked me, "Which one looks... better?" He emphasized the last word and I knew, and he knew that I knew what he meant by that innocent word.

"Don't you dare." I spat at him.

He just laughed, the sound echoing throughout the entire room. A shiver running up my spine as he kept laughing.

"Oh, Zero. You know I can and will dare."

Normal POV

Kaname sat on the edge of the couch, trailing his hand on the inside right side of Zero's thigh just stopping when he was near the silver head's ass. Said silver head blushed when he felt the smooth but muscled hand trailing up his thigh. He would have pulled his leg to him, but the pain on his back was extremely painful. Every movement he made shot up his backside and he always felt the whole pain travel through his whole body weakening him.

"Hurts?" Kaname asked.

Zero glared at him. Isn't that fucking obvious? "Of course it hurts, you bastard! It's because of you it hurts!" He felt a headache coming on because of the damn devil-like bastard. He wanted to rub his temples to soothe it, but his arms were still tied on the couch. He growled his frustration. Abruptly, he felt the couch go up indicating Kaname stood up. He also noticed that the hand that was touching him not to long ago had disappeared.

He looked at the brunet's movements wondering what he would do next. Fuck it. He knew Kaname was stronger than him, and his body was tired. He just wanted to get this over with as soon as possible. He closed his eyes towards the ceiling, he was feeling a bit drowsy and let out a tired yawn. But he refused to go to sleep. In the back of his mind, Zero wondered when the lunch bell was going to ring for lunch to be over and he could get back to class.

The said brunet looked at his student. He knew he had to hurry up since his beloved pet was going to fall into unconsciousness soon enough if he didn't hurry. He got a few things on the table and looked back at his student. An unholy smirk crept into his features thinking of many things he could do to the drowsy silver head who kept yawning but kept willing himself to stop the unconsciousness from taking over him.

He kneeled on the edge of the couch and hovered over the silver head, his smirk widening as said silver head didn't seem to notice.

Zero opened his eyes, seeing Kaname hovering over him, but he just glared above. "Just get it over with already." He yawned after saying it. He seriously didn't care anymore, he just wanted to sleep.

"Of course, my dear pet..." He trailed off. He didn't know if the silver head heard that, but he didn't care either way.

Suddenly, Zero felt something nudging his nether regions and he looked down to see his principal's hand pushing something in him. He went wide-eyed in shock when the vibrator was plunged in him, harshly.

He threw his head back, his mouth open in a silent scream. He felt hands on his bruised wrists and soon his hands were freed. He hardly had any strength in him to protest as he felt the vibrator thrusting in him and he couldn't help but moan. Unintentionally, he held on Kaname's shoulders for support as the vibrator went faster and faster.

Kaname looked at his student and commanded him, "On your knees." Fuck. He was getting hard just from seeing the expressions the silver head made and the moans that came out his mouth.

Zero opened his eyes, not even knowing he had them closed, and looked up trying to breathe out a response. "Why...?" He managed to breathe out.

Kaname sighed and replied, "I thought you wanted to get this over it?" He smirked when he was met with a glare, well as much as a glare the silver head could make as he took out the vibrator on the very tip and thrusted it back in.

"Fuck!" Zero screamed and didn't forget that he had to get on his knees. He looked up to crimson eyes. "Move then."

Kaname let go of the vibrator and just let it do it's job as he gave Zero enough room to get on his knees. Zero seemed to have had a hard time doing so as his face cringed in pain, but he was able to do so with the help of his principal.

Kaname smiled devilishly at the silver head who was on his knees and got up, standing on the couch.

Zero's face was face to face with Kaname's crotch and he blushed harder if that was still even possible. He tried to turn his head away so Kaname couldn't see his embarrassment, however before he could turn his head, a tight fist in his hair pulled him back. He hissed in pain as Kaname looked at him with cool, calculating eyes.

"Suck it, " Kaname commanded. "Or I'll make you do it." And he will make the silver head do it if he had to. He let go of Zero's hair and watched for what decision he will make.

Zero looked up, his face still flushed and almost whined. The vibrator in him slowed down and growled. He glared up to his principal and spat at him.

"I. Fucking. Hate. You." He pulled his hands up to Kaname's trousers and none too gently pulled down his pants along with the boxers, exposing the huge hard member which shot up as soon as it was released.

"I know." Kaname replied and pressed the button making the vibrator go faster.

Feeling the vibrator within him go faster, Zero gripped the brunet's member harshly. Kaname didn't seem to mind as he arched his head back, an animalistic growl being released from his lips. Refraining from rolling his eyes, he started licking the tip of the brunet's manhood and soon enough, the brunet was ramming into his mouth. He was able to take each thrust as he relaxed his throat and just let the brunet ram his mouth.

The vibrator pressed against Zero's prostate, sending wave of spasms rushing through him, his body buckled against the pleasure, trying to pull free. However, Kaname gripped the back of his head, keeping him in place. They were both close to orgasm, Zero could tell by the way Kaname was thrusting uncontrollably into his mouth. Zero prepared to swallow the brunet's cum soon. With one last powerful thrust from the vibrator in his ass, Zero came first with the brunet cumming soon after. He pulled his head back and let go of the brunet's member, falling on his back, sleep taking over him as soon as he hit the floor.

The brunet got off the couch, redoing his pants again and leaned over the silver head taking out the vibrator.

He leaned higher and whispered into the sleeping Zero's ear, "Next time, we'll have much more fun..."

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