Broken Promises and Romances

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Chapter 41: I've been wanting to


"Where to," the cab driver said as I climbed in. I couldn't believe what I had just done.

"The Plaza Hotel," I said taking a deep breath. I wanted to have a place to stay at because I didn't know how he would react to me just showing up at his door.

"Is this your first trip to New York," he asked. I guess he just wanted to get some information and start some small talk. I mean he was your typical cab driver.

"No," I answered him. "I was last here two years ago."

He didn't say much afterwards. Which I was very thankful for. I had so much running through my mind. How was I going to find him? Did he still live at the brownstone? Was he still with Tanya? More importantly how would he feel about this book I wrote? I mean I did slap him pretty good the last time I was here. I was ready to tell him how I felt about him and that's when I heard him on his phone. When he told Tanya that he could never love someone like me. My heart dropped to the bottom of my stomach. We both said things that we shouldn't have said and I snapped. This had to work out for the best. The dream showed that it wasn't going to be easy, but I was going to fight for it.

"Wait," I said out loud. I shouldn't be going to the Plaza. I needed to be somewhere else. Digging through my bag I found the piece of paper with the address on it. "Go to this address instead."

"Are you sure," he said looking at the paper.

"Yes," I said quickly and took a deep breath. Looking out the window I noticed some familiar buildings going by. My heart started to race a little, I could feel my breathing picking up. We were getting close. Closing my eyes I started to focus on trying to slow down my breathing. I started to slowly count to ten to help steady my heartbeat. "five, six, seven."

"Miss," the driver said causing me to stop counting. Slowly opening my eyes the first thing that I noticed was that the cab was stopped. Looking out the window to my left I saw that familiar brownstone from years before. It hadn't changed but then again why would it. "We're here."

"Thanks," I replied. Digging through my bag I found some money and threw it up front to him. I didn't care how much money I gave him. I turned my attention back to the brownstone as I got out of the cab. Closing the door I stood on the sidewalk as the cab took off.

Staring up at the building I could have sworn that I heard the faint sounds of the piano playing. He really did love playing and he played beautifully. I knew in my heart that I was doing the right thing, but my head was telling me to run. What would Charlie do? Thinking of my dad caused me to laugh a little because he wouldn't know what to say. Renee on the other hand she would be telling me to follow my heart. Looking at the building once more a smile crept up on my face. I walked up those steps, set my bag on the ground beside me, and rang the doorbell.

"Coming," I heard from the other side of the door. My heart leapt for joy when the sound of his velvet voice hit my ears.

"Edward," I said as the door opened. My he still looked the same. His eyes the color of emeralds, his hair the color of bronze, and his abs were tight.


The first three lessons went by in a flash. I was able to come home early because my fourth lesson canceled on me. Alec Volturi called and mentioned that he needed to work on a press schedule for a new author. I was used to him canceling his lessons. Him and his sister worked in publishing. He worked the east coast while she worked the west. So that gave me a chance to come home and rest. I was in my music room messing around with a new piece when I heard the door bell ring. Who on earth could that be?

"Coming," I yelled closing the lid to the piano. If that was Tanya out there again I was calling the police. I already had to change my number since she was calling nonstop since the break-up and that was six months ago.

As I made my way to the door I could see an outline from the shadow in the glass. It was a female so that cut out all males. She wasn't tall and that cut out Tanya and Emmett's wife Rosalie. So that only left one other person. My wonderful annoying sister Alice. I hadn't seen her in almost eight years. Bracing myself for the pixie's wrath I took a deep breath.

"Edward," I heard when I opened the door. I couldn't believe it. It was the one that got away. She was here and I didn't know what to say.

"Bella," I managed to say when I was able to pick my jaw up off of the ground. Was the dream from last night? "Your here."

"Yes," she said biting her lower lip. Damn if she only knew what she did to me when she was bit her lip.

"Why," I spit out quickly.

"Sorry," she said picking up bag. Fucking dick move. Why did I always say stupid shit like that. "I'll just."

"Don't go," I said stopping her and taking her hand into mine. They still fit perfectly together and a smile came to my face. "I don't want you to leave. I'm just in shock seeing you here. You know after you left when we had that fight. Please come in."

She didn't say anything but nodded her head in agreement. Still holding her hand I led her into my place. I let go of her hand long enough to shut the door. When I turned back around I felt her lips on mine. To say that it was a shock was an understatement. Never in my life had I felt lips as soft as hers. After the inital shock wore off I wrapped one of my arms around her waist pulling her closer to me and my other hand went up to cup her face. She felt so damn good in my arms. I had never had the feeling of home when I was with Tanya, but Bella was a different story. She was my other half and I won't lose her again. Like I thought just a few seconds ago this has to be that dream coming true.

"Sorry," she said pulling away. Why in the hell was she sorry? I was jumping for joy on the inside like a little boy on Christmas morning getting that one special gift.

"I'm not," I said smiling and pulling her closer to me. "That was a wonderful way to say hi."

"Was it," she said laughing. There was the Bella that I knew all to well. "I'm sorry that I just showed up out of the blue."


"Don't be," he said holding me a little tighter. I never planned on kissing him right off of the bat. Who could deny him when he looked so damn good? Of course his mouth always spoke before his brain, but I was over it now.

"I've been wanting," I said hugging myself closer to him. I could have sworn that I felt him smell my hair. "I've been wanting to do that for a long time."

"I know," was all he said as we were still standing in the entry way. "I've been wanting the same thing as well."

"Edward," I said as some of the dream started to come back to me. He needs to know about this before anything else is said or we lose control of ourselves. More importantly before the next step is taken. "I do have a reason for showing up. Do you have a few mintues?"

"Sure," he said as we walked into the living room. Sitting my duffle bag on the couch I dug my book out. Taking a deep breath I turned around to face him and handed him the book. "What's this?"