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"Do you really have to tell them?" Soren hissed to his favorite trueblade, as Mist ran by the two. It was right before dinner, with all the mercenaries gathering for some late night coffee and tea (and, in the cases of Gatrie and Shinon, ale). And Mia, after two days of keeping it from everyone (with some near slip-ups, and acting like a child in a candy store with an unlimited amount of gold), had finally broken down Soren.

So that was the cause of Soren's nervousness and their slow (he was walking so slowly Soren felt he could have been beaten to the hall by a slug) walk seemed to only extend the amount of time they could argue about the whole thing. Or, as it probably sounded like, Soren complain.

"Yes! That's the whole point about being in a relationship Soren! What are you so scared of?" Ok, that was a completely stupid question; everything and anything could go wrong. In fact, everything that could go wrong would, with an utmost certainty, go wrong!

Soren could just see Ike's look of disbelief (though he would, after a moment of shock, be fine with it) and see the other looks on the others faces. No, he didn't want to think about what the mercenaries would do. Then he would loose what little courage he had gathered up.

"Everything... Most of them think I'm a spirit charmer, and they aren't human either..." Soren's hands were already in fists minutes ago. Now his teeth were clenched too. Great, he could look like he was going to have a heart attack before he actually had one. Mia glanced around for a quick moment and then grabbed Soren's closest hand and squeezed it tightly. Soren felt his face blush up, but he was able to resist the initial urge to pull away. Instead, he gave a careful squeeze back. Mia's smile and gave him a quick peck on the cheek. Soren's face went three times darker (in terms of red). Soren pulled his hand away from Mia now, earning himself a pair of puppy dog eyes from his (Soren couldn't believe he was saying this) girlfriend.

"Sor-en... Why do you care so much?" Soren was rubbing his hand as they walked, but before he could answer they reached the mess hall. "I... I really want to tell them Soren. But I won't if you're dead-set against it." Soren hesitated, swallowing as he thought. Did he want to tell anyone? No, except maybe Ike. And that was a maybe. Anyone else? No freaking way.

But Soren realized that he had been wrong about so many things recently. He had never thought that he would grow so close to the (sometimes overly) energetic Mia. He had never thought anyone would know about him being a Branded either (he hadn't thought Ike would know). Let alone them not caring as much as he thought (if they cared at all!). So maybe... Just maybe... Something could be learned by listening to Mia.

"Do you not trust me?" You wouldn't think about it at a first glance, but as Soren was learning, she could come up with some truly crazy ways of getting you to do something she wanted. At least, that was how Soren saw it. Truly crazy. Nuts. Wacko. Insane. Soren was finding he spit out adjectives while nervous.

"Mia... You know I do, its them I don't trust." No need to ask who 'them' were. Mia sighed and leaned against his shoulder, although it was a little awkward because of the height difference. Adjusting his head so he could meet Mia's eyes, Soren sighed. "Alright... We might as well go inside eventually." Mia's smile grew and hugged Soren tightly, shocking the man a little. Maybe she wanted to keep him from running away.

The last few feet were utter torture. Hell on Earth. Could be compared to being fed to a Feral One. Then, the doors. Mia let Soren go and looked at him warmly.

"I promise I won't let anything happen to you, you know that right?" She asked. Soren looked back at her with his serious face (ok, calm and uncaring) and nodded.

"I... I know." Mia took a deep breath, as did Soren. Then she moved to open the door but Soren beat her to it. "G-Go ahead." Soren opened the door for her and ignored the looks of the mercenaries who were already eating dinner (Shepard's pie- meat and peas) as they entered the room.

"Hey Mia, Soren." Oscar smiled and nodded towards them, starting to stand to get them their dinner. Soren swallowed as Mia said,

"Actually, we wanted to tell you all something." If them entering the room together (and Soren opening the door for Mia) hadn't gotten their attention, Mia's somewhat loud words did. "We... We just recently started to date, and decided that you all deserved to know." The stunned silence was bad enough, but the first person to speak was Shinon, of all people.

"You two? Come on Mia, I figured you'd have better taste then skinny loners." Soren bit his tongue as Mia looked like she was about to talk back, when Ike stood up.

"Well... I'd like to say I think its great. You two..." Ike stopped as Mist started to clap, followed by Titania. "Huh. Looks like I speak for most of us." Ignoring Shinon's 'bah' Soren felt a rush of confidence run through him, squashing the urge to run the hell out of that room and go hide in a corner. Instead, he found himself reaching for Mia's hand and holding it tightly in his own.

Mia grinned and, as if to make Soren's red face as bright as Titania's hair, kissed him full-on. After listening to the initial wolf-whistles (damn Boyd) and the cheering (basically everyone else) Soren closed his eyes and deepened the kiss.

Yes, some things never got old.

"No, I don't have time to spar... I'm sorry Mia, but I've had to take inventory the past two days... It is practically impossible for us to survive another day. The only reason we aren't eating stale bread and rotten meat is because Rolf and Shinon went out hunting, and Oscar was sensible enough to get some more food last time he went out last time." Soren couldn't bring himself to look at her eyes, knowing that their spars were her favorite time of day. He would have said the same thing, but he had to admit- he enjoyed relaxing at the end of the day cuddling with her more.

Soren was telling the truth too, seeing as he sparred with her nearly twice a day, sometimes more. Surely she could spar with Ike more then once a day (if at all, as she spent more time chasing down Soren for a quick fight)! And there had to be someone else besides him and Ike in the mercenaries. Surely Oscar or Mist would be willing to fight for a few rounds! Mia wasn't that violent, or so Soren thought.

"... I... I understand." Mia sounded a little hurt, but not overly so. Surprisingly, Mia was a little cling-y when it came to Soren. Maybe it was because everything she loved usually left her. Maybe it was just a women thing. Either way, Soren found himself needing to hurry and do his chores faster and faster, to the point of cutting some entirely! Something was definitely wrong with him. And Soren wasn't sure if it didn't start with a 'M'.

"You don't sound too happy about it. I can spar with you latter, if you'd like." Soren knew his voice sounded like its old perfect monotone (he had opened up an extremely small bit, where he would help Rhys train with tomes and help do more of the general chores) but, at this point, he didn't really care. He had woke up earlier then usual (sleeping in had become a strange habit he was trying to break) and finished inventory of the basic supplies before breakfast, and was then dragged into a duel with Mia.

"Hey! I know I've been acting a little cling-y, but I really enjoy being with you!... I know! I'll help yah out today and we'll be able to get things done quicker then if yah just did it yourself." Soren, for his part, was able to suppress his inner shudder. Mia sorting through weapons? She was dangerous enough with one sword, let alone a sword, ax, and a lance (most likely several of each). Soren wasn't sure he was ready to control Mia with more then one weapon, and with her amount of energy... Still, she could help out in other things, rather then inventory...

"I know you enjoy being with me Mia, and I enjoy being with you." Soren stood from where he was sitting at his desk, causing Mia to get up from his bed and stand as well. "But sorting weapons together wouldn't cut time down so much as it would help if you, say, helped Mist or Oscar with their chores... Simply put, if we do separate things then each of us have to do less, so we can spend more time together."

Mia seemed to believe and understand what he was saying, because she grinned as her eyes lit up. She put her hands on her hips and tilted her head as she replied.

"Alrighty then. We can spar right after lunch, see yah then! Love yah Soren!" Soren watched her run out of his room, smiling.

"I... I love you too, Mia."

"HYA! HA! TAKE THAT!" Soren was long since used to listening to Mia shout as she fought inanimate objects, but had long since gotten over it. He enjoyed it now, listening to her voice (even as loud as it was). He watched, silently, as she cut the wooden block Boyd had cut with an ax. Soren wasn't one hundred percent sure she even knew he was there, but that was alright.

As long as he could watch, listen, just take in her fighting ability. She was glamorous, her hair flying out behind her as her strikes hit, the speed and skill of those very same attacks. The setting sun, cooling the fort, sometimes outlined her sword and the trueblade herself, depending on which angle Soren looked at her.

"TIME TO FINISH THIS!" Mia shouted, raising her blade in the air. She flipped over and used an amazing blast of speed to chop the last few threads holding the wooden block together, and forced it over with her blow. Soren found himself sighing and could just see the dreamy look on his eyes. He blinked as he realized that, shaking his head as well to clear it out. He let out another sigh, this one reflecting how much he was changing and how he was unsure about the whole thing.

Did he loved Mia? Of course! Well, as much as he could find himself loving anyone. Did he want to spend all his time with her? Yes, what kind of question was that? At the same time... Was he unsettled with the changed he was facing with himself? Yes, absolutely.

All Soren knew at this point was he was relying on Mia to provide so much in his life (happiness, security, peace of mind, trust) that, before, only Ike had received.

"Hey! Soren!" She was panting heavily, sweating, and probably exhausted. She looked great to Soren, who could see the excitement in her eyes, the happiness in the way she smiled. "You want to spar?" She had to be joking, Soren thought. She still wanted to fight?

"Mia... I'm not sure that would be healthy for you, to keep going after you've already trained so hard." Soren was hesitant, though he had his elwind and elfire tomes (they had trained with fire before, though neither wanted to risk a thunder battle) and a heal staff. Mia looked thoughtful but shrugged it off.

"I'll be fine! You can just heal me up and then we can spar for a little! How about a steel blade against your elfire? I was so close to beating you that time, when I used a silver blade!" She was right- they were training more and more often with harder weapons for them. It paid off well on the battlefield, so Soren was fine with it. But he wasn't very good with elfire, spending more of his time perfecting his blizzard and arcwind spells.

"Well... Just try not to become too tired, alright? We need you in the best condition you can be, and it wouldn't be good if you got sick." Mia grinned and nodded, wiping from sweat off as Soren healed her. "Besides that, I'm alright with it..." Soren put down his staff and quickly moved roughly ten yards from Mia. "Now, let's start! Elfire!" Soren blasted the spell quickly and without hesitation, knowing any enemy they fought would not hold back. Mia was grazed by the spell as she tried to cover the distance before she was too badly hurt.

"N-Nice try Sor... HYA!" Mia lept forward and only extensive knowledge of her fighting skills caused Soren to avoid a major slash. Jumping back and spinning around to cast another spell. Mia was too close to completely avoid it, being only a few feet away from Soren. Instead, she raised an arm and crouched so the main part of the spell wouldn't hit her directly. Soren backed away another yard before asking,

"Are you alright? We should stop..." Soren lowered his tome as Mia stood up fully. She was burnt quite badly, and her clothes were nearly burnt off. Soren found himself blushing as she shrugged and her shirt nearly crumbled off into little scraps.

"... I can keep going... Ugh..." Mia fell to one knee and Soren ran forward, dropping his tome on the ground as he reached his girlfriend. He fell to his knees as he saw the full extent of the injuries. Damn... How could he have let this happen?

"Mia! Hold on!" Soren lept to his feet and ran to his staff, time starting to slow down. But he reached his staff, and ran within range within another few seconds. "Please... Stay alive, for me..." Mia, who had closed her eyes, opened them again as her wounds were healed.

"I... I know Sor-y... I... Love you..." She smiled as her strength recovered. Soren blinked back tears.

"I know. I love you too, more then... More then I can express."

Soren wasn't quite sure what he was doing, wearing a suit that was border-line huge on him (the ridiculous part was that it was made for a young Ike) and fiddling with the small golden ring he was going to give Mia.

Sure, he had thought it was logical. After all, being together for the better part of two years was something Soren had never thought in his wildest dreams. And Mia? Well, there was really nothing Soren could say about her that he hadn't said already. Was she energetic to the point of amazing Soren? Sometimes, sure. Did she love to spar to the point of obsession? Ok, that was a yes. Was Soren used to it? Of course, and he couldn't help but love Mia for it.

And the small golden ring? Yeah, calling it that made it sound so simple, so cheap, so Soren-y (which he had heard himself being described as more times then he wished). In reality it was quite expensive, costing about the same as a silver sword. Soren hated to part with that much money, but he (for once) assumed that it would be used for longer. Hoped it would be used longer.

With a small diamond in the center, and a small silver script note on the inside, unreadable unless you looked for it. 'Mia- Angel of Mine' it read, and it was true.

Soren was then knocked out of his thoughts by his best friend speaking suddenly.

"You look great Soren!" The archsage couldn't tell if Ike was lying, or really did think Soren looked great in the old suit. It was probably out of fashion five years ago, but it would do the job. At the very least, Mia had made it clear they would have to have a somewhat public wedding. Damn, crowds and loud noises. Soren cursed whoever thought marriage was something to be celebrated by everyone you didn't know, as well as those you did but wished you didn't. And really, what was wrong with eloping? Nice and quite and no needless 'friends' watching.

Soren suddenly noticed Ike's puzzled gaze. Soren blinked and raised an eyebrow at him.

"Now go! Mia won't want to be kept waiting!" Ike gave Soren a playful shove towards the door, but the nearly-married man stopped before he left.

"Ike... You know you will always have a special place in my heart, and I will never want to leave you either..." Soren looked at his first friend and saw the hero smiling at him, a rare occurrence.

"I know Soren! But you have no idea how happy I am that you're able to find someone besides me! This is what you deserve, after so long... Happiness. Full, true, forever happiness." Then Ike moved forward and poked Soren in the back. "Now go, hurry! I can hear the piano starting already!" Soren walked out, barely able to walk calmly. He knew he didn't have to say it, but he thought it- thank you Ike. For everything.

"Soren and Mia of the Greil Mercenaries. An exceptionally gifted archsage and a wonderfully skilled trueblade." Rhys had, as a personal consideration, volunteered to be the priest bonding the two together. Not like Soren would have let another priest, but it was still a nice touch.

All the mercenaries had come, either forced by Ike or by their own will. Boyd and Mist were sitting together, the latter leaning against her boyfriend (who, in Soren's mind, was too much a coward to ask for them to be married). Titania was sitting towards the back, smiling as Rhys read off the formal information and all the flowery speech that Soren had little care for. Shinon and Gatrie were leaning in the back on the brown fence that made up the compound (being married in a converted training arena? Only Mia could have thought of that, and only someone as frugal as Soren could have approved), obviously bored.

Soren could just make out Oscar and Rolf. Stefan (who had been invited by Ike, who had made the guest list with Mia's help) was smirking to himself, and looked pleasantly surprised considering. Now, Soren wasn't completely sure who had managed to bring Kieran and Mist's old friend, Jill, to the wedding. Nor was he confident about Ranulf being there. Soren had started to feel Ike was using it as an excuse to invite his friends over, but who cared? Ok, maybe the crowd was a little much for Soren (at least he had the sensibility to not invite too many laguz, and there were no birds in sight). But if it was Ike's idea... Well, what exactly could he say to the man he owed his life too?

"Do you, Soren, swear to protect Mia with your life? Do you swear to comfort her in times of both war and peace? Do you swear to always remain by her side, though it may not be the-" Rhys' face twitched in a smirk, before returning to normal, "logical thing to do?" Soren was certain his face was Titania's hair-red.

"Do you swear to always take the path she wishes, even if it is dark and hidden in shadows?" Rhys waited for Soren to reply. The archsage licked his lips nervously before nodding and saying,

"I do." Though, thinking about it, Mia was more likely to protect him then the other way around. Rhys smiled and turned towards Mia.

"Do you, Mia, swear to follow Soren in times of doubt and uncertainty? Do you swear to support him in all endeavors, to aid him in all manners possible? Do you swear to stand by him, even when things seem hopeless? Do you swear to always watch his back?" Soren was starting to wonder if Rhys had added some questions, but Mia had no hesitations whatsoever. That, somehow, filled Soren with happiness.

"I do." Rhys' smile was pure and reflected everything Soren felt inside. Pure (for once), happy, comforted, a feeling that there was always going to be somewhere there for him- all of the feelings threatened to run over him.

"Then I can now pronounce you husband, and wife. You may kiss-" Rhys was cut off by the loud cheer started by Ike as Soren abandoned all calm and collective emotions he had gathered, quickly holding Mia in a hug, then kissing her. And, as they kissed, Soren slipped the golden ring onto Mia's finger, as she slipped her silver ring onto his finger.

Soren was never very sentimental, and he never had anything that was an item that he cared about. But now he did.

And with the ring? Promises. A promise of a future with the most amazing woman in the world. A promise of a future without any sorrow, without any pain. A promise of a life happy and at peace. A promise that none of those promises would ever be broken.

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