[2] Twistedshipping

[3] Anti-Rocketshipping

[4] Mild Language




Jessie and James sat outside of Giovanni's office feeling jittery. Meowth was with them as well, distractedly itching at one of his large ears, looking nervous. The three Team Rocket members had been called for a conference with their Boss, Giovanni. None of them knew what it was about, but they all had a pretty good idea.

The team of three hadn't caught a single Pokemon for the duration of their time in Team Rocket. Giovanni knew this and, they guessed, had finally decided to do something about it...

...something bad...

The door to Giovanni's office door opened, making the three jump. Two other Rockets walked out of the room, looking downcast. As soon as Jessie saw them, her whole body became rigid with anger. She glared at the two and said coolly, "Well, if it isn't Cassidy and Hutch. Why did the Boss call you here? Did his favorites finally mess up?"

Cassidy scoffed and said confidently, "Of course not! We never mess up, unlike you and your team."

"I know, we're so dead!" James howled. That was it, that all it took to crack him. He let his head fall into his hands and he began to sob. "We screwed up! We don't deserve to be part of Team Rocket!"

Jessie smacked him and then said to Cassidy, "We are not in trouble, okay? But you might try explaining why you two are got called to his office too. Didn't lose favoritism, did you?"

"Like I said," Cassidy repeated, "We never mess up."

"Actually, we totally blew it." Butch corrected.

James stopped crying for a moment and looked up at him. "You did?"

He glanced at Cassidy and admitted, "Yeah, we did. I mean, who gets called to Giovanni's office for something good?"

"We do!" Jessie answered. He arched a brow and frowned.

"Wow. Yeah, you guys are so stupid you're probably getting fired."

"You guys got fired?" Meowth asked.

Cassidy shook her head. "Of course we didn't! We just-"

Before she could finish her sentence, a voice came from the other side of Giovanni's door. "Jessie, James, Meowth! In my office, now!"

All three of them glanced at each other for a moment before jumping to their feet and hurrying into the Boss' office. Cassidy grinned back at them, her hands on her hips. "Good luck James, darling. I hope that he goes easy on you."

He felt his face redden as he called back, "Thanks, Cass."

Jessie glared at him and pushed him into Giovanni's office. "What a slut," she whispered to herself as she closed the door. Meowth looked around nervously.

"I wonder why we're here."

"You wonder?" Giovanni answered from behind his desk. "Neither of you three have contributed anything positive to the organization of Team Rocket, and you are wondering why you are here?"

James nodded and asked in timidly, "Yes sir, we were just wondering why-"

"You three are complete, incompetent idiots!" Giovanni howled. Jessie, James, and Meowth all nervously glanced at each other as he continued, "Do you really think that after countless failures I'd let you three continue to operate together as a unit?"

Jessie's face became chalky as she whimpered, "You're...you're breaking us up?"

James gasped and hugged himself. "But I can't eat if Jessie doesn't cook her rubbery eggs in the morning!"

Meowth rolled his eyes. "Really, James? That's the best excuse that you ca-"

"They are not rubbery, you blue-haired idiot!" Jessie hissed.

Giovanni watched with amusement in his eyes as James retorted, "It's not blue, Jess, it's lavender! God, how many times do I have to-"

"Silence." he finally commanded. All three grew silent. Giovanni nodded and leaned back in his chair, his fingers laced together. "Yes, I am ordering the immediate disbanding of your team, but this does not mean that I'm ordering the removal of you three from the organization. You know far too much about this organization for me to fire you."

Jessie raised a brow. "But if we're not a team, then who are we?"

"As of today you will be relocated to another team—a team that, like yourselves, I have also taken the liberty of disbanding. Though, keep in mind, the other team wasn't split because they were bad like you. They are my best. They are—well, I think that you know them." and he turned to the door and yelled, "Butch, Cassidy, get in here now!"

In a second Cassidy burst into the room, looking triumphant. Jessie's eyes grew wide. "You mean James is going to be partnered with her?"

"That's right, sweetie. He's all mine." she went over to James, put her hand on his shoulder, and smiled down at him sweetly. "We'll have so much fun, won't we?"

He cringed. "Ugh. Yuck. Girl all over me." Although he had never openly admitted it, Cassidy had always made James feel uncomfortable.

Giovanni just chuckled and shook his head. "No, of course not! It's the other way around!"

James' eyes lit up. "You mean I'm with Mitch?"

Butch groaned in exasperation. "It's Butch, you idiot! Butch!"

"Yes, that is correct. You are partnered with Butch and Jessie will be with Cassidy."

Meowth's ears fell flat against his skull as he asked, "But what about me, Boss? Ain't there a place for me?"

Giovanni sighed and rolled his eyes. "Well, I suppose if you must still be part of Team Rocket, then-"

"He can be with us." James blurted. Meowth glanced over at him and Butch. A hopeless look came over his face.

"Boy, we're gonna rock it now."

Giovanni laughed openly at this before continuing, "Yes, indeed. Keep in mind, though, that you can always be teamed back together again when I say so, so as soon as you start showing improvement then—well, I could just make the change permanent. It all depends, you see."

Jessie sulked. "Stuck permanently with Cassidy? I'd rather die. Right James?"

James was too busy staring at Butch with wide eyes. Meowth groaned. "I can't believe that I'm stuck with this."

Giovanni glanced from one team to the other and finally said, "You may all go."

Once they were out of the Boss' office, James turned to Meowth and asked, "So this could be a permanent change?"

Meowth didn't answer him. Instead he asked, "Why were you staring dumb at Butch back there?"

"Why was I what?" he asked mindlessly. James hadn't really heard him. He had his eyes fixated on Butch again. Meowth rolled his eyes. "Seemed like you were thinkin' dirty thoughts or somethin'."

"Dirty...yeah, that's nice."



"Are you gay or something?"

"What's that?" He asked as his eyes assessed Butch's every movement.

Meowth scratched his ear and answered, "Forget it. I'll tell you later."



First off, I do not and will not ever claim any of these characters as my own...so yeah.

Secondly, this story is going to be presented in two parts: Part 1—The Lavender League, and Part 2—The Teal League. Sorry for the lack of better titles, but I was kind of trying to play off of the first season of the Pokemon anime, The Indigo League. Yes, I named them after James and Butch's hair colors. ^_^

Lastly, in this story I will pair up the characters James and Butch in a homosexual relationship. If you don't like it, I'm sorry. DON'T READ IT. That's all I have to say about that. Also, yes, I really do think that in the anime James was portrayed as gay.