Authors Note: This is a challenge me and my friend WayLowHalo. We picked ten quotes from a book and write a story for each. The book chosen for me was 'Making Money' by Terry Pratchett. So, the quotes that are chosen I will underline.

Dedicated to: WayLowHalo, the person who got me to read and write

Quote: It would be nice, he reflected as he ran up the steps, if his lordship would entertain the idea that an appointment was something made by more than one person.

Title: Mission

The mission was simple and direct from what Caius had ordered. Felix ran fast throughout the day and night to reach his target. He was ordered to summon the vampire Talon from Russia without delay. Of course Talon had no knowledge of the meeting that was to take place. As he neared the place where Talon had last been seen he slowed to a steady walk. The building looked like an old medieval church.

'How ironic it is for a vampire to hide in a church' Felix thought as he stopped taking in the scene. 'How I miss the middle ages' he thought with a small smile, 'things were simpler then'. Felix sighed entering the church.

'It would be nice,' he reflected as he ran up the steps, 'if his lordship would entertain the idea that an appointment was something made by more than one person'. Then after a moment of thinking he hoped Talon would resist so he could drag him back to his master. When reached the top of the stairs and knew something was wrong. He walked into the last room at the end of the hall he knew why. Instead of Talon he saw the last thing he would have ever imagined.

"What is going on?" Felix asked looking shocked at his fellow guard members. They stood in a circle all looking at him.

"Your late," Jane stated plainly, "you made us wait." Her childlike voice was scary even to someone who has stood by her for many years.

"You should know we wait for no one," Demetri stated, "you know better."

"Why are you here?" Felix asked, "Caius said U was to do this alone."

"This changed," Heidi told him/

"They sent us to give you something," Alec said. Felix heard someone walking up the steps but before he could react. "Don't look." Alec said, "It's a surprise."

"Talon," Felix stated, "I need,"

"Already done," Demetri stated.

The person had come to stand behind him. The sent was familiar and clearly human, "What is going on?" he asked again not sure what to expect.

"Happy 388th birthday," the voice said behind him. Felix turned and saw Gianna standing behind him.

"What?" Felix asked surprised looking Gianna over. She looked different from when he normally saw her. She smiled then walked to Jane and knelt.

"You didn't think we forgot did you?" Asked Alec, "388 years ago today you became a vampire of the Volturi.

"Gianna has offered herself to you as a gift. Aro has known you wanted her for a long time. She is yours," Jane said.

"My birthday," Felix said after a moment, "Gianna is mine?"

"Yes sir," Gianna said softly, "I would gladly join you."

"You came here for my birthday?" Felix asked.

"Yes," Demetri said, "We are taking you out for a fun night. Anything you want Aro aid to grant it, although, it has to be within reason." Jane said.

"Does Caius know?" Felix asked.

"No," Heidi smiled, "he does suspect."

"Of course he does," Felix knew Caius would find out about his birthday party, "thank you."

"Let's eat. I'm boarded of this room." Jane said walking out of the room.

"Yes," Felix said taking Gianna's hand lightly, "your change will be soon my love."

A/N: I am not sure if in the books we ever learned Gianna's fait. I am not sure but I think she was killed. I changed it up a bit and I hope everyone enjoyed. Please review.