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It was a quiet day. Way too quiet. Koji leaned back in his chair trying to think of the next chapter to his ongoing story. The past three days he'd been at a blank. It could have been because his kids have been out of the house a lot lately. Or the fact that it had been raining over the past few days, even the fact that he hadn't heard from either of his siblings for the past few days. Normally Kouichi would call because he was worried about Koji like the over-protective person he was. Or even Jenny, who would normally call about how much of a goof Takuya was being again. But nothing seemed to come up, and it was boring.

"Ugh I'd take the annoying yammering of Takuya over silence. Anything would beat the silence." Koji sighed, looking out the window near his office desk, he tried looking for anyone coming home, hopefully his three kids.

Nothing seemed to come up, so Koji decided to walk out of his semi-dark room and take a walk outside. Making sure his white long-sleeve dress shirt looked okay, and his black pants weren't dirty, he walked out of his house, and into the cool spring air.

"I might as well get some exercise today. I really have to start a kendo job on the side or something." Koji thought silently to himself.

Meanwhile Takuya was jogging through the park with his son, his little girl, and wife Jenny. It was his idea to jog in the park today, and so far they weren't enjoying it. His son wanted to play video games with his friends, and his daughter wanted to go shopping for clothes. But since today was the day Takuya finally decided to have his Family Fun Day, the four of them would have to deal with it.

"Dad why are we jogging? Couldn't we go biking or play some soccer instead? Even I could deal with that." His son wined, not wanting to be jogging in the first place.

"Or maybe we could have done something with the other members of the family. You know my brothers and their kids?" Jenny looked a little annoyed with Takuya.

"Huh since when did the twins get wives?" Takuya said jokingly with a big smile on his face.

"Oh don't look at me that way. I was kidding, besides you weren't being specific when you said we should have a family Fun Day, and I though Koji could use a little break. Doesn't he have like eight more chapters on his next book to do, as well as some other stuff? The last thing he needs is his family butting in." Takuya said sincerely, stopping at a bench after finishing his speech.

"Good we're finally stopping." His daughter said, falling on her knees afterward.

"Yeah I thought you guys deserved a break." Takuya smiled and looked at his kids.

His daughter was only about nine years old, but he could see much of Jenny's thirteen-year-old self in her. She had beautiful chocolate brown eyes and her short pony of black locks that could rival her mother's as well. Then he looked at his son, who was almost an exact clone of himself in looks and almost in personality. He even wore a similar pair of goggles as himself when he was his age. The only difference was that his eyes were more like his mother's. Smiling once more he ruffled the hair of both of his kids and looked at his wife.

"What ya say? How about we get these hard workers some ice-cream to cool down?" Takuya winked, and his children cheered happily.

"Alright Takuya but you're the one paying, after all your in charge of Family Fun Day." Jenny winked back and signaled for her kids to get ready.

"Awesome you're the greatest dad!" His son cheered.

"You know I am Akatsuki and Jin knows it too right Jin?" Takuya picked up his little girl up on his shoulders.

"Daddy!" Jin squealed, her brother and mother laughing.

"I won't let you down until you say the magic words," Takuya laughed.

"Daddy! Let me down." Jin said embarrassed.

"I thought the words were I'm the greatest dad and Phys Ed teacher in the World!" Takuya said hear tingly.

"Come on Mr. Phys Ed. Ms Teacher needs her daughter down. So her dad can take her out to ice cream." Jenny said smirking.

"Alright. Alright. But don't forget Akatsuki here. He deserves some too." Takuya said smirking as well, and putting his daughter down.

"Come on sis let's see if dad can catch up." Akatsuki began running with his sister to the ice cream parlor.

"Hey wait up!" Takuya said childishly and ran after his kids, Jenny slowly walking behind them laughing to herself.

While Takuya was running after his kids, three shadows under a tree were watching the man in the red T-shirt, brown vest and black sweats running like a little kid, and the women with long black hair tied back in a pony in brown sweats and also a red tee, who was his wife, walking behind him. Laughing the woman with brown mid-length hair, which was also tied in a short pony, looked at her husband who was just smiling. The little girl with blue hair like her father and eyes like her mother, was also smiling along with her father. Her hair was tied up in a similar fashion as her mother, wearing black capris, a black tee and a maroon vest over it.

"So daddy, I'm guessing he forgot about our visit this weekend didn't he?" The little girl looked at her dad.

" I guess Takuya did. Well he did say he wanted to spend more time with his kids." The man ran his fingers through his somewhat long blue hair.

"Tsuki I think he's right. Takuya was mentioning it a lot lately. He probably forgot to call it off." The woman said nonchalantly.

"Kassandra, don't say it so carelessly." The man looked at his wife, seriously.

"Sorry out habits die hard Kouichi-san." Kassandra hugged her husband.

"So I guess we can go visit my brother instead. After all we are near his neighborhood." Kouichi walked from under the tree and into the bright sunshine.

"Daddy you might want to call him first." Tsuki said sweetly.

"You read my mind." Kouichi smiled and took out his phone, but put it down when he saw someone not too far away.

"Hey Kouichi! What's up?" A woman with long blond hair that was tied up in Hightower pony, wearing a black jacket, black capris, and a blue tank.

"Hey Jen what's up?" Kouichi said while smiling.

"Nothing just taking the kids out for some fun while I have a break and so Koji can get his work done." Jen gave a thumbs up and smiled.

"So I'm guessing Koji's all alone at home?" Kassandra looked at Jen questioningly.

"Well that or he went out for a walk. Daddy tends to do that for some reason." A little boy with blue hair behind Jen spoke out.

"Oh Tenshi I didn't see you there you grew a lot since the last time I saw you." Kouichi smiled.

"Oh and Yami and Hikari are over there." Tenchi pointed over to the two girls on the nearby swings.

"So who is who today?" Kassandra asked curiously not being able to tell the two girls apart.

"Sorry. Yami is in the dark blue three-quarter shirt and black skinny jeans

, and Hikari is in the light blue jacket, and black shorts. Sorry about that. I forgot you haven't seen them in a while." Jen said sincerely.

"It's fine. My fault for not remembering who is who." Kassandra apologized, neither her nor her husband, or Jen noticing what Tsuki or the twins were doing.

While the adults continued their conversation, they could not hear the call that the three were hearing. It was a silent call for help. Even with his family Takuya couldn't hear the call that Akasuki heard. Three other children heard the call too. It was a call from a distant place. One they have never been. The only place their parents had been. A call from the Digital World.

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