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Jen walked home with her three friends in tow. She found out that Kari worked at the same school that Takuya, Jenny, and Ahiruworked at, as well as where her kids attended. Ken was spending the day hanging with his old friends while his wife took care of his kids. And Well TKjust finished another book of his. So basically Jen enjoyed catching up withher friends' lives as much as they did. So when she came home withher three old friends, one being an old crush, she didn't expect her husband to be dragging her into the kitchen with her newly purchased groceries.

"Koji I now the four of you are hungry but could you let me take off my shoes before pulling me like a rag doll." Jen said laughing a bit, not noticing the stern look on Koji's face.

"Jen we have a situation." Koji said sternly, glancing over to where Hikari and Yami were sitting in the living room.

"What's wrong Koji?" Jen said concerned.

"Yami and Hikari have..." Kojipaused for a moment and let the breath he was holding in out. "they have D-Tectors. And I think Ophanimon called them."

"Wh-hat! Really? H-how?" Jen stuttered, really unsure of what her husband was saying.

"Just wait…" Koji went and grabbed his daughters, and came back, saying sternly to them. "show her what we talked about."

"Umm okay" Both Hikari and Yami replied, showing their mother what they had.

Jen's eyes widened when she saw what her daughters were holding. In Yami's hand was a bluish-black D-Tector with a white grip, and in Hikari's was a light blue D-Tector witha blackish-purple grip. Jen stared in both awwand shock at what she was seeing. Her daughters were meant to go there. A place that she hadn't been to in a long time, and a place that she held a specialconnection with.

"Oh great. Here we go again." Jen shook her head and walked into the living-room where her guests were waiting.

"Hey Jen so what's the problem?" Ken asked Jen who looked really concerned.

"Umm well…" Jen smiled sheepishly. "the Digital World is in danger and needs my kids.

The three stared at her and tried to process what she was saying before they freaked out. "What!"

"Well it seems my kids need to help the Digital World out guys." Jen smiled uneasily again.

"So wait Jen what are you planning on doing?" Kari asked her friend concerned.

"Well I'm going to call my friends and my brother and see if they can come. Could you guys contact your team?" Jen asked Ken, TK, and Kari.

"Sure. I'll get right to it." Tk said, already having his mobile out.

"Yeah. Let me call Tai and Davis." Kari, said in response.

"Let me contact some of them too and they could be here soon." Ken also said, grabbing his phone out.

"Yami and Hikari watched as their mom and dad went and called up al of their friends. Both were worried about what was happening. Tenshi who was sitting on the stair listening to this wondered what this Digital World place was that his mother was talking about and waited for all of their friends to come.

"So when are they coming over?" Tenshi walked from the hallway and asked his sisters.

"Apparently after dinner." Hikari sighed, worried about what was happening.

"Yeah I don't get any of this. Mom and dad seem to know what's happening and so do her friends. Why aren't they telling us anything?" Yami said a little frustrated.

After about an hour and a half later, Takuya, Jenny, Zoey, JP, Tommy, Kouichi, Kassandra, Tai, Yolei, Matt, Cody, Mimi, Joe, Izzy, Davis, and Sora entered the household. The three children watched as their three cousins walked into the house afterward. Ahiru and Ryan didn't arrive because they were way too busy to come.

"So guys who are the lucky Saviors?" Tai asked Jen and Koji, concerned.

"Well.." Takuya started to talk, but was cut off by Akatsuki.

"Well what dad? What's going on here anyway?" He said with some fury in his voice.

"Yeah what is going on? I mean what do you mean about a digital World and Saviors?" Hikari asked next in a similar tone.

"I think that we should tell them. After all it would make more sense to." Izzy said next rubbing his head and taking out one of his laptops.

"This is a simple map of the digital world. A parallel universe from our which can be accessed through our computers." Izzy showed the teens the map on the screen.

"Okay so what is up with these things?" Yami held up her D-Tector.

"Well when we went to the Digital world we had little white devices called Digivices, then when Kari , TK, Davis, Yolei, Cody and Ken went they had D-3's a different version of ours, then when your mother and her friends went they got what you have, which are D-Tectors." Matt said to the group of four who were just trying to absorb all of the information.

"So do these D-Tectors hold something in them?" Tsukifinally spoke up, surprising everyone with the calm voice she had.

"Umm well.." JP tried talking but mumbles the answer he was going to give.

"Well we got spirits of Digimon, the creatures of that world, where the other groups had partners." Zoey answered Tsuki's question, but the girl still seemed unsatisfied.

"So what did these spirits do?" Tsuki asked them a little more concerned.

"We transformed into them to fight off the evil digimon." Tommy answered smiling a bit from all the memories that he had as Kumamon.

"Okay.. so we need to help this world? Why us? Why did they pick us?" Hikari asked the group looking cross.

"Well it's hard to say. It could be random or it could be something to do with what your family bloodline." Ken said to Hikari and looked at the four children. "Look Hikari, Yami, both of you are children of Light aligned warriors. Akasuki you are the child of the two warriors of Fire. And Tsukiis…" Pausing for a minute Ken took in a breath.

"The daughter of the warriors of darkness and Light." The four of them just stared blankly at ken not knowing why he paused in the first place.

"So what?" Yamiasked shrugging her shoulders. "What does Darkness have to do with anything?"

"Really you think her being the daughter of darkness is bad?" Akasuki said with a bit a anger in his voice, narrowing his eyes.

"Umm no I didn't mean it that way." Ken said apologetically.

"Umm normally people aligned Light and Fire we thought would be a bit weary of Darkness. That's all." TK said in Ken's defense.

"Besides we had trouble with darkness before." Kari said softly finishing his sentence.

"So darkness doesn't have to be evil if that's what you're thinking." Jin walked up from behind the grownups and stood next to her cousin.

"Yeah really what's the matter with darkness." Tenshi came up next and stood next to Yami.

"Well I don't have a problem with it because that's what my name means." Yami said next smirking.

"And Light is the opposite of darkness so why should I care." Hikari replied next.

The gangs were silent for a minute. The Frontier group smiled at the children's understanding and the other two were gaping. Normally people would not accept darkness at all and these children already accepted it. After a few minutes, the groups tried to decide what to do but their opinions were spilt.

"I say we talk to Ophanimon." Tai, Davis and Takuyasaid at once literally face to face with the lonewolves.

"I say we talk to Gennai!" Koji, Jen and Matt said to the goggleheads, almost as stubbornly as they did.

"Ophanimon!" The goggleheads shouted back.

"Gennai!" The lonewolves responded.

Meanwhile while the two groups were fighting, Izzy got out a second laptop and contacted both parties. No one is any of the groups wanted to hear the bickering going on. So to end the argument they started to contact both so there would be no longer a need to.

"Hey guys long time no see!" Gennai's image appeared on one of the screens.

"Hello children. It's so nice to see you again." Ophanimon's voice spoke sweetly through the computer her symbol appearing on the other screen.

"Alright so the problem we're having is what we should have the kids do." Joe said after filling both of them in on the situation, which they already seemed to now about.

"Well I can't say that is would be wrong for you to monitor them but bec areful this new threat can even harm the old Legendary Warriors."

"Wait old?" Kouichi asked a little confused. "Do you mean there are new ones?"

"Yes. There are many new spirits. The ones the kids have are: Hope, Life, Sun, and Moon. There are also a few other ones too. But I'll save that for a later date." Gennai said calmly.

"So I guess we'll have to go to the DigitalWorld with them." Sora said a bit concerned, but who are the new warriors I wonder"

"We really can't tell you at the moment. I'm afraid that the evil in this world might be listening. So, farwell my warriors." Ophanimon said goodbye, and her sign faded from the screen.

"Well i guess that is that. We might as well break them up." Sorasaid with a sigh still watching her husband fight.

"Guys it's been decided. We're going to the Digital World with the kids." Mimi said in her usual cheerful voice.

"What?" Both groups said in responce.

"Yeah we decided it's safer to monitor the kids there." Cody said next.

"Huh?" The groups said again.

"Tomorrow we'll meet and o to the DigitalWorld with the kids to see how bad it is and how we can help." Ken said in responce.

"That's right so tomorrow at Izzy's!" Mimi chimed agian with a smile and cheerful voice.

"Yeah. What? Wait! Why me!" Izzy exclaimed not sure when everyone said him.

"You know the most about the DigitalWorld, you have a lot of computers and you have a terminal always opened. DUH!" The three groups reponded and laughed when Izzy started blushing.

While the three groups were laughing the new group of Warriors were looking at each othwer. Uneasyness plagued their faces. Nonw of them wanted to disappoint their parents, but they didn't say a word. They just sat there without interrupting the current plans and events that would be happening the following day.

Meanwhile in a home somewhere in the city, a boy with oy hair gazed his brown eyes over the new devie thay was in his hands. He was excited at the adventure taht was in store for him. Hoping it would be fun and exciting. Smiling he tossed it on his side table waiting til tomorrow when it was going to begin.

In a house near Koji's, another boy was looking at a very similar device he was holding. His shaggy blond hair covered his brillientgreen eyes that seemed to be smiling along with him. He couldn'd wait fottomorrow. Soon he'd be having all sorts of adventures and who knew maybe a few new teammates along with it. Laying on his bed he closed his eyes and waited for the day to come.

And in a house near Kouichi's a boy with short black hair looked at the device that was on his desk for the tenth time today. It was only a few hours ago when it was a cellphone and when he got the call. His hazel eyes just stared at it. It would be the source for new things entering his life. He just knew it. Restlessly he fell onto his futon and waited. It was all he could do, until tomorrow.

While all of this was happening, a eeiry feeling swept over the city. It was watching and waiting, just as the others were. It silently laughed as the fools of this world went on with their lives. Not knowing what or when the evil that it intended will happen. As it disappeared it looked one more time at the new enemies it was about to face.

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