Chapter 18- Epilogue

Three months later...

The back porch swing swang with the wind, rocking me back and forth while I watched the pack members in the backyard of Billy's house. It was amazing how relaxed everyone was with what happened a few months ago. My eyes focused on the two young wolves fighting over the last sausage on the BQQ to only have Paul take it while the two were arguing. Will and Collin had recovered from their injures in only a couple of days, Collin had us worried for moment when his mind still wouldn't come out of its safe haven. The idea of losing him after Brady took a slight impact with the Pack, losing one Brother was enough.

Brady, that hole will never be filled in the Pack. We were worried about Collin when he woke up and found out about Brady, we thought their close bond would be a problem for Collin to move on. No doubt it did, but he hid it well, spending his time with Will and staying at our house for long period of days. The only time we had seen Collin break down was at Brady's funeral, the whole pack was in a damp mood. There was one other person that had it harder than Collin, Amanda.

It took me a few days to get the courage to confront her. The reminder on her tearful face and the sound of her heart speeding at an amazing speed was horrid. No one saw her at school for a couple of days, slowly she came back out.

I couldn't understand the emotion she was going through until Collin mention they had imprinted. It torn my heart to pieces at the thought of her pain. She has a rough idea of what had happened between Brady and her, but not the major part about shifting. I asked Collin why Brady hadn't told the pack about his imprinting, his reply was there was already so much happening and didn't want to bring Amanda in situation, putting her in dangers way.

Of course, the pack welcomed her into the group, telling her small parts about us and helping her along the way. We thought Brady would have been proud at us for that. There became a trio, Amanda, Collin and Will. Amanda had a connection with Brady, his other half, bring peace to the two boys knowing they had some part of Brady with them. Not to mention they were overprotective of her, taking care of Brady's girl.

I made sure that I visited Charlie and Brady graves every weekend, putting a flower on each of their graves, wishing them a happy day or talking to them about non-sense.

Nathan and his pack went back home when they became finally rested and healed. Cora said good bye to her brother and thanked him. Jake did the same, saying we were in debt to them.

Everyone slowly rebuild, growing stronger and closer to each other after the fight, which brought me back to the present.

Emily's cheerful voice called out to me. "Bella, come on." Emily climbed the stairs holding her hand out while her other one was placed on the small bump on her stomach. "We have a baby shower to organize." The brightness within her beamed as she spoke about her coming baby, she had finally share the news with everyone. Like Brady's reasons for not telling anymore, Emily was the same, wanting Paul to have a clear mind while being in battle. Paul of course didn't see it that way and overreacted for a few minutes about her secret keeping before the news hit him, he was soon laughing with tears and showering Emily with kisses in happiness.

"I'm coming." I couldn't help but laugh at her excitement and slowly raised from the swing to follow Emily into Billy's kitchen, listening to the guys watching the TV in the lounge room. I sat down on one of the wooden chairs and took a deep breath, waiting for her to explode on me.

"Which one?" She held a booklet in front of me with different colour packets with different products in them. I shrugged my shoulders, looking confused. "Come on Bella, you have to choose one for your own baby." A spark of warmth swam through me at the thought of my own child, one made from Sam and me. I looked into the lounge room at the guys watching baseball and studied my Sam, I could see the same pride in him as I felt inside of me.

"I think the yellow one." I finally said to Emily.

"But it's so pale, you can't have yellow. The colours for sick people, old person not babies." I rolled my eyes at Emily's whining voice, and smiled.

Yellow is a fantastic colour.
My mother painted the kitchen cabinets yellow.