Fourth fanfic here! It's a slow start, but it gets better. I promise! I really hope that you guys keep up with it! :D Enjoy!

Chapter One: Lemonade

I bet none of you have heard of Super Smash Academy. Well, it's my high school. Actually, I wouldn't exactly call it a high school. It's a 'boarding school' that I got a scholarship to, and I didn't even know what I was doing when I got myself into it. If you ever get a letter asking you to attend Super Smash Academy, trash the letter and forget you ever heard that name. Just forget it. It seems super cool at first, with the costumes and awesome classes and stuff, but you'll see what I mean after the first fight you do. That's right, you heard me: fight.

I'll explain everything in the following story. This is the story of how I, Mia Mendez, learned how to fight my way through high school… literally.

"Get to sleep, Mia. You have tennis practice tomorrow morning." My mom calls from the kitchen. I'm sitting in the living room, watching T.V and looking at stuff on my laptop.

"Of course," I roll my eyes. "Like I don't play enough tennis the rest of the week."

Actually, I play a lot of tennis. I play every single day, at least an hour, especially in the summer. Well, would you look at that? It's summer! Whoa! Anyway, I guess all of the practice pays off. When you're the best tennis player in Southwest America, practice doesn't really faze you anymore.

"Mia, just go brush your teeth. I don't want you to be tired for your practice." My mother persists.

"Fine, fine, I'm going," I sigh, shutting my laptop and heading upstairs to bed. I'm already in my pajamas, some polka dot short-shorts and a silk cami. I stop by in the kitchen to say goodnight.

"Good night, sweetheart." Mom kisses my cheek, and I kiss her back.

"Night, Mom." I walk up the twirling staircase, laptop in hand. Inside my room, I tie my wavy brown hair into a messy ponytail and flop onto my large, king-size bed. Then, I pull out my iPhone to check my messages. I bite my lip excitedly when I see that I have a new message. And it happens to be from my oh-so-hot, oh-so-sweet boyfriend, Louie.

Louie: hey babe

Me: Hi Louie wassup?

Louie: just thinkin bout u

Me: Ur the best

Louie: we still on 4 the concert 2mrw nite?

Me: Of course! Wouldn't miss it for the world :)

Louie: u r my world

Me: Shut up! : P don't act fluffy 3

Louie: Sry u no I love u

Me: I love you too

Louie: nite babe see u

Me: Night Louie ;)

I hug the phone to my chest, blushing at the thought of him. Louie's like the hottest guy in school, and he also happens to be the sweetest and the smartest. He's the football star of the school, the quarterback, of course. As a sophomore, he led our team to states. We lost, but still. He's considered a hero, especially to me.

I flip onto my back, staring up at the ceiling as the pillows swallow me. Suddenly, all I can think about is the concert I'm going to tomorrow night with Louie, my best friends Abby and Hanna, and their boyfriends, Blake and Dane. It's an outdoor, summer concert in the park. I can't get it off of my mind.

I start to doze off, still staring at the ceiling. Everything is perfectly silent, and it seems perfect. My life seems perfect. I have a great boyfriend and great friends, I'm a straight A honors student (taking six AP classes my junior year… I know. Crazy), I'm first singles on the tennis team, my parents are rich, and I live in a mansion on a cliff by the sea. I have everything I could ever ask for…

Suddenly, there's a tap on my window. It brings me back to reality, and I jolt up in bed.

"What the…?" I scratch my head and look at the window. There's nothing there. I sigh heavily and roll my chocolate brown eyes, near falling asleep. "Probably a stupid bird or something—"

Then, a face pops up in the window.

"AHH!" I scream at the top of my lungs and grab the nearest pillow. I hug it close to me, my eyes wide. My heart is freaking pounding. "Holy crap!" This little pink thing suddenly appears at my window, and it's puffing itself out and floating… in midair. It has large, red, oval-shaped feet and gigantic blue eyes. It's completely pink, with stubby arms.

Its cheeks are puffed out, as if it's holding its breath. Small dots of red blush dot its cheeks. It's adorable, but I'm still scared half to death. Then, the small thing stands on my windowsill. Without warning, it pulls a hammer out of nowhere.

"What the hell?" I cry. "I'm dreaming…"

My eyes widen, and the small pink ball swings the hammer. My window shatters into a million pieces, glass scattering all over my bedroom floor. The pink thing steps forward, and I suck in a breath. It tucks the hammer into some hidden back pocket.

"Stay… back…" I warn, reaching my hands out to indicate my boundaries. I don't even know what the hell this thing is, and now it's breaking into my house!

The creature ignores me, and it hops onto the ground.

"AH!" I scream again, scooting back as it moves forward. But I have to admit this pink thing is pretty damn cute. Still, I feel like I'm about to jump out of my skin, and I can feel myself shaking. Wow, what a trooper. Way to be scared of a little pink ball. Then again, it does have a big disappearing hammer.

It doesn't say anything, but takes another step forward. Now, I'm holding my breath. I lose sight of it when it walks up to the bed, and then there's silence.

"Stay away…" I use what little courage I have to put down the pillow and lay on my stomach. My feet hang off the edge of the bed as I scoot forward, trying to get a good look at where the little guy is.

"Mia Mendez?" The thing suddenly hops onto my bed, scaring the living crap out of me.

"HOLY SH—" I shriek and, being the coordinated person that I am, I tumble off of the back of the bed right onto my head. When it comes to tennis, I'm the farthest thing from a klutz. Off the court, though, that's a different story. "Ow," I rub my head as I try to get myself out of my awkward position. Eventually, I just fall flat on my bedroom floor.

"Mia Mendez?" I hear the creature's high, squeaky voice say my name again. I groan in response, but stand on my knees. Then, I peek over the bed. There it is.

"H-how do you know my name?" I stutter, realizing that I look like a complete mess. My eyes are wide and bloodshot, my messy ponytail is beyond messy now, and I'm as pale as a ghost.

"My name is Kirby, official messenger of Super Smash Academy!" Kirby smiles, waving one of his stubby little pink arms.

"Official messenger of what?" I raise an eyebrow, completely perplexed.

"Super Smash Academy, silly! You are Mia Mendez, right?" Gosh, Kirby is so adorable, I can't help but reveal myself.

"Yes, that's me," I reply hesitantly, swallowing back another scream.

"Great! Nice to meet you, Mia," Kirby closes his huge blue eyes and waves. "I have a letter for you, from Master Hand,"

"Um…" I bite my lip to keep myself from asking any more questions. My instincts tell me to shut up unless I want to be clobbered with a big wooden hammer. Then, out of nowhere, a white envelope appears in Kirby's hand.

"Here you go!" he smiles, handing me the letter. When I reach out to take it, I realize that I'm shaking and I have goose bumps. "Aw, don't be scared!"

"Why are you here?" I ask.

"Read the letter and you'll find out!" Kirby turns around and waddles back to the shattered windowsill. "Sorry about your window," he laughs apologetically. "I really hope that you decide to come!"

Before I can say another word, Kirby hops off of the window.

"No!" I say worriedly. He's too cute to get hurt. But then, I see him floating off, all inflated and stuff. Soon enough, I can't even see him. "What in the world?" I look at the letter in my hands, starting to calm down.

Mia Mendez

La Jolla, California

The letter's addressed to me, but there's not even an address. It just says my city, La Jolla. How on earth did Kirby know where I live? And what is he?

"Whoa," I put a hand to my head, trying to stop the spinning. Then, with trembling fingers, I rip open the letter.

Dear Mia,

We are sorry for any damage or intrusions we have caused. Kirby can sometimes get carried away with his deliveries. This letter comes to you on behalf of the students and staff of Super Smash Academy, a prestigious boarding school located in San Diego, California. We have a very special program here, and we are looking for special children to attend school here. We've been scouring California for the perfect person, and we happened to fall upon your records.

We understand that you are a phenomenal tennis player, an exceptional student academically, and a charming young lady. Please accept our invitation for you to join the student body here at Super Smash Academy. We are offering you a full scholarship, and you would be truly valued here. You're just the person we've been looking for, and we would love for you to be a part of our nationally acclaimed student body and prestigious school program. Think about it.

Once you have come up with an answer, please send a letter to this address: 6867 Super Smash Avenue, San Diego, California. We will send you more information, but please send a reply A.S.A.P. We appreciate your time, and again, sorry about Kirby.


Headmaster Hand

"No way," I say to myself, a smile spreading on my face. "This cannot be happening."

Excitement spreading through my body, I chuckle to myself and reread the letter at least five times. That's how pumped I am.

Okay, I have to go talk to Mom and Dad about this like, now! I think, jumping off of my bed and rushing to the door. I'll just tell them that I got this in the mail this morning. I glance back at my broken window. They don't need to know about broken windows or pink things named Kirby.

"Mia! You idiot!" Abby screams at me. "You can't go!"

"Why not?"

"Well," Abby pouts, crossing her arms across her chest. Me, Abby, and Hanna are all sitting in my room, doing each other's nails. We're having our last sleepover until I leave for Super Smash Academy. "We don't want you to go."

"Abby! We've gone through this already," I roll my eyes as she expertly draws black stripes on my pink nails.

"Mia, come on. Just listen to us! Why the hell would you want to go to a stinky boarding school anyway?" Hanna agrees, flipping her golden hair.

"It'll be like a new adventure!" I reply, hopping excitedly.

"Stop moving, bitch," Abby grumbles.

"I love you, too, Abs."

"Mia! We will miss you too much," Hanna cries.

"Guys, I'll miss you, too! Really, I will." I comfort. "But this is such a great opportunity for me!"

"Why do you need an opportunity?" Abby screams. "What's the logic in that? You're the most popular girl at school, you're gorgeous, you're a freaking genius, you have an insanely hot and awesome boyfriend, you're a sick tennis player, and you're rich. Rich, Mia!"

"Life is getting too simple. I guess having everything I want isn't what I want. Maybe I want to complicate things just for the fun of it," I shrug.

"That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard." Hanna sticks her tongue out at me.

"Well," I pause, thinking of a comeback. "Poo you."

"Wow, Mia."

"Guys, seriously! Do you even realize how cool this is?" I begin, smiling broadly. "For orientation, I'm getting picked up in a limo. A limo!"

"We know what a limo is," Abby rolls her eyes.

"Think about Louie! You're breaking the poor guy's heart." Hanna adds.

"If he really loves me, he'll want me to do this. Plus, there's texting and letters! Our relationship will be fine!" I argue.

"What if there's a really hot guy there who just happens to like you?"

"Well, too bad for him, because I'm completely in love with Louie."

"Whatever, Mia. Whatever." Both of them huff and look away. I sigh heavily, wishing that they were more supportive. But oh well. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Life just sent me the biggest lemon ever, so I'm for sure going to make some pretty sweet lemonade, whether Abby and Hanna like it or not.

Hope you guys enjoyed it! I really enjoyed writing it. Next chapter is when the action picks up, trust me ;) any suggestions and encouragement would be appreciated :D Thanks guys!