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Chapter Four: The Training Begins

"Excuse me?" I stare at them, dumbfounded. They're just looking at me with sympathetic expressions. I honestly don't know what's going on. "A fighting academy?"

"Yeah. People come here to learn how to beat each other up," Marth says nonchalantly. I widen my eyes, taken aback by his response. I've never even hurt a fly!

"That was a harsh way to put it," Pit mutters under his breath, twirling his two-ended sword. I don't think they realize that I'm barely processing their words.

"I've never fought before!" I cry, throwing up my arms helplessly.

"Then what the hell are you doing here?" Marth furrows his brow. As my face falls, they all shoot Marth angry glares, and Ike elbows him.

"To be honest," I reply, as Marth shrugs innocently. "I don't know what I'm doing here. I just thought coming to boarding school would be fun…" By now, my heart is thudding heavily in my chest, and I can't believe what I'm hearing.

"So you have no weapons," Samus begins.

"No fighting skill," Ike adds,

"And you just got your ass kicked," Marth finishes. I nod hesitantly, shuffling my feet and staring at the ground anxiously. They all look at each with worried expressions. "Dude, you're totally screwed."

"Well, doesn't this place teach all that stuff?" I inquire, unnecessarily optimistic. I already know that Marth's words are completely and utterly true.

"Yeah, but not at a beginner's level!" Ike answers, shrugging apologetically. Even in the current, dire crisis I'm in, his voice gives me chills.

"Come on, guys" Link chimes in. "We should be helping her, not discouraging her!" He looks at me with glistening eyes, smiling reassuringly. I grin back gratefully, blushing slightly.

"Link's right!" Pit agrees, nodding and fanning out his wings. "We should help!"

"Here's a helpful tip, then," Samus begins. "Try not to get your ass kicked."

"Too late for that," Marth clears his throat, and I sigh. Right as those words leave his lips, I hear a strange noise behind me. Samus grabs my arm and pulls me away from the cylinder, and after a few moments of silence, it opens. The small man with the bushy mustache comes flying out, face planting in the dirt. I gasp, but everyone else stifles their laughter. People sure are sympathetic around here.

"Well…" Link scratches the back of his neck. "I guess Zelda passed evaluation with flying colors."

As if on cue, the cylinder opens again, and Zelda gracefully strides with her head held high. Curiously, I look to the label on top of the cylinder: "Eldin Bridge." While Pit helps the man to his feet, Zelda glares at me and walks straight to Link. As she kisses him, everyone else gags in disgust.

"Come on! Do you really have to do that?" Ike playfully covers his dark blue eyes. In response, Zelda shoots me another death stare, and I anxiously look away and take a step back. Link is just watching with a coy smile.

"Mia," Pit just rolls his eyes at his friends' behavior, and turns to me. "This is Mario,"

"Nice to meet you," I nod at the short little man, and he smiles brightly. "Likewise," I've never even heard a girl with a voice that high, and I have some trouble suppressing my rude laughter. "I'm going to now. Luigi's waiting for me," Mario says, and then waves before walking away.

"Luigi…?" I begin.

"His brother," they all reply in unison. I nod in understanding, but after a moment of passivity, I start getting frantic again.

"So…" I sigh. "What am I supposed to do now? Do I go home, or…?"

"Hell, no!" Samus smiles widely, putting her gloved hand on my shoulder. "We're going to teach you."

"Yeah!" Pit agrees enthusiastically, hovering in the air.

"Yeah—wait, what?" Marth raises his eyebrows, but Ike elbows him again subtly.

"Of course we'll help," he adds with a sweet smile. After sometime with blank complexion, my cheeks finally turn red. I thought only Louie had that power, but I guess Ike is an exception.

"For sure!" Link nods, while Zelda silently clings to his arm. When she doesn't say anything, everybody—even Marth—glares at her.

"Fine," she scoffs with a roll of her gorgeous eyes. "I suppose I can help."

"That's my girl," Link teases, kissing her cheek lightly.

I start getting a warm, fuzzy feeling inside, and I smile dumbly. These people, who I haven't even known for an entire day, are offering to help me when I truly need it most.

"Guys, I don't know what to say!" I gasp. They all grin at me. "Thanks,"

"Anytime, new girl," Samus winks, brushing her blonde bangs of her forehead.

"I think it'll be sort of fun helping!" Peach giggles, clapping her hands together.

"Uh-oh, Ganondork alert," Marth whispers frantically, and we all whirl around to see our Vice Principal striding toward us, puffing his chest out. Ike makes a gagging face, and Link and Zelda both become incredibly tense.

"I see the battle is over," Ganondorf sighs, his beady eyes falling on me. "I take it Zelda was the winner?"

"Yes," I stutter, stepping forward. "Uh, sir, I wasn't aware that this was a fighting academy."

"Oh. I see," Ganondorf glares down at me, scratching his chin pensively. "I suppose we could—"

"We'll help her," someone steps up behind me, grabbing my arm. From the chills I get, I'm guessing it's Ike. "We'll take her through training and everything, sir."

"Fine," Ganondorf sighs. "Ike, you can be in charge of her from now on. Make sure she doesn't…" Ganondorf's voice trails off for a moment. "…die."

"Uh," Ike and I look at each other worriedly, and he shrugs discreetly at me. "Yes, sir?"

"Very good. Start tomorrow morning with the stations," the Vice Principal orders, and then turns on his heels. "Oh, and by the way, I've already placed you in advanced level, Zelda."

While he walks away, Zelda gasps in delight, and a large smile appears on her lovely face.

"A-advanced?" she cries, overwhelmed with happiness. Even though she hasn't really been welcoming (she was at the beginning…), I still find myself feeling happy for her.

"Zelda, congrats!" Link exclaims, lifting her and twirling around. They kiss passionately, and I can't help but look away. It reminds me of Louie.

"Finally, I can be with the rest of you!" she continues excitedly.

"It's about time," Marth rolls his eyes, but it's playful. Samus glances at me, and notices my perplexed expression.

"Last year, we were all in advanced level except for Zelda," she explains, and then shrugs with a grin. "But she deserves this." I nod understandingly, but then I turn to Ike. He's smiling as he watches everything unfold. Just looking at him makes my skin feel hot.

"Hey," I say, grabbing his attention. "Thanks for that."

"Don't worry about it, Mia," he gives me a sweet, mesmerizing smile. My name sounds so smooth rolling off his tongue.

"So, what's all this training stuff?" I ask. He narrows his eyes mischievously.

"I guess you'll just find out tomorrow morning," Ike winks. I sigh. He's definitely hotter than any guy at my old school. Plus, he has a sword. Not many guys have swords.

"Hey, c'mon," Samus nudges me. "Why don't we give you a tour?"

"Sounds good," I agree, joy filling me up. Maybe this won't be as bad as I thought…

I'm not going to go into detail about sleeping that night. Let's just say it was… 'awkward,' what with Zelda hating me and all. I'm still trying to figure out why she doesn't like me as I walk to the cafeteria with Samus and Pit. They've been by far the most welcoming, though they're not similar at all. Pit is cute, sweet, always optimistic, energetic, and constantly smiling. Samus is more blunt, and honest; she says it how it is, and she's not afraid to hurt someone's feelings. But at the same time, she's super nice.

"What are you wearing?" Samus snorts when I walk out of my dorm. Zelda has already gone down, with Link. But Samus and I agreed to meet outside my dorm, and then we'll meet Pit on the way.

"What?" I pout, looking down at my outfit. I'm wearing a short black and white Nike tennis skirt with a pink top. My straightened hair falls down my tan back, and I'm wearing some sneakers. "It's my most comfortable tennis outfit!"

"We're not going to play tennis," Samus says sarcastically as we walk down the hall.

"I didn't know this was a fighting academy! I don't have any 'training' clothes!" I defend. Samus nods.

"Fair enough," she looks over me one last time, and then smirks. "Ike will definitely like that," she mutters under her breath, so I can barely hear.


"Oh, nothing," she looks away innocently, but I just roll my eyes.

In the large, incredible cafeteria for breakfast, we sit with Link and Zelda and the rest of them. I have a hard time ignoring her death stares, though. They look so… evil. I quietly eat my French toast, and now I'm starting to get nervous about training—whatever that means. Everybody else seems lighthearted, and I'm sitting there flipping out.

"Are you okay?" Pit asks, concern in his voice. I nod uncertainly, clearing my throat.

"Y-yes," I lie.

"New girl's probably nervous for training," Samus chuckles, patting my back jokingly. I cough, laughing uneasily.

"Well, I would be too, if I were her," Zelda cuts in, rolling her eyes. I blush in embarrassment, looking down as Link shoots her an angry glare.

"Don't worry about Zelda," Samus whispers, taking a bite of her waffle. "She's actually really cool! But she's just pissed because Link totally digs you."

"No, he doesn't," I scoff, and then discreetly look at Link. Oh, crap, he's looking at me. This can't be good.

"Yeah, right," Samus rolls her eyes but drops the subject.

In the back of my mind, I sort of get scared. If Link really is into me, then Zelda will kill me in my sleep… literally. And then there's Louie for that matter.

"Well, are you guys ready to get started?" Ike stands up at the other end of the table. "Today is when all of the instructors determine our status, so we have all day to train."

He rubs his hands together mischievously, and then looks at me. Would you look at that: I get even more chills.

"Let's get started."

In ten minutes, all of us are standing in a single file line in a vast, open field dotted with different training stations. Ike is pacing in front of us, giving off a playful sense of authority.

"So, Lord Ganondork has put me in charge today," he says loudly, twirling around to face us. I almost laugh out loud when I see the clipboard in his hands. "So, we're going to train Mia." I smile uncertainly as all eyes turn to me.

"Everybody, go to your stations," Ike orders loudly, and then everybody but me scatters, running across the field to their stations. They're all laughing, and even Ike is chuckling quietly. "All right, Mia, let's start with…" he pauses, looking over his clipboard. "Speed, with Marth."

"Okay," I follow Ike to where Marth is standing. I'm not too nervous; I'm pretty fast, I guess.

"Welcome to my speed station!" he cries. "I'm one of the fastest brawlers here! So, I'm going have you start easy: you'll be racing Ike, first."

"Dude, I'm not that slow," Ike argues, taking off his sword as I tie up my hair.

"Yeah you are, buddy," Marth sighs, and we line up. "Just run to that cone and back," he explains, and we ready ourselves. "GO!"

With a burst of adrenaline, we spring into action. I feel like I'm flying as I easily sprint ahead of Ike, gracefully bounding toward the cone.

"Not bad, not bad at all," Marth nods approvingly when I get back. Ike hasn't even reached the cone.

"Good…" he pants, jogging up to us after a few moments. "Job…Mia…"

"Thanks!" I haven't even broken a sweat, and I smile sweetly right as Ike collapses, breathing heavily in the grass. "Tennis conditioning," I shrug.

"Let's just see how far that gets you," Marth says sneakily. "You race me now." I nod, and I line up beside him, getting in position.

"Ready, set…" Ike gasps, still sprawled in the grass. "Go." His voice cracks.

The butterflies in my stomach take off right when I do, and I feel unbelievably exhilarated as I run beside Marth. We are neck and neck, and just like all those tennis practices, I force myself to go harder. With some difficulty, I get past Marth. But by the time I reach the orange cone, my legs are burning and my lungs are crying out for relief… but I don't stop. Actually, I go even faster.

"Oh, my gosh!" Ike exclaims as I rush past him, slowing to a stop. A few moments later, Marth follows, and we stand in the grass beside each other. Both of us are panting and leaning on our knees with beet red faces. "Mia, you just beat Marth! He's like the fastest one here! Nobody's done that before!"

"I…guess…you…did…" Marth chuckles, almost in disbelief. "You know, you're not half bad, Mia," he pats my shoulder.

"Thanks," I grin. Ike is still in awe.

"Okay then," he sighs, looking at the clipboard." Very…fast," he says, writing. "Great! I don't think you need anymore training with speed. Let's move on."

I nod, smiling one last time at Marth before following Ike to the next station. He's shaking his head, sighing heavily.

"You're so fast," he gasps.

"I try my best," I shrug modestly.

"All right, next is archery with Link!" Ike takes a look at his clipboard. "Let's see how good you are with a bow and arrow."

"Trust me, it's not good," I admit, and memories of the archery we did in gym class rush back to me. This isn't going to be a pretty scene.

"Hey, Link! It's your turn, bud," Ike greets as we walk up to Link, who's standing with a bow in his hand. A few meters away are a line of targets.

"Welcome, Mia," he nods with a friendly grin. "I guess we're going to test your archery skills here."

"I don't have any."

"Well then, let me do a tutorial first," Link says, and then pulls a pointy arrow from the quiver on his back. As he knocks it, Ike leans over to me.

"Link is the best archer I've ever seen. He never misses," he whispers. I narrow my eyes as I watch him, and he closes one eye. Before I can even blink, he lets the arrow fly. I gasp in awe as it lands right on the small red dot in the very center of the target.

"Whoa," is all I can manage.

"Come try it! Who knows? Maybe you have natural talent?" Link motions for me to come beside him, and I do so with slight hesitancy. "Don't be shy, Mia!"

I self-consciously pull down my skirt as I stand beside him, looking around to make sure Zelda isn't watching. Still giving me that adorable, extremely hot smile, Link hands me the bow. I hold it, but it feels so wrong in my hands.

"Knock this arrow," he hands me one, and I stare at it dumbly for a few seconds.

"Um... okay," I try to remember all that useless stuff they taught us in gym class. I somehow manage to get the arrow knocked, but then, I'm lost, and Link notices.

"Here," he steps up behind me, putting his gentle, gloved hands at my elbows. Then he lifts my arms, guiding me into position. "Now pull back the string, all the way to your ear. If it's too hard for you to pull, I can—"

The string's not too hard, because I pull it all the way to my ear without much trouble. But now it's the hard part.

"Okay, you're stronger than I expected," Link chuckles, but his hands are still at my elbows. "But now let's see how your aim is. Just close your left eye, aim, and let go."

With a nod, he takes a slight step back. But it's too late by then; my cheeks are already bright red and my skin is boiling. He's just so hot... Now that I think about, all of the guys here that are my age are pretty freaking sexy.

Okay, Mia, I tell myself, taking a deep breath. Close your left eye, aim, and then—

Crap. When I let go of the string, the arrow flies all right. But it's so high and inaccurate that it flies straight over the line of targets, and I have to admit, it flies pretty damn far.

"Holy sh—!" Marth cries, leaping out of the way of the flying arrow. It catches his cape, pinning it to the ground. His face becomes pale white, and he's breathing heavily as he stares at us with wide eyes. Link flinches, and Ike stifles laughter as I gasp in horror.

"S-sorry Marth!" I call, cupping my hand around my mouth.

Silently, Marth swallows and then plucks the arrow from the ground and his blue cape. Then he stands up shakily, walking toward us, looking like a ghost. He silently hands the arrow to Link, who's anxiously awaiting Marth's response.

"Don't let her do archery, if it's the last thing you do," Marth shakes his head. Then, he gives me one last frightened glance before turning around and walking back to his little racetrack.

"Okay," Ike clicks his tongue, and begins scribbling on his little clipboard. "Archery isn't for you, then."

"Good try, though," Link reassures, putting his hand on my shoulder.

"Thanks..." I reply, feeling immensely guilty. My brown eyes meet his large, blue ones for a few second, and my stomach turns uncomfortably. Whoa, he has some killer eyes.

"Anyway, let's keep going!" Ike interrupts us, and we turn to him. "Next on the list: magic, with Zelda!"

I widen my eyes slightly, and draw in a breath. Link and Ike both notice my slightly terrified expression. Ike just shrugs apologetically, and begins leading the way.

"Good luck, Mia," Link warns. "She's a jealous one,"

"Thanks, Link," I smile before turning and following the hottie with the red cape.

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