AN: This is my first time in this fandom, and my very first drabble. It's kinda sick and depressing, but the first line and the last scene were in my head when I woke up today, so I had to get it out.

For 53 minutes 19 seconds Vongola Decimo disappeared.

Rain and Sun tried to keep Storm at bay. But the Storm Guardian raged on; blaming himself for letting the teenage don go without him, cursing whoever had him and whoever failed.

The arcobaleno stepped in the room as the sound wave hit. Rushing into the yard, they gasped at the pillar of smoke and flames.

At the docks they found him lying in the center of the ashes. As Yamamoto wrapped Tsuna in a blanket, Gokudera was glad someone could keep their head.

Thank god they only got his jeans off.