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Prologue: Broken

Toby hated walking home.

Especially at night.

The leaves crunched evenly as his converse fell upon them without mercy, the gravel of the road adding to his footsteps. Wind nipped gently at his t-shirt, which was a dark shade of green, and his baggy jeans swayed at his ankles. The teenage boy stuffed his hands inside his pockets, focusing on just where he was walking. He definitely wasn't keen on twisting his ankle if he accidentally tripped over a hidden hole, judging by his unbalanced motions. He was no acrobat, and it showed vividly. Houses stared back at him, most of their lights off except an occasional bedroom light remaining. Why would anyone be up in three in the morning anyway?

The only reason why Toby was up because after he and his girlfriend, Jen, got drunk at a party, they decided to have a bit of fun back at her house. Sadly, when Jen was drunk, she was never satisfied, nor was she ever showing anything other than grumpiness. So when Toby failed to "satisfy" her in a few ways, she told him to go home, thus explains why he was venturing through the neighborhood at this late hour.

His manhood, which he liked to call "Tj", was throbbing in need of release. He frowned. Oh sure Jen got to have a release, yet she kicked him out with a boner. That's just the worst thing you could do to a male teenager!

Frustration clouded his mind, combined with dissatisfaction and distress. He desperately needed some kind of friction, for his once baggy jeans were now getting too tight for comfort. He grumbled bitterly under his breath, and continued his trek to his house, which was about five blocks away from Jen's. It was actually getting to the point where it was beginning to hurt, his member was throbbing so intensely. He muttered a curse word as he took a look around, making sure he was alone in the middle of the street.

The only companion he had with him was the moon shining brightly above him, watching him lifelessly.

Toby shook his head, the hairs on his arms rising as the eerie thought crept into his mind. He felt like someone was…watching him. He just didn't know who. He lowered his head, his emerald eyes watching the sidewalk move along ahead of him as he, practically, had to waddle like a duck. His cheeks reddened. That bitch and I are over. How could she do this to me? I spent a fucking hour focusing on her, yet here I am, alone and outside with someone fucking following me!

He cursed the luck he never had, and his eyes rose to survey his surroundings once more, stopping in mid-step. A lonesome tree loomed over him, casting multiple shadows over his body, shielding him from the moons light. Houses dotted along both sides of the road, tightly compacted close together. Trash cans lined against the road, waiting for the trash man to retrieve them in the early morning. He turned to look over his shoulder, thankful to see there was nothing but more houses meeting his cautious eyes.

His eyes drifted to the right, and he hatched an idea. The deserted house stared back at him, the windows crashed from teenager's and their dares, the grass overgrowing over the sidewalk, and the roof crumbling apart. His member throbbed in agreement, and he grinned to himself. He knew what house that was. That was that girl's house, the one that helped Michael Myers out two years before. The family that once owned it moved out a year ago, disgusted with who lived in it before. So basically, there was nobody inside. And that was convenient for Toby, because that was what he was currently looking for.

He knew not to even step closer to the Myer's house, because everyone knew he was still out there. Sure the girl was known to have escaped from an asylum, but she was never heard of again.

He checked around him once more, stepping lightly onto the unhealthy grass. Nobody was there, but him and the house. Being in his still drunk state, Toby wobbled hurriedly up the front steps, climbing carefully through a broken window. He barely passed a sharp dagger of the window, sighing in relief as his feet finally touched the floor.

The house was bare. No furniture, decorations, or sign of human life. Except maybe the cobwebs lingering on the walls, or the bugs crawling across the floor. Toby tip-toed further into the house, his eyes raking through the surrounding darkness pooling before him. He searched for an isolated room, finding one lacking a window to the outside. Smiling mischievously, Toby practically jogged to the corner of the square-like room, unbuttoning his jeans with shaky hands.

He needed to do this fast.

His boxers soon followed, his hand immediately wrapping around his pulsing member. He groaned right when he made contact with it, his "Tj" twitching upwards into his palm, welcoming it with open arms. Toby closed his eyes as he began pumping himself, his breathing quickening as pleasure increased within his perverted mind.

He was getting sloppier by the time sweat formed on his forehead, his hand becoming rougher on his member. Forgetting where he was, Toby let out a loud grunt, echoing throughout the dormant house, punching his hand violently against the wall. He imagined Jen lying before him, wearing that lacy, pink bra she wore for him from their previous events. A dab of sweat escaladed past his cheeks, falling softly onto his shirt as the sound of him pumping his private spot was heard from the room.

He was never fast when it came to orgasms. He was normally second to follow the girl, since it took him awhile to focus on the task on hand. The slowness was ticking by, and Toby made sure to focus hard as he involuntarily jerked his hips into his hand, his palm tightening even more around his "breathing" member. He muttered useless things under his breath, aching for sweet release.

"Need some help with that?"

He nearly jumped out of his skin as a voice sounded from the doorway. Eyes wide, Toby craned his neck to see a figure in all black staring back at him. The only color he could see was the color red, framing the person's face. He let out a shocked yelp, pressing his back against the wall as his hand left his "Tj", now up in the air as a surrendering gesture.

"I-is this your house?" Toby stammered, not able to think clearly with the person just watching him. "I, uh, thought it was abandoned."

"Just because it's abandoned doesn't mean you can just waltz right in, and have some….fun." The person replied, and Toby realized it was a woman. She had an eerie, spine-chilling voice that sounded more like a purr or something. He trembled from the unnerving sound, pressing further into the wall situated behind him.

"I can leave. If you want."

"No, no, no. You might as well finish what you started, right?"

Toby lifted an eyebrow, visibly confused. "What?"

He heard her enter the room, her form looking more like a moving shadow than a real-live person. He stiffened the closer she got, until she finally stopped in the middle of the room, only a few feet from himself.

"Finish it." She ordered, but Toby could hint some playfulness lingering.

His eyes glanced down at his member, which was sprung out towards the woman, throbbing painfully. He swallowed thickly, his boner winding down since his pleasure was now vacant. "I, um, should really head home now…"

"What're you doing out so late at night anyway?" The woman probed, and Toby eyed her cautiously.

Oh how he wished he could see her face.

"My girlfriend kicked me out."


Toby paused, wondering just what to say. "Because…well…I guess I wasn't good enough for her tonight."

"Oh now I understand." Toby's eyes widened in horror when he saw something glint in the woman's hand. He could only guess what it truly was… "I swear, you teenagers only try each other out. Like you're shoes or something. If you don't…fit them, then they throw you away."

Toby swiftly pulled his pants up, tucking "Tj" back where he belonged—where the sun doesn't shine. "Look, lady, I should really get going right now."

Suddenly, a form was pressed completely against him. Unintentionally, Toby let out a loud moan as the woman's hips ground into his, "Tj" coming to life again. His hands were held above his heads, announcing him as a vulnerable teenage boy as the woman towered over him, her red hair flowing past her shoulders. He was too focused on what was taking place in his body to notice the knife pressed against his neck, since the woman was holding him with only one hand.

"I won't throw you away," She whispered hotly into his ear, earning another moan from the teenager below her. "I'm not like your little girlfriend. I know what's good and what's not. Does that excite you?" She moved closer, and Toby bit his lower lip to hold back a gasp of lust. "Give me your name."

"T-Toby." He stuttered nervously, more sweat forming now. His shirt was clinging to his lanky form, his pants being a hurtful barrier with "Tj" trying to break free.

"Well Toby," She practically cooed, her breath fanning across his pained face, "do you know what happens to naughty little boys? Hm?"

His mind was blank. He couldn't even verbalize; his neck was pulsing violently with his veins flaring on fire. He was practically panting underneath the woman, and he hadn't even seen her face yet. Who was this woman?

"They get punished." She answered darkly for him, and Toby let out a yelp when the knife was now pressing further into his neck.

"Goodbye, Toby."

~Twenty Minutes Later~

The woman cleaned her knife free from the boy's blood, his battered body going limp as he finally died at her feet. She heartlessly kicked him away, muttering things under her breath as she cleaned the knife off with her jumpsuit.

"Stupid kids," She grumbled bitterly, storming throughout the house. She knew she would have to dispose of his body somehow, but right now she needed to get as far away from it as possible. This was how she normally got after a kill, panicky and guilty. "Why did he have to come here? Why couldn't he just go to the gas station and jack off? Why at my house?"

She ran a hand through her hair, which was now splayed past her frail shoulders, shoving her eye mask away for a moment. It fell to the floor silently, rolling a few feet away as the woman hurried to the front of the house, where she checked to make sure nobody was outside.

Nobody was there.

She felt torn. Her heart ached whenever she killed someone, someone being tortured at her hands, yet something known as pride swelled within her chest. She was stuck on two sides, and neither was victorious. For when she went into her little killing spree, she thought of nothing but her goal—which was to kill. And as soon as the spree was gone, she felt confused and even guiltier than before.

She didn't feel…satisfied.

That haunting loneliness that resided in her heart still lingered, no matter how many times the woman tried to be rid of it. That was the main cause of why she killed in the first place, for when she killed she felt better. It was like being drunk, you feel great when you're drunk, but the next morning you feel like…trash. Not that she was addicted to killing, she just wasn't happy when people walked into her house. She disliked people that trespassed.

Her eyes met the light of the moon, and she stared at it blankly. Numbly, her hands found the wall and she leaned on it, losing her thoughts as she drowned herself in the moon's luminosity.

No matter what she did, no matter how busy was, her thoughts betrayed her and led back to him.

To that night.

The woman sighed, losing contact with the moon as she stepped away from it. She needed to forget about it, forget about him, no matter how hard it was. She couldn't allow herself to go back to the past and regret what happened. What happened, happened. There was no changing it.

And now….she was a cold blooded killer.

Just like him.

"Stop it," She whispered angrily to herself, taking a moment to stab the knife into the wall for a place to hold it. She found her eye mask and strapped it back in its righteous place, her peripheral vision vanishing. She felt the soft fabric press tightly against her skin, but she grew accustomed to the feeling. She actually found herself liking the suit, as if it actually became a part of her. She seldom walked around the house with a different attire, which she was thankful for anyway seeing that she only had two shirts and three jeans.

Absentmindedly, the woman made her way into the living room, her eyes meeting the kitchen floor. Her entire body tensed up as she saw the grimy stains embed permanently into the tile—the blots remaining of what were left behind. Her hand found the ends of her hair, running distractedly through it without even knowing it.

Her eyes were staring at the stains, but her mind was staring at something entirely different.

As she drowned herself in the memories locked away in her mind, one single thought flashed throughout her brain:

I'm alone.

"Wow. They're still talking about me." The woman scoffed as she picked the newspaper up from the door's entryway, her emerald eyes studying the writing before them. "And it's not even Halloween! Whoa."

"Mad Woman Still On the Loose"

The redhead grinned to herself, shaking her head in disbelief. Oh, she was no longer a fanatic—now she was a mad woman?

"Two years ago, a patient known as Michael Myers escaped from Smith's Grove Sanitarium, the local asylum, and ventured into his childhood neighborhood, Haddonfield, Illinois. Along the way, he brought along a woman known as Amber Rarrat, who helped him in brutally murdering two local students, and terrorizing many more. Teenage girl, Laurie Strode, managed to shoot the crazed man, and Michael Myers was on his way to the hospital in hopes of living. Somehow, the ambulance crashed on the side of the road, killing the two drivers, and he escaped. People question just how he was still alive, seeing that he was shot in the face. Samuel Loomis, a retired psychiatrist, drove Amber Rarrat to Smith's Grove Sanitarium, where she remained for two months before escaping. Halloween is approaching, and the police urge you to lock all doors and night and keep watch for these two individuals. Michael Myer's hasn't been seen the previous Halloween, nor was Amber Rarrat."

The woman giggled to herself, tossing the paper by her side casually as she peered out through her dusty window, seeing the sun emerge from the horizon. She stared at the passing cars, or the pedestrians making their morning stroll. Crossing her arms over her chest, she narrowed her eyes as she re-thought the words in her mind.

He left me. That police officer hit me on the head, and I was dying on the floor. And then Michael waltzed right past me, with his sister in his arms, and left me. I could've died—yet here I am!

Anger coursed through her veins as the woman remembered that night, remembered how she threw everything away for her most beloved person in the world—Michael Myers—and then he deserted her when she truly needed him, leaving her to fend for herself. She was locked away in a cell for a whole two months, hoping he would come to rescue her, only to come up empty.

In that one night, she lost her sanity, and her entire perspective of the world. There was no going back, she couldn't just retrace her steps and erase them as she went. She did what she did, so she'll have to continue with her head held high.

That's so hard, she thought, her heart picking up in speed. I did this for him, I did everything for him! But now he's gone..and it's just me…

She practically worshipped the ground her walked on. And even though she was furious at him for leaving her behind, bleeding to death practically, she knew she still loved him. There was no way to change that. She stooped down to his level so they could react to one another better; she discarded her entire soul to be able to have him understand her, only to come up empty.

Her heart was shattered.

A ferocious, girlie growl erupted throughout the house, and the knife was back in her hands. Amber Marie Rarrat stormed around the house, muttering things a normal person wouldn't comprehend, until she reached her front door.

She stopped dead in her tracks. Tears were flooding in her eyes; her hands were beginning to tremble. To her horror, her walls of defense were crumbling into the sadness she locked away from the world. The knife dropped to the floor by her feet when a sob broke through her quivering lips, her entire body lurching forward from the sudden, powerful force.

She bottled up her emotions, and now they were overflowing to just keep in.

The lonely house was filled with the wild sobs of Amber, knees groaning in agony as she dropped onto them mercilessly, her hands cradling her face as she wept. She felt like Michael took her heart, and stole it from her chest, leaving only memories behind.

I did it for you…I want to please you….I want to make you proud of me! I thought you were proud of me! Yet you…just left me behind….to die…

You didn't care.

She violently ripped the eye mask from her face, throwing it against the wall as tears escaladed down her pale cheeks. Glaring at thin air, Amber cried softer now, regaining her control gradually.

These two years were nothing but torture for Amber. She continued to lurk within the confinements of her childhood home, keeping a good and obsessive watch on his house, in case he, by some miracle, returned. And whoever decided to come inside her house, she killed without mercy. No she didn't just go around the town killing random people—she kept it all under control.

The questions that haunted her dreams appeared to her once more. Where was Michael? Why did he leave? Was he even alive?

Little did she know, that not only would her answers soon be answered, but her heart could have another chance to be mended together again.

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