Okay, so there was a huge number of requests asking me to continue First Glance and make it a chapter fic. Well, I can tell you now that that is definitely not going to happen. However, XChemicalXFallXPanicX And I are creating a series of one-shots that are basically going to be our canon from now on when writing in the BTR fandom. So...technically I guess it will be continued. And you can all thank her for this one too, because she got me really hyped up when we were talking about all the ones we want to write. And this was written while I was working...and it's on receipt paper...and I was interrupted a lot, so if it doesn't flow as well as the last one, blame the job. And if you haven't read "How Logan Got Into Hockey" then go read it, because that's part of this whole thing, and it's AH-MAZING. Because that girl is so far in my head it's ridiculous.

Totally dedicated to my soul sister XChemicalXFallXPanicX. And a huge thanks to my soul mate, my Sarah-Pooh, for dealing with me while I gushed over how epically awesome this new canon is and helping me out with a title. She made the first one too!

His feet dragged beneath him as he trudged down the unfamiliar hallway, his sneakers scuffing the shiny floor. He watched the black marks form on the tile with fascination.

Logan already hated it here. New town, new school, new friends...hopefully. And what was worse, no gymnastics team, so there went his only fun extracurricular. His parents were ecstatic, since it freed up more of his time for his studies.

He let out a forlorn sigh as he watched the classroom numbers pass, the teacher names posted right underneath. Which one was he looking for again? He paused in front of a door with 'Mr. Morris' on it. Yeah, that sounded about right. He pulled out his schedule just to be sure as he turned the door knob, cringing as it let out an obnoxious squeak.

Oh yeah, he'd definitely be stared at now. No simple and casual entrance for him. Nope, no sir.

He buried himself deeper into the printed schedule, avoiding looking up for as long as possible.

When he finally did look up, his predictions rang true, every eye in the classroom was on him. He glanced around momentarily, getting a sly wink from a blonde girl sitting in the front row. He resisted the urge to roll his eyes at her and continued quickly scanning the room.

Light green eyes caught him off-guard, burning him with an intensity he had never felt before. And the longer he gazed into them, the more he felt caught.

After what felt like hours, Logan broke the connection and walked over to the teacher.

"Ah, a new student!" He said jovially, taking the piece of paper from Logan and scratching a quick signature by his name. "Well, you can take the empty desk next to Mr. Knight." Logan followed his pointed finger, his heart leaping into his throat. Those green eyes had darkened with some kind of emotion he had trouble deciphering. And they only got darker the closer he got to his seat. He gulped and sat down, feeling as if electricity passed through him. He glanced sidelong at the blonde who was still holding a steady gaze on his face.

His eyes widened as something seemed to click into place in his head. Only one word could possibly describe that dark, heavy-lidded look. One word that filled Logan with dread and excitement all in one go.