I'm A Rock Star

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Warning: This is FEMALE Tsuna, if you had paid mind to the summary. Also, she is well-acquainted with Hibari and his death threats, Reborn and his death traps, and humiliation and its…death…ness.

Notes: 27All. Mainly focusing on 1827 and 5927, but pairings might change.

The impatient taps of feet, the drumming of fingers pacing upon folded arms, the constant irritated huffs, and the chattering shared among the waiting people around her brought the usual rhythm of the day: waiting for the bus. It was part of the routine she had led ever since she had grown old enough to be trusted going to school by herself. Sawada Tsunayoshi, now the age of fourteen and a second year of Namimori Middle School, is waiting for the bus to arrive.

Tsuna leaned to one feet, and then to the other. Instead of drowning herself in utter boredom like most people around her were, her mind was occupied with thoughts both troubling and intriguing. Was the driver going to get himself stuck in traffic again? Would Hibari discipline her for her tardiness again? What should she do after school? Were they selling that strawberry-coated Pocky? What sort of traps would her tutor present her this time?

The same thoughts cycled through her head, as if it was a mantra. Again and again. But it wasn't as if she had anything better to do. Tsuna was a middle school student, studying for high school, and afterwards attend college. There wasn't anything exciting so far in her life; though having Reborn as a tutor was a thrill…in every negative way possible. Ever since the Italian man was hired giving her extra lessons, her grades had soared, thus her extreme exhaustion and the horrible bags under her eyes. But soon her academic skills escalated thanks to Reborn, and so did her physical endurance. Having the man threatening her, scaring her, chasing her with guns and bombs and crocodiles really did pay off.

Though the students still intended to title her as "Dame-Tsuna" due to her earlier failures and uselessness despite how much improvement the girl had performed. Tsuna didn't mind anymore, really. Somehow, after training under Reborn, any humiliation that wasn't forced upon her by the man didn't seem as troublesome. Perhaps her self-consciousness had faded away because of the constant training and disturbance she had to endure because she was becoming used to it, especially the evil chuckles and smirks sent by Reborn.

Tsuna blinked from her thoughts as soon as the sight of her oil-stained ride jerked to a screechy stop. Following the line of people climbing up the steps, she held her breath from breathing in the foul stench of gas and hurried to snatch a seat before some nasty old lady could steal it away from her. As she sat down, ignoring the disdain and sour look the elderly woman gave her, her eyes drifted off to the window.

Two more days, Tsuna thought with a sigh, before the weekend would begin. And then what? Certainly Reborn would be sadistic enough to not allow the poor girl to sleep in during the weekends, but blessed it be any kind-hearted God that Reborn would not be able to tutor her during her break. Something about having a reunion with old associates, or somewhat similar from what the man had informed her yesterday. "Don't miss me too much" was what he had said with a smirk. Tsuna shook her head, a small smile forming upon her lips from being amused of finding herself longing for Reborn. That would be just masochistic of her. Oh well. Just two more days of utter hell left.

Soon the bus slowed to a stop, and Tsuna trailed down the steps off of the vehicle. Everyday since two months ago, she would detect the transfer student walking across the street that was adjacent from the bus stop. She was cautious enough to avoid the Italian boy. Gokudera Hayato was, from what she had observed, a foul-tempered person with a foul language and a foul attitude. She didn't like him. But apparently her female classmates held an attraction for the male due to his handsome exterior and bad-boy demeanor. Tsuna agrees that Gokudera was indeed a dashing figure, but his personality was crude, violent, and expresses defiance. Somewhat reminded her of Hibari, but less mysterious and weird.

Unfortunately for her, Gokudera was her classmate, meaning she had to endure his non-stop cursing and horrible behavior towards everybody, not that the female counterparts minded. Though Tsuna did. Her first guess was that he was nervous on the first day and wanted to impress his new classmates, but that belief faltered instantly.

Like she would do for the past two months, after the transfer of Gokudera Hayato, Tsuna waited until the boy had already crossed the street. While she watched him, Tsuna blinked from surprise to see the streetlights switching from white to green to white, and so on until the flashes were rapid. There was yet another electric fuse to confuse the drivers and the crossers. She sighed, hoping that someone would fix the infuriating thing before there would be an accident. Those who had lived in these parts long enough were well aware of the silly streetlights that happen to act strangely, thus knew that whenever the flashing stopped to an abrupt white, people would not cross because then it would blink to a green.

Apparently Gokudera didn't know that. He raised an eyebrow at the lights, and when it turned to white—indicating the people were able to cross, he stepped on the street. Tsuna gawked in shock, taking an unconscious step forward. He finished a quarter walk of the path, and the lights went from white to green. Of course, people had gasped from what stunt the boy was not aware of, but Tsuna have not heard them; she was absorbed of the fact that there was an insanely large truck just about to flatten Gokudera. Obviously the driver didn't see him because the seat was situated higher than most drivers.

There were two things buzzing in her mind: shield her eyes so that her eyes wouldn't become a bystander of the bloody scene or alert Gokudera. It would be an easy choice to pick option one rather than option two—her shock would have taken over her body anyway, but what would happen then? Obviously, there would be one less student attending at Namimori Middle School; however, the numbers would reduce back to its original amount of students. Plus she wouldn't have to suffer giggles and curses. Tsuna shook her head, admonishing herself of thinking like a simple-minded fool. Her classmate was about to be killed and he didn't have a single clue about it, that until his head was turned towards to the charging truck and his eyes were widened.

There was a scream.

"Shit! Someone get an ambulance!"

For some reason, Tsuna suddenly saw black—as if she became blind. Then, oh so very slowly, color had been restored to her vision but was incredibly blurry. As the images were focused, an unpleasant banging sensation rang her head; Tsuna clutched her hair and groaned, tasting bile that coated her tongue. She felt nauseated, but her body didn't lurch out vomit.

Something sticky and damp seeped through her fingers that were gripping her hair, and when realizing this, Tsuna reopened her closed eyes and checked what was stained on her palm. Blood. Her eyes widened, and sensed her surroundings. Well, she knew that she was bleeding; she had been hit to near unconsciousness; and she wasn't participating the scared fest within the crowd. Therefore, something troublesome happened, and it was probably by far worse than one of Hibari's punishments—but never as dreadful as Reborn's.

"What the…?" Tsuna mumbled, not feeling her voice vibrating through her lips. In fact, the unknown impact that inflicted on her skull probably numbed her nerves. Tsuna felt sick and disgusted.

She shifted her position, discovering that her other hand supported her weight and knees that sprawled across the concrete. No, not exactly concrete, the street. How in the world did she move from the bus stop to the street? Teleportation? Tsuna groaned again. What are the odds that she would be late for school again? And what a mess this morning has been—she didn't even know what was going on, but it was sensible to assume that her day was going to end as a terrible day.

What was her current position? Tsuna looked down and stared back at green eyes, eyes that were definitely foreign or contact lenses. Along with the eyes went with fair hair, hair that was definitely foreign or bleached. Along with the hair went with a face constructed not that of what a Japanese person would inherit. The skin color was somewhere between pink and white as the curve of the nose bridge shadowed the tucks of the green eyes. Definitely foreign. And definitely familiar.

"Gokudera Hayato…" Tsuna was surprised to find her voice drawl out his name so naturally, and the boy looked surprised as well. Then realization pounded her hard like bricks. She was practically lying on top of the male as he was sitting, or trying to get up but couldn't because she was practically on top of him! Tsuna prayed that she wasn't blushing at this embarrassment.

"How—who are you?" he asked. Tsuna was dumbfounded that his voice, for once, wasn't accusing her with his usual sarcastic venom, but whispering curiously. Never have she thought that she, Dame-Tsuna, would hear him asking for her name, and not in a demanding tone. Then again, she wouldn't expect to find herself straddling the transfer either.

Choosing to ignore the question, Tsuna pushed herself off the boy—which ended badly since her arm twitched and caused the girl to tumble like an idiot. "Ow," she muttered. "Ow."

"Are you in pain?"

"Somewhat, but I think I'll survive." Tsuna smiled reassuringly, but he didn't look convinced.

He frowned. "That was—"

"Oh my gosh, are you okay?" interrupted a high-pitched female voice. Following the woman's voice, Tsuna listened to the hysterical admonishment and minor praises that poured upon her. Gokudera received only constant apologies and nerve-wrecking questions. Indeed, with Gokudera's European appearance, the adults wouldn't scold him for crossing the streets when cars were coming. He was new to Japan, and likely wasn't notified of the electric fuse of the streetlights that happened randomly.

"That was a stupid act you did there, young lady," a gruff voice commented, "but what you did was a very courageous performance."

"Are you nuts, old man?" cried another. "She could have gotten herself killed!"

"But at least she saved the boy," defended someone else.

"That foreigner boy was crazy too, but probably didn't know too much 'bout these parts."

What happened? Tsuna wondered, and glanced to Gokudera and voiced her thought. Gokudera looked at her with bewilderment. "Are you serious?"

"I sort of blacked out there," Tsuna admitted.

"You saved me."


"You saved me."

Tsuna blinked, wondering if she had processed the information correctly. Perhaps she was suffering delusions that her mind was playing. Hence, the possibilities of brain damage she was wounded with and the necessities of going to the hospital. But she was sure that she had heard Gokudera correctly despite the chattering crowd. Had she saved him? But from what?

"Did I…How exactly did I saved you?" Tsuna asked, resisting the urge to suddenly spit out bile. The bitter tang tasted terrible, causing the girl to almost vomit. It was just like that time when Reborn had forced her to ride a rollercoaster that went into loops, downfalls, spins, and other crazy effects. And it didn't help that he treated her with ice cream and hotdogs before the ride. Though, seeing how rollercoasters and food didn't quite interlocked with the subject of trucks and transfer-students, the relation of vomit did.

He baffled. "What?" he sputtered. "How hard did your head hit?"

Tsuna sheepishly looked away. "Uh…"

A hand collapsed on her shoulder. "Young lady, you suddenly reacted and pushed this young man out of the way! Doing so, the truck had hit you, causing you to fly and risking your life for him." The elderly man shook his head as if he couldn't believe his words, yet his witnessing eyes that proved his denial wrong. "It's a miracle that you survived."

"Miss, are you all right? Ah, geez, I am so sorry! But you could have gotten yourself killed!" said a man. Tsuna assumed that he was the one who drove the truck.

That's funny, Tsuna thought, here she was—the hero. But wasn't there something she had to do before rescuing Gokudera? And wasn't there something Gokudera had to do too? Trying to remember, her eyes wandered to the crest of Gokudera's uniform shirt. Then she recalled a very important duty she must finish.

"Crud, I'm late," Tsuna muttered. Without another thought, she staggered back onto her two feet, grabbed her bag that was lying limply on the sidewalk, and dashed straightly to her school. The adults that were somewhat involved in the unforeseen event gawked at the sudden rush of the girl who performed a brave task, and shouted out to her that she should go to the hospital, but the girl paid no heed.

"Crazy kids these days," grumbled a man. "It's as if she wasn't injured a second ago!"

"Look the way she runs! It's as if she's used to being hit by trucks already."

"As if she's been training under a hitman or something. Imagine that!"

"Yeah…Hey, boy, you probably took it harder than she did. We better get you to the hospital."

Gokudera, while watching Tsuna's retreating form, shook his head. "I better get to school as well." He gathered his bag and idly tossed it over his shoulder and walked away, as if nothing had occurred. The bystanders stood there completely flabbergasted by the casual behavior the teenagers had functioned. They came to a conclusion that teenagers these days were weird and that they should forget that this had ever happened. It was good news for the truck driver since he didn't have to die of hysteria of nearly running over two people.

For Tsuna, she ran and ran as if her life depended on it. She was practically limping, but she tried her best to disregard the pain that shocked her nerves. There were two problems she would have to face if she was late for school: Hibari and Reborn.

Reborn would be disappointed as usual if he heard that she was late for her lessons again, and would punish her like always—but that didn't mean he was a terror of her life. Hibari was a meddlesome subject as well. Ever since her first day of Namimori Middle School, when she was a first year, she unintentionally overslept. Afraid of being late for class, she ran to school as fast as she could, but accidentally ran into Hibari Kyoya in the process. She was aware of the advances of the frightening leader of the Discipline Committee, and was deeply afraid of the results when she would come encounter her fate with tardiness.

She never heard that Hibari had injured a girl before, but she never heard a girl being late to class either. And she did not want to be the first example. So there she was, Dame-Tsuna, just about to be pounded in the nose by the second year. What she did not expect was to be cornered with tonfas and a deadly whisper warning her, "Herbivores who are late deserve to be bitten to death." He turned around, the black cloak rested upon his shoulders whipped the air, and stalked away. The tension and the entire scene was so dramatic, Tsuna fell to her knees while sliding against the wall behind her. Those piercings eyes, those dangerous tonfas, and that one phrase sent shivers down her spine. She vowed never to be late ever again.

But it was unfortunate that she was Dame-Tsuna. Thus, there were couple times she was late, and Hibari succeeded in scaring her, but that didn't stop her from accidentally coming late. It struck her odd the upperclassmen merely threaten her rather than disciplining her like he did with other students. Nevertheless, the other students were apparently male and she was only female, so it must be difficult punishing a girl without being disrespectful. And she was just satisfied of not having a blow on her face.

She figured that Hibari couldn't tolerate her tardiness anymore now that he actually punishes her instead of threatening her with the frequently used phrase. Her first punishment was when she was huddled in the corner, eyes squeezed shut and fingers trembling with fear, a sharp whip bruised her forehead. "Ouch!" she yelped, caressing her head, and looked up to see those same eyes. Instead of being pulverized, Hibari flicked her. And it hurt.

She was lucky enough to gain a treatment that didn't include her limbs being broken or having her skin ripped to shreds. But, after all, she was a girl. Later, he not only flicked her, but would give peculiar disciplining techniques: pinching both cheeks, thumping her head, squeezing her arm, glaring at her, giving her a painfully long scolding. Though, he delivered her the "bite" remarks like always. It was as if he was trying to be gentle with her, trying not to break her. It was amusing, yet disturbing.

Despite this advantage, Tsuna didn't want to find herself a very agitated sempai. It was bad enough that he would give a speech to her about the benefits of being a student of Namimori Middle, and what she should do and shouldn't do, and the dress code, and how herbivores were so idiotic, and the respect she should always treat towards teachers and fellow students, and she would be expelled if she continues her tardy habits…

So Tsuna was running to school. Then she slowed down to a jog, and then it decreased to a walk. It was obvious that she would be late anyway, so why the trouble? So what if she would be expelled? She just saved a boy from her class and gained injuries while doing so. Perhaps she should have gone to the hospital and get bandaged, but on the other hand….her mother would be worried and Reborn…

She shook her head. Oh well, if Tsuna was fortunate enough, she might be able to persuade Hibari to intimidate her teacher after listening her story. Hibari was indeed frightening, but Tsuna somewhat grew a quaint attachment to him. He reminded her of a puppy: lonesome and in need of a friend. And a shark: bloody-thirsty and violent. She wondered if it was just a bravado; an act in order to terrify the students and teachers. If it was, he sure was doing a great job of doing it.

Nearing the gates of Namimori, she quickly took notice of the third year walking towards her. Instead of an irritated scowl that plastered his face, his expression appeared apathetic. "Herbivore," he said, "you're late. Again."

She sheepishly smiled. "Sorry."

"And you're injured."

"H-how did you…" Of course, he could smell blood. She had her head wiped clean of the substance with a handkerchief, but with his keen senses, anything is possible.

"And your uniform is covered in dirt."

She attempted to feign hesitance. "Ah…So it is."

He narrowed his eyes, still doing a well impression of a stone column. "Explain."

"Erm." Tsuna fidgeted under the older male's gaze, feeling uncomfortable. Well, might as well say it. "You see, I was really intending on coming to school early, but something bad happened. Ah, and, well, one of my classmates was just about to be hit by this massive truck, so I pushed him out of the way and saved him. So there," she quickly ended.

He raised an eyebrow.

"I-It really did happen!" she insisted.

"I never said that I didn't believe you."

She sighed with relief.

"Nor am I convinced."

She sighed with non-relief.

"Who is this classmate of yours? I wish to question him if you truly did rescue him." Hibari crossed his arms, his expression now easing a bit.

"G-Gokudera Hayato." Tsuna felt guilty; she pitied the boy who was about to be probed by the prefect. But she had a feeling he might be able to keep his pants dry. But she also had a feeling that he would lash out at her for giving him out like that. Tsuna knew that students wished not to confront the prefect who was known to mutilate his enemies. However, Gokudera was rather belligerent himself.

"The transfer student?"

"Yeah, that's why he was nearly hit. I suppose that nobody told him about the streetlights; how they function weirdly," Tsuna commented absent-mindedly, the thought that she was talking to the leader of the Discipline Committee was slipping like every time their conversation lengthened.

"Why did you save him?"

Tsuna blinked. "Eh?"

"Don't make me repeat what I said, herbivore." Hibari mildly glared at her.

"Well, if I didn't, he would have died!"

"If you didn't succeed saving him, not only he would die but so would you."

Where was he getting at? Tsuna's eyebrows furrowed with confusion. "Of course I would have died, but at least I didn't."

"But you could have died."

"But I didn't," she persisted.

They stared at one another for a minute, and that's when Hibari's glare darkened. "Why must you be so infuriating, herbivore?" he countered.


"You acted in such an impulsive way."

"But…But I saved Gokudera! He's not dead, I'm not dead. Sure, I'm injured, but—"


She winced.

"Weak, pathetic, idiotic. Everything about you is a disgrace."

Tsuna winced again. Hibari did insult her before, but in every insult there was a monotonous scoff. Hence, she thought it shouldn't be something to be offended by—she actually found it somewhat funny that he would try to inflict her like a child trying to bully another child. But this…she sensed something incredibly heavy in each word. He really did think of her as a disgrace.

"Such an herbivore."

She bit her lower lip. "I…"

"Quit standing there like the idiot you are and go to the infirmary. I shall inform your teacher of your absence."

Tsuna sighed. Why must Hibari be so puzzling? First he inquiries—no, that sounded too innocent. It was more like demanding to know what had become of her. And then he pressured her into distress, and then shoots her with a hurtful insult. As if tensions weren't bad enough. Finally, ends with what kindness a Hibari Kyoya could express by telling her teacher of her absence.

"…T-thank you, sempai," Tsuna forced out. Indeed, he was a manipulative magician just pulling her into dilemma. And why, she internally cried to herself, was it she of all people? How in the world did she become involved with a paradox like him? No, Reborn was a paradox; Hibari was the cunning warrior who lives to torture his victims. His way of bringing torture upon her was by being his powerful and cryptic self. He who speaks with authority and titles himself as a carnivore while everybody else was mindless sheep. That's what she gets when she comes to school late.

Hibari walked.

"Ah, wait, sempai!" she called out. "Today is Wednesday; the nurse doesn't come today."

"You think that I do not know that?" he snorted.

"Then…I should treat my wounds myself?" she mumbled to herself.

"You're much of a fool to do so. I will come into the infirmary after informing your teacher; you just wait there." Hibari thought that Tsuna was really that stupid to do anything. That wounded her pride…

But she knew that he was doing yet another kind deed. She couldn't help but smile faintly. Perhaps he too had grown a liking towards her. Throughout the year and a half, the older male would slowly hint out his concern. Well, at least Tsuna thought he was concern of her well-being. Maybe she was being dumb, like how he mentioned previously. He probably does this to everybody.

"T-thank you again, sempai," Tsuna said, forcing a smile. "I'll be careful next time."

As she departed from the prefect, he inaudibly muttered, "Herbivores."

When she entered class, head and body bandaged and uniform replaced with the courtesy of Hibari, the teacher warily looked at her and presumed on with his teaching. Hibari must have scared the living daylights out of the man. Ridiculous, a teacher cowered under the power of a student, but understandable. Very understandable.

Tsuna saw Gokudera's seat unoccupied. Was he sent to the hospital? She didn't think that he was harmed that badly. After all, she was the one who was bleeding. Who risked her life for his. However, he must have been dragged to the hospital by the worried adults that surrounded them. Tsuna ushered herself out of the fray, leaving him. Or was it abandoning him? Tsuna wasn't sure. It must have been a nuisance suffocating under the pressure the adults unconsciously placed onto the poor boy. She should have pulled him out of there. She should have—

"Are you going to move?"

Tsuna turned around to find Gokudera standing at the doorway, standing behind her.

"W-what? What are you doing here?" she mumbled, eyes widening.

"I should be asking you that," he said, raising an eyebrow. "Didn't you hit your head hard?"

"Gokudera Hayato, Sawada Tsunayoshi, I would appreciate it if you two would return to your seats," the teacher said sternly.

Embarrassed, Tsuna scurried back to her desk, avoiding looking into the curious stares the students shot her. Gokudera walked with his usual leisure strut and easily disregarded them.

Throughout the entire lesson, Tsuna struggled under the gaze of Gokudera Hayato who was literally burning holes on her back. Why was he staring at her? What did she do now? Couldn't he be satisfied of still having his life that had been heroically rescued by her? Perhaps he was scrutinizing her, trying to comprehend of who his rescuer was. Possibly a scrawny, flat-chested girl like her couldn't push him out of the way in time. However, when you are the student of Reborn, there were many possibilities of achieving things.

When the bell rang, Tsuna practically dashed out of her class, not wanting to face or hear the likes of Gokudera Hayato.

The next day, Tsuna boarded the bus with her hair snipped above her shoulders. Her mother had seen her tresses blood-stained and was shocked. Reborn, who apparently witnessed the event, explained to her that Tsuna had saved a boy's life. Her mother was a mixture of admonishment and pride at that night, but wasn't feeling quite pleasant when Tsuna's hair was drenched in the red liquid.

Tsuna wasn't so happy about it either. Her newly cut hair made her feel like a boy; the haircut even resembled a boy's head as well! Her once long tresses now reduced to an unattractive mop hadn't lightened her mood either when her demon of a tutor kicked her out of bed. Frustrated and exhausted, Tsuna inwardly grumbled about the misfortunes of attending to school.

One more day, Tsuna inwardly sighed, and then she would be released from her captivity. Two heavenly days of which she would be able to drift off into pleasant slumber without the disturbance of Reborn, of studying, of anything. She would finally discover the long-awaited peace she had desired; a desire that had been established ever since she had been named Dame-Tsuna. And a bit of Reborn tormenting her with his sadism.

Whilst her contemplating was diminishing from her attentiveness to the bus's halt, she stood up from her seat and her eyes widened only to see Gokudera waiting at the crossway. There were speculative, almost precarious, glances tossed upon the boy; yesterday's bystanders were probably examining if the male student presented before them was the same boy who nearly had himself mauled by a truck.

Of course, how many European transfers do you see everyday in Japan?

Perhaps they were hesitant about confronting him to probe of yesterday's hysterical event, not knowing if it would appear rude to him that Japanese were so idle on demanding answers. That was what Tsuna considered to be what the reactions were about; however, that belief was squashed when she took notice of the cigar the boy was aloofly smoking.

Fantastic. Not only his attitude was horrible, but he had to be a chain smoker as well. She also was notified by his usual apparel, or per says his new tweaking to the school uniform. Tsuna was rather bewildered to know that he hadn't been pulverized by Hibari yet. Surely the prefect was aware of Gokudera's apparent rule breaking. Whatever—point was, Gokudera was an obvious delinquent. Delinquents are to be avoided to ensure from being beaten black and blue.

It's a wonder why the girls in her class adored him.

Tsuna exited out of the vehicle, and grew wary of being spotted by Gokudera. It had kept her all night that the boy had been staring had her all day, which disturbed her quite a lot; pondering and going frantic to a minimum of what could he want with her, she was only successful on obtaining an inadequate amount of sleep.

Being cautious of making sure she was concealed by the crowd made her feel rather silly, yet Tsuna really didn't want Gokudera to see her. She stood on her toes to see if he had already crossed the street. When he had, she hastily made her move.

This was now an addition to her routine: avoiding Gokudera.

Tsuna had not been doing it for long considering she started it today, but her reluctance upon meeting the boy made it feel as though she had been doing it for years. It also made her feel slightly paranoid.

There were no ties between she and him; they haven't shared a decent conversation yet. Therefore, Tsuna was presented with denial that she was not being an idiot and it was apparent that he desired to inflict harm—physically or mentally—onto her. It was true that he had continued his staring obsession, and Tsuna recognized the vulnerability of being stalked. It was awful.

Reborn spared an acknowledgement of her when he commented that she had obtained a new "friend", when it was clear that he was indicating "friend" to "creeper". He had also mentioned that she should probably stop seeing her "other friend"—Hibari— because he was going to be a bad influence. It was only unfortunate that act would be inevitable.

On the next day, and the day before her beloved weekends, Hibari confronted her—concluding that it was indeed impossible to avoid him—that he had spoken with Gokudera and was confirmed that she really did save him.

"Oh, that's good," Tsuna said, stifling her urge to run away from the scary prefect. She could even feel stares emanating disbelief and incredulousness from students who were witnessing Dame-Tsuna managing to talk to Hibari Kyoya without screeching in fear.

How could she do it? What super powers was Dame-Tsuna hiding? How is it possible that she wasn't wetting herself?

"Yes, but he is violating a rule," Hibari continued.

Tsuna resisted a groan. "And what is that?" she forced out, trying to not trigger his displeasure.

"He is violating the dress-code."

Ah. Of course.

"And so right you are, sempai." As always.

"Gokudera Hayato…The herbivore will be bitten to death once I have finished disciplining him."

Tsuna inwardly cried as a question returned to her: why was she a victim of dangerous people? It is as if there was a magnet inside of her that draws monsters of terror closer to her. Reborn is a prime example of that.

Sometimes she enjoyed Hibari opening up to her—ah, wait, she was just being delusional on that one. Of course Hibari Kyoya wouldn't easily "open up" to humanity. Tsuna wasn't sure if he was aware of the humanity that surrounds him. Perhaps he wasn't raised by humans, but animals. Like her analogy before, he was a puppy and a shark. If that was even possible.

Tsuna even observed that he was much nicer to animals; always shedding a gesture of kindness to any critter that would baffle any man on earth. Tsuna was bewildered by it, but not so much because of their many shared conversations and encounters she begrudgingly owned.

"Yes, yes. Ah, um, sempai, aren't you busy? I know that you have plenty of things to finish rather than wasting your time on talking to me," Tsuna said, hoping that she didn't sound rude.

His gaze lingered on her face for a while, and then made a dramatic turn. "Yes, I do have more significant duties to carry out." And he left.

"Sempai is so scary," Tsuna mumbled.