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Chapter ten

"What'll we do about Ambrose and Albedo?", Helen asked, looking to Max.

"I say we find 'em and pound 'em.", Kevin said quickly.

Manny grinned. "I'm with him."

Max shook his head. "No. We wait. Sooner or later they'll make a move, and when they do, we'll be ready."

"So we have no idea why he went after Kevin?", Ben asked, glancing around the room at the assembled plumbers.

"There was no reason for him to-", Max began.

"I told him."

All eyes turned to Gwen, whose whisper had interrupted the elderly plumber. She was leaned against a computer desk, eyes cast downward towards the floor. She glanced up at them, eyes full of tears.

"What…?", Ben said softly, eyes on his cousin.

She chocked a bit before meeting his eyes. "He asked me how he could get to you…and I told him Kevin. I-I'm sorry."

Ben's eyes shone with disappointment, but he gave her a small smile. "I-It's okay…it's not your fault."

"Sure it's not.", Kevin growled. "she just got me kidnapped and you hurt…"

Ben shot him a glare. "Kevin!"

"What?", The raven haired teen growled. "It's true."

Gwen felt tears drip down her cheeks and she nodded. "He's right.", and with that said she rushed from the room.

Ben turned to Kevin before going after her. "We'll talk later. Gwen! Gwen wait!"

He found her in a small empty lab, staring down at her lap. Quiet as can be he made his way over to her, putting a hand on her shoulder.

"He didn't mean it Gwen. It's not your fault. Edric tortured you.", He said softly.

She shook her head and looked at him, her eyes determined. "No Ben. Kevin is right. I sold you guys out. I-I'm gonna need some time. I'm going to train with Verdona. I decided yesterday."

"You can't! Gwen…what about us?", he said giving her a confused look.

"I sold you out Ben!", She screamed, turning to look at him. "I have to go. I put you guys at risk."

"We'll miss you Gwen.", He said softly, giving her a sad smile.

she reached out and gave him a soft hug. "I'll miss you guy's too."

Kevin gave her a small smile as she left, letting go of Ben and clasping Verdona's hand. "I'm sorry..."

She smiled.

"Benjadek Da'Fuegan"

He growled, eyeing the Majesdanians. "My name is Benjamin Tennyson."

The leader of the trio stepped forward. "My apologies sire. You defeated Ambrose Da'Fuegan, yes?"

Kevin snorted. "Sure did. Benji here wiped the floor with that creep."

The leader nodded to the others. "Then according to tradition my lord…you are our new Emperor."

Ben gasped audibly, glancing at his grandfather and Kevin. "Are you serious?"

The trio nodded, bowing respectfully. "We live to serve you now Benjamin Tennyson, The Bright Death."

His eyes widened further. "Bright Death?"

The trio's leader stood. "The meaning of Da'Fuegan sire, though Mata'Uhn seems to suit you better."


She smiled. "Moon child. We heard you had the Lithuathuim. A great gift. In honor of this we shall grant you a new title. Benjamin Mata'Uhn."

"Hey Benji…what's wrong? I've never seen you so quiet.", Kevin asked, moving to his side.

He sighed. "They want me to go with them. To learn to rule. I'm not sure what to do."

Giving him a light kiss on the cheek, Kevin smiled. "Do it. This is a chance to learn about yourself. Your powers, man. I'll be waiting when you come back."

"I'm gonna miss you Tennyson.",Kevin said softly, grabbing hold of his hand and giving him a soft kiss.

"I'm gonna miss you too Levin.", He said grinning and standing on his tiptoes to kiss him back. "Don't worry, I"ll be back before you know it."

With those last words he followed The three Majesdanians onto the ship, Waving softly to the raven haired teen until he couldn't see him anymore.

He sighed. Six months since Gwen had left with Verdona. Four since he'd left for Majesdania. He was growing tired of being waited on hand and foot. It made him uncomfortable. The sound of footsteps on the diamond grass alerted him to the presence of another.

"My liege, there's an important message for you."

He turned to see his advisor, The Female Majesdanian Komati, in her usual gown and smiled. "From who?"

She moved to his side, placing a hand on his shoulder. "From Earth."

He turned around and frowned. "Earth?"

She nodded, leading him into the palace. "Indeed sire."

They entered the throne room, where a glimmering sheet of light held Kevin's face. The Osmosian was talking fast, worried or short for time, Ben didn't know.

"Kevin? What's wrong?", He asked, walking up to the sheet.

Kevin's eyes looked him over, taking in the new outfit, made of light and crystals, and the new crown. "Benji?"

Ben smiled. "Yeah. What's wrong?"

Kevin sighed, obviously relieved. "It's Ambrose. He's back. He and Albedo Broke out Edric and got together Animo, Charmcaster, and Hex. We called Gwen, she and Verdona are on their way, but we could use your help. Think on it"

Komati moved to his side when the image vanished, Kevin cutting the communication, and bowed. "What Shall we do sire?"

He grinned, Pulling his ID mask from a pouch on his outfit, slipping it on. "Get me a ship. It's hero time."

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