"I'll help you, if you help me." He said moving closer to me, his hot breath gliding over my skin. "Think about it, you can get revenge on him for choosing her over you." Looking through the window at the couple only one answer came to her mind "Yes."


Kagome sighed, staring aimlessly out the window of her small office cubicle.

Today was going at an extremely slow pace and the normally highly optimistic Kagome was even feeling the urge to tear the clock of the wall and throw it out the window in hopes of making time move faster.

While contemplating how to dispose of the clock without alerting anyone in her workplace to her plan she heard a voice from the doorway of her cubicle "Hello my dearest Kagome..."

Turning towards the entrance her cubicle, she found her smiling as her boyfriend of two years Kouga Ookimai stood in front of her grinning arrogantly.

"Kouga!" She squealed happily as she got up from her chair, swiftly walking towards him enveloping him in a hug which he quickly returned before placing a kiss on the forehead .

"So how have you been sweetness? Missing me?" he asked burying his face in her hair happily.

Kagome laughed before moving her head so she could give him a small kiss on the lips with his arms still holding her up against him "Great! The usual going's on and you shouldn't have to ask, you know I always miss you when you go away for business."

Kouga smirked pulling her body tighter against his own "Well why don't you let me make it up to you with dinner? Tonight at 8 sound good?"

Giving him another quick kiss she said excitedly "Sounds perfect! I can't wait!"

"I'd hate to be the one to break up this love fest but this is a place for people who work..." A voice suddenly said from behind which promptly broke apart the two lovebirds.

Kagome's face flushed a bright red colour with her mouth opened to apologise but instead Kouga's took over growling took over and a warning at the intruder came out instead "Shut it Dog Breath!"

Kagome's step-in-now-or-get-fired instincts were tingling so she placed a hand on Kouga's shoulder, effectively silencing him from further insulting the other man before she quickly addressed the man "I'm apologise for my rudeness Takashi-sama, it won't happen again."

"It better not Miss Higurashi and do remember that you are not permitted to have pets in this office complex." Inuyasha Takashi said arrogantly with a smirk on his face as he strode off leaving a fuming Kouga behind.

"Why that stinking dog! Treating me like that! Who does he think he is?" Kouga growled starting to follow in the direction that Inuyasha had left in.

Sensing trouble Kagome quickly latched onto Kouga's arm before gently turning him around to face her "Please Kouga don't." she said looking deep into his furious blue eyes.

Almost immediately though, Kouga's eyes began to soften as he brought Kagome closer to him in a tight embrace saying softly "I'm sorry Kagome, it's just that dog breath gets me so riled up."

Shooting him a bright smile Kagome replied "I know but don't let him know that you get riled up! You are after all the owner of a company just as big as his!"

He straightened his back in pride and moved Kagome at an arm's length away, getting to look more clearly at the beautiful creature before him.

Bring her closer to him he whispered "You'll never know how lucky I think I am to have met you my beloved Kagome."

Sighing in contentment she returned his embrace "I feel the same way Kouga, you know I always will…"

Although she didn't want to she softly moved away from him "You better get going I need to get back to work I'm afraid, I'll see you tonight though." She said happily as she watched him pout at the loss of contact.

"Right, I'll catch you tonight Kagome! Don't let dog-breath give you too much trouble or else!" Kouga said gallantly as he made his way back down the grey coloured hallway of her workplace.

Letting out a chuckle at his antics she sat back down at her desk, her fingers at the ready on the black keyboard as she quickly began to finish the left over work so she would be ready to meet up with her beloved knight Kouga.


These are just some rough translations/meanings for those who are interested, which are based on stuff I got from the internet! So if you notice something is wrong PLEASE TELL ME!

Ookimai: Wolf
Takashi: "Prominence" or "Eminence"
-Sama: An honorfic which primary use is used in addressing persons who are higher in rank than ones self.

Alrightly well here is my revised chapter 1. I was re-reading it (to avoid my exam revision) and discovered that I really need to re-read things before posting them .\\\.

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