Not reading what you sign

By genzosanzo

Disclaimer: I do not think that I have anything to do with Harry Potter.

Authors note: I have a few Fanfics circulating out there, but I have not written one in a while, and with that said, this is my first harem story, this will be a Harry, Luna, Susan, Hannah, Daphne, Gabrielle paring story. Now as I go I welcome any and all suggestions to where people would like this story to go.

Ages of main people:

Harry, Susan, Daphne and Hannah-almost 16 or 16.

Luna and Gabrielle-14 (i know that Gabrielle was 8 in the fourth book, but i made her older)

Well that's all I need to say, ON WITH THE STORY!

Harry lay on his bed at Privet Drive; his relatives went for a nice dinner to celebrate Vernon's new promotion at Grunnings. The green eyed teen didn't really care that they left him alone for the day; in fact he found peace in it. Though the peace he felt at being alone in the house was outweighed by the sudden loss of his godfather. His thoughts and eyes drifted to the letter he had received from Gringotts, which resided on his desk. His mind filled with grief and wonder at the same time. Sirius had made a will when he got out of Azkaban, and Harry was obligated to attend the reading, which was to happen in just mere hours.

Of course he knew that Dumbledore would try to stop him from attending the hearing. The grandfatherly man had lost his trust. After thinking about the whole situation at the ministry, he felt that it could have been avoided, only if the old coot didn't have a fondness for secrets.

With a groan from the strain, he moved to his feet, he grabbed his towel, and walked to the shower. After getting out and getting dressed he grabbed his wand and the letter off the desk and made his way to the kitchen. He closed the curtains and moved to stand in the middle of the room. With a sigh he called out "DOBBY!" and waited about a minuet before trying again. "Dobb-" he began to say but was cut off by the telltale 'pop' and the small elf appeared before him.

"Harry Potter Sir. Has called upon Dobby!" the little elf wailed. "Dobby is honored by Harry Potter Sir calling him!"

"Dobby! Stop, it's not that big of a deal, I just need you to take me to Gringotts for my godfathers will reading. It's in a few hours but I want to discuss something with the goblins." He said as he tried to calm him down.

"Of course Harry Potter Sir, Dobby will get you there right away Sir!" the eccentric house elf rushed forward and grabbed Harry's pant leg and with a pop they were both gone.


A dark redheaded girl was reading over a letter she had received from Gringotts. It was saying that she needed to come to a will reading for Sirius Black at the bank for the main reason of a potential marriage contract. The only stipulation was that the Heir in question must accept his duties as the Head of the Ancient and Nobel house of Black; if he did she was to be wedded to him.

Needless to say she was furious, she had dreamed that she would be swept off her feet and live happily ever after, but now, Daphne Greengrass was being forced into a marriage under penalty of losing her magic, and eventually her sanity. Little did she know that three other girls had received this same letter, all but one shared her reaction, The odd girl out just smiled, shrugged and skipped to her shower to get ready.

Harry had landed in front of the large bank moments after his departure. He thanked dobby and told him he would call when he needed to return then walked into the building and right up to an open receptionist. The goblin glanced up at the teenager with a scowl. He slammed his quill into the ink well. "What do you want?" the Goblin asked gruffly.

Harry took a deep breath and looked directly into the eyes of the goblin. "I am Harry Potter and want to Inquire about my parents Will if they even had one." He said in a short and authoritative voice.

The goblin's face flashed a wide eyed expression, and fumbled around a little. "Of course Mr. Potter, I shall go and get the Senior Goblin whom is in charge of the Potter estates." He said quickly before dashing off through a set of heavy oak doors. He returned a few moments later with a burly looking Goblin. "Mr. Potter, May I Introduce Skullcrush, the Senior Goblin in charge of your family's assets."

Skullcrush moved forward, "Mr. Potter, It is a pleasure meeting you finally, may be move this to my office, so we can speak in a more private setting?" Harry nodded with a smile and followed him to a elegant office. "Now Mr. Potter, I have been waiting for the day that you would inquire about your parents will, It has been kept save and un opened until you came to inquire about it. But before I read it I must verify that you are who you say you are." He rummaged through his desk and pilled out a black quill with red striping. "Now all I need for you to do is take this blood quill and sign your name one this slip of parchment, if you really are Harry Potter, then their will be a flash of red and the ink will turn black, if you are not, well lets not get into that." Skullcrush said as he handed the quill to harry and slid the paper across the desk in front if harry. Harry took the quill and confidently signed his name, the paper flashed red and the blood turned black.

Skullcrush grinned wildly as he reached into a small chest that was on the corner of the desk and pulled out an envelope. He broke the seal and pulled out his parent's joint will, and began to read.

"We, James Potter, and Lily Evans-Potter leave Albus Dumbledore the sum of one thousand galleons, to Peter Pettigrew, Remus Lupin, Frank and Alice Longbottom we leave the sum of five hundred galleons. To Sirius Black we leave the sum of one galleon, you have too much money already Sirius. And lastly to our son Harry potter, we leave the remainder of all the money we posses, any and all properties owned by the Ancient and Noble house of Potter, the entire Potter family library, and the hope and love of two parent's that love you immensely. We also wish that Harry be given the title of Head of the Ancient and Noble house of Potter. With this he shall be legally emancipated. And Harry, we have set up a marriage contract between you and our good friend of the family, the Delacour's, you are to marry one of their daughters. We are sorry if you think this is wrong, but we believed that it would be for the grater good of our family's. Please forgive us. We both love you very much and we are sorry we couldn't be with you.


Your parents James and Lily Potter."

Harry was in shock, so much in fact that he didn't even notice the potter family ring had appeared on his finger, and the influx of magic that flowed through his system. "Skullcrush, is there any way that we could get the Delacour's here for the Sirius Black will reading? I would like to talk with them about this marriage." He said in a distant voice.

"It shall be done, I will get Delacour's here personally." Skullcrush said with a smile. "Now the black will doesn't start for another Hour would you like to tour your new vault?" he asked politely.

Harry nodded and made his way out of the office and was led to the carts by the same goblin that he talked to in the first place. "Wow, I don't think I can take any more surprises like that one." He said aloud, and the goblin made a cackling laugh.

To be continued…. I hope