Not reading what you sign

Chapter 7

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Harry was speechless to say the least, He was standing in the presence of the most recognized magical figure of all time, and truth be told out of everything that he thought that he would see on the other side, coming face to face with Merlin and being surrounded by over a hundred magicals was not on the list. He blinked, looked around at the gathered people, blinked again, then looked back at the man who still held one hand on his shoulder. "Forgive my bluntness, but what the hell is going on here?" Harry said in a voice that was just a little edgier then he had meant it to be, because of his confusion.

Merlin just gave a chuckle and smiled at the confused boy. "You, My dear boy, have unknowingly stumbled upon the true purpose of my Veil, it was invented to exorcize unwanted spirits. Though the gathering of fools that calls themselves the Ministry of Magic has perverted it into being an execution machine." he said the last part with disdain "Now on a normal occasion, you would have just fallen out of the other side completely unharmed, but because you carried three soul fragments with you, and along with the resurrection stone of the Deathly Hallows, you have created a rare combination that allows for a unique scenario to take place. With the stone, the soul fragments become sacrifices two souls back from the beyond, the third being used in your own resurrection. All the souls present are ones that qualify and do not mind returning to the realm of the living. All i ask is that you choose wisely." he said before he vanished slowly with a smile.

For what felt like an hour to him, Harry walked around looking at each of the souls present, Stopping to talk to a few of them. He noted that his parents were not amongst the crowd, and a wave of sorrow filled him at this revelation until a voice sounded throughout the area. "Long time no see Pup." The voice brought him out of his sorrow quickly and he whipped around to see a man pushing past two taller wizards and his smile broadened as his lost godfather, a man who was more of a parent to him in the two years that he knew him then anyone, Sirius Black, walked up to him and pulled him into an embrace.

"Sirius! Please tell me that you can come back with me." Harry said desperately as they broke the embrace.

"I can, so long as you choose me." The marauder said with a toothy grin. "But I don't want you to feel obligated to choose me outright." He added glancing at all the other people around them, worried, but Harry waived him off.

"No, no, I'm pretty sure that I would like you to come back with me. I feel ashamed to admit that the world actually needs you, the why is completely beyond me." he replied jokingly, even though he couldn't resist the barb, his heart was filled with more joy then he had felt in a really long time his godfather would live again.

He glanced around once more, How was he going to choose the second being to return with him. It didn't feel right just selecting one other person at random, and leave everyone else behind, but just as two men shifted, a set of soft eyes captured his, he felt a very strong tug on his soul, the feeling was one of confirmation, he knew this soul was to return with him. he made his way slowly to the eyes that caught his attention and with a polite gesture with his hands he silently asked the two men to move aside, reviling a young woman, who was not even a year older then himself. Sirius walked up behind him and placed a hand on his shoulder, harry turned his head to his godfather who gave a small nod and a soft smile. Harry returned his gaze to the young woman and outstretched his hand in an open invitation, at which the girl tentatively stretched out her arm and as soon as her fingers touched his, there was a flash of magic and they were gone.

At that very moment, In two portraits, One which resided in Albus Percival Wilfric Brian Dumbledore's office; The other was hanging in The Hogs Head tavern belonging to his brother Aberfourth, A young woman smiled for the first time in years.

For the girls, only the span of ten seconds had passed before the room was momentarily filled with a bright white flash of magic followed by the noise of multiple bodies hitting the ground on the other side of the veil. The first of them to react was Luna who's slight frown turned into a wide smile as she darted around to the other side to find Harry De-tangling himself from the two people that were on top of him. As soon as he was able to gain his footing once more he was almost knocked back over by a pair of blondes who started sobbing happily into his chest. Gabrielle looked up at him with tear filled eyes. "Oh 'Arry I am so glad you made it through." she said through her sobs, before burring her face in his chest again.

He smiled and kissed the top of her head softly before doing the same to Luna, he then looked around at the rest of the blurry figures around him. when he realized. "Hey, wheres my glasses?" he asked sheepishly.

"You mean THESE?" Sirius said, holding the elusive spectacles aloft. "Guess you'll have to just come get them!" Harry reached for his glasses, although Sirius, being the taller of the two just moved them higher out of the boys reach. As he laughed, it seemed that all the years that had etched into the mans face were erased from his face, leaving him looking the way he should for his age, if not better. After a few moments of wrestling with his godson he finally relinquished the glasses and helped Harry up. "So i see that you trusted me in my will." Sirius said with a dog-like smirk on his face as he looked at the girls surrounding them.

Suddenly the doors burst open and the Minister of magic, Cornelius Fudge, stormed in followed by Moody, Kingsley, Percy Weasley, and Albus Dumbledore. "Professor, Sirs. Minister." Harry said plainly with a very small bow. Dumbledore was about to make a remark when his eyes fell upon the young woman that now was staring at him wide eyed, standing behind Daphne. The woman stepped passed the slytherin and closer to the aged headmaster.

"Albus." she said in a soft whisper that could still be heard reverberating through the chamber due to the dead silence that filled the room. she took a deep breath and spoke again. "You have gotten old, brother." she said softly. The old mans eyes widened as a sudden realization dawned on him. "Ar...Ariana?" he gasped out before falling backwards clutching his chest.

Ron Weasley had woken up that morning to the soft tapping of a beak on glass, he groaned and opened the window for the Gringotts owl to glide in and land on his desk with his leg stuck out, waiting for the youngest male Weasley to take the parchment from him. Ron reached out to grab the letter, and only after receiving a rather hard peck on the back of his hand as he was just about to tear open the letter, did he reach over and grab one of Pig's treats that were scattered over his desk to give to the owl. The bird gave an agitated hoot before soaring out of the open window. Ron smiled as he tore open the letter and read the first few lines.

Mr. Ronald Weasley,

We were surprised to receive your letter regarding Marriage Contracts for the House of Weasley. Upon Further investigation we have found an old dormant contract for your family , if you wish to claim it please stop in our offices in Diagon Alley. We have already contacted...

Ron gave a loud noise in happiness as he grabbed clothing off the floor and threw them on before rushing down the stairs and to the fireplace and with a flash of green, Ron's life was changed forever.

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