Not Reading What You Sign

By Genzosanzo

Chapter 8

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This chapter was written on and off since the last chapter was uploaded. In this chapter you find out whom Ron's bride will be. Some have figured out who it is, just by reading my summary.

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A week after Albus Dumbledore was released from St. Mongos for that minor cardiac infarction that he sustained from the shock of seeing his sister once again; He and Severus took the path up to the front door of Number Twelve Grimmauld place to set up for the next Order meeting that would be taking place a little later this afternoon. The potions master entered first, and entered right into a rather large cobweb. With a groan, he turned to the elder man. "I shall be right back headmaster." He said shortly as he started to peal off the web from his clothes and face. Walking up the stairs to the second floor, because on that floor was one of the nicer bathrooms in this dingy old building. He opened the door to the bathroom, only pausing for a moment to wonder why the door was closed. He walked right to the sink, then he quite suddenly that the shower was running, and he was not alone.

He whipped around pulling his wand as he did so but what he saw through the clear class shower door made the normally emotionless man stop in his tracks. Looking back at him through the glass was a surprised, quite naked witch. Her skin was of a fair complexion, but was smattered with blue splotches; He also noted that her hair was of the same hue of blue as the patches on her body, in every place that hair grew on her body. Slightly long legs that came up to rounded hips and a nicely rounded buttock to match. When his eyes met the light blue patch that rested just above the apex of her thighs, Snape's face turned a very deep crimson blush that had been absent for many, many years. "Oh Dear Sweet Merlin, I am so sorry!" he blurted out, but as he averted his eyes the woman threw a bar of soap at the general vicinity of his head and grabbed the towel that hung just outside the door and proceeded to shove the surprised man out of the small room and slammed the door closed behind him. Snape stood there muttering for a good minute before finally making his way back down the staircase, by the time he reached the dining room Albus could hear the distinct phrase 'the carpet matches the drapes.' Coming from the mouth of his potions teacher repeatedly.

"What was that Severus?" Albus asked.

Severus shook his head to clear it. "Nothing headmaster." He replied, "Although it may interest you that there is an unknown woman in the bathroom on the second floor."

Dumbledore's eyes widened at the last thing his potions master had just said. "And you did not think to question as to why she is here, Severus?" Albus asked calmly, though looking at the man like he had lost his mind.

"To be quite honest sir, that was the last thing going through my mind at the time." He said as a slight blush graced his cheeks.

With a sigh and an eye roll the Headmaster walked out of the kitchen and to the base of the staircase, pointed his wand to his throat, and cast sonorous. "Whoever you are, when you find yourself decent, Please come down, unarmed. Thank you." He called out, letting his voice reverberate throughout the house. After pocketing his wand he walked back into the kitchen to find the man he had left with the blush on his face intensified. "Really Severus, I thought you only had eyes for one woman?" He asked in jest, but also slightly worried that he would loose yet another pawn for the greater good.

The sneer that crossed Snape's face surpassed all the others. "Watch your tongue old man, or loose it."

Meanwhile, at the burrow…

After scraping Errol, the family owl, off the window to collect the days post, Molly Weasley was surprised to see a great horned owl land gracefully on the windowsill and perched itself in a very dignified manner, holding an official Gringotts sealed letter in its beak, addressed to her youngest boy Ronald. She took the envelope from the owl and opened it thinking to her self that any monetary business of Ron concerned the whole family, praying to anyone that would listen that he hadn't gotten himself in any sort of trouble with the goblins. Her eyes narrowed as she read the words "The contractual marriage between Ronald Bilious Weasley and Pansy Pernelle Parkinson, as activated by one Ronald Bilious Weasley earlier this week, shall take place at the London branch of Gringotts in three days time, at 12:00 noon…"

"RONALD WEASLEY!" Molly's shrieking could be heard across the entire house. "GET YOUR ARSE DOWN HERE THIS INSTANT"

Ron Hearing his mothers voice sound angrier that it had in all of her past howlers combined, ran downstairs for fear of death and castration. He passed Fred and George on his way into the kitchen, both leaning against the door frame wearing matching grins. "You're in for it mate," George whispered, "she's quite riled this time." Ron glared at him before entering the kitchen fearfully to be confronted by his furious mother.

As soon as Molly saw her youngest, she shoved the letter into his hands. "HOW DARE YOU LET YOUR CHILDISH JEALOUSY AFFECT OUR FAMILY LIKE THIS? BLINDLY ACTIVATING A MARRIAGE CONTRACT THAT HAS BEEN DORMENT FOR OVER A CENTURY?! WHAT IN MERLINS NAME WERE YOU THINKING? PUTTING YOUR SELF IN WITH THAT FAMILY! YOU MIGHT AS WELL BE WORKING FOR YOU-KNOW-WHO HIMSELF!" The Weasley matriarch paused her ranting for a moment to stomp over to the fire place, took a pinch of floo powder and threw it in the fire before poking her head in to contact her husband.

Out of the corner of his eye, Fred saw something noteworthy at which he placed a hand on George's shoulder and pointed at the family clock. Ron's clock arm had moved from 'home', to 'mortal danger'. Getting his brothers attention again, Fred motioned to his ear before both of them apperated to their bedroom and seconds later two extendable ears launched all the way down the stairs so they could listen from a safer distance

"Your father will be coming home shortly, so please just sit down and shut up for a few minutes. Of all the stupid and idiotic things you have done in your life… honestly." As soon as Molly finished her sentence the fireplace flared green and Arthur stepped out, but before he could move further into the room, His wife was already in front of him pushing the Gringotts letter into his hands. Confusion crossed his mind before looking down at the parchment in his hands. After a good ten minutes he folded up the letter, set it down as he walked over to the liquor cabinet, and opened it. He pulled out his wand and removed the small 'notice me not' charm, revealing a dusty looking bottle. For the last five generations this bottle of Ogden's Special Reserve Firewhiskey, charmed to refill itself 3 times, has been handed down from father to son, with only 1 refill remaining. It was only to be opened in emergencies or times of great celebration.

Arthur Weasley found it to be an emergency not to kill his son. So he took out the bottle, pulled the cork out, and took a swig from it. "Dad I can explain…" Ron started but was cut off as his father held up a hand to stop him from saying anything. He lifted the bottle back to his lips and took another long drink from it, before putting the cork back in and replaced the bottle and the charm on it.

"Ronald." His father said calmly as he turned around to face his son. "Know, always, that you are a part of this family, and we love you. But this you have to face for your self." Arthur said before walking back to the fireplace, pausing only to kiss his wife on the cheek before flooing back to his office.

After Arthur left Molly turned to face her youngest whom had already fallen back into a chair with his head in his hands. Her motherly instincts had kicked in and while she was angry with him for his complete stupidity, he was still her son so she sat down next to him and placed a hand on his shoulder. "Ronald, you have done some stupid things in your life, but now you must live with this mistake you have made. Ok lets go get your dress..." she started to say before an extremely Regale looking brown owl dropped a parcel on Ron's lap and a letter in Molly's. She took the letter, wondering what could have happened now. This letter was even more surprising than the last.

Dear Weasley Family,

I Lord Blaine Parkinson, Head of the Nobel house of Parkinson, upon hearing about young Ronald's state of dress at the Yule Ball during the Triwizard Tournament, have taken it upon myself to purchase the boy a set of decent dress robes that will not bring Embarrassment and shame to both our families during this union. I also ask that only immediate family at the ceremony in three days time. Also I request to have a private meeting with Lord Arthur Weasley before the wedding for a private discussion. Now I do home that this union will help shed Light on my families standing in this up and coming war, and I look forward to meeting you all in three days.

Lord Blaine Parkinson

Harry, Susan, Neville, and Hermione, after taking the Dobby Express, to the apparition point of St. Mongos, started to walk to the front door. Harry had contacted his fellow Dorm mate a few days ago to ask if he could go with the previously shy Gryffindor the next time that he went to go see his parents, to which Neville reluctantly agreed. As they walked through the front doors, the sounds of battle hit them, spell fire, explosions, moans of pain and anguish, and the last sound was one that hit the two boys hard. Laughter, maniacal and insane, belonging to a witch that they knew was running towards them. The two Gryffindor boys looked at each other quickly before taking the hands of their respective partners and moved on either side of the hall behind desks and tables, they had one advantage, and Bellatrix Lestrange did not know what was about to happen to her.

Bellatrix Lestrange was laughing as she ran from the battle; she wanted to get outside the wards so she could go to her master to tell him the good news of the hospital now being crippled. Nearly half the healers they had on staff had been taken out by the strike force she had led; the light side now did not have enough healers to help them through the war. Her laughter got louder as she came to the entryway and the dual glass doors came into view, but she was too excited to notice two young men darting in front of her and two simultaneous yells of 'reducto' reverberating through the halls before she saw nothingness.

Harry walked over to the pieces of what once was one of the most feared witches of her time, and bent down to pick up her wand, then walked over to Neville and handed the wand to the man. "Nev, you take this. Today a lot of lives have been avenged, and even more have bees saved from her death. Now, we need to help the people here." Harry said as he drew his second wand and took off down the corridor with Neville on his heels. The girls followed, rolling their eyes and muttering about Gryffindor and boys in general.

Gilderoy Lockhart moved quickly around the corridors, dodging the stray beams of light that moved into his path. He had no idea what was going on, all he knew was that there were people in black cloaks and silver masks that were killing some of the nicest people; the same people that were helping him in trying to rebuild his memories. He turned a corner just in time to see one of the aforementioned doctor's jumps on the back of a lone robed figure and managed to pull off the hood and mask before being thrown off. Looking around quickly he saw a fallen man with one of those funny sticks still in his hand, so he snatched it up quickly and leveled it at the slicked back blonde haired young man, and yelled the first word that came to mind "OBLIVIATE" twisting his wrist, following his instincts.

Draco Malfoy fell to the found as he felt his mind being wiped away. This was just supposed to be his initiation run, to show the dark lord that he was ready and able to uphold the dark lords bidding and earn his mark. Though he knew as the first spell was thrown that he couldn't do it, so he ran, trying to find a way to hide. The Malfoy scion had stopped to catch his breath when the doctor had pounced on him, tearing his hood and mask off. After he threw the man off of him, he had every intention to run when he was hit with that spell. As his memories faded; he watched the doctor pull someone that he could only think looked kind of familiar to him, down the hall and through a doorway.

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