Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

My best friend made a mistake. A big one. Not insurmountable...but, still, big enough.

She'd hitched her cart to the wrong wagon. Although, to her credit, she'd tried to make it work. After all, she'd had the best reason in the world to attempt making the best of a bad situation.

His name was Henry Jareau LaMontagne.

And the precious bundle was an angel wrapped in fairy dust, dropped from the heavens above directly into my lap. And I wasn't just saying that because he was the most perfect baby on the planet or because he was my godson. I've never been one to skew the facts.

Well, not much anyway.

It was all that slow-talking pretty boy's fault, I huffed to myself as I fought another fit of the vapors. Him and his southern charm. If not for him, my very best friend in this world or the next wouldn't be on the verge of leaving me, the BAU, and everything else she knew behind to pursue a new, and allegedly better, life in The Big Easy.

Phttt! The Big Queasy, if you asked me.

Of course, without Will, I wouldn't have her perfect bundle of baby perfection that currently sat in my lap cooing. But, that was beside the point.

"I still say that Uncle Hotch could find a loophole for us if he tried harder, my little junior g-man," I said to the baby in my arms, jiggling his warm, soft body. "Seriously, how could it be deemed a kidnapping if I'm a godparent? And that felony business," I snorted, wrinkling my nose at the distastefulness of the entire situation. "I think he was just making that up, don't you?"

Glancing down at Henry's cherubic face, I felt my eyes cloud again, and I mentally cursed William LaMontagne for the umpteenth time. "Have you tried telling them that you don't wanna go, pumpkin?" I asked the baby woefully. "There's a chance they'd listen to you."

But, still, my perfect piece of baby heaven stayed resolutely silent. Sighing as I heard my lair's door open, I grimaced when I looked over my shoulder and saw JJ and her washed-out version of Rhett Butler standing patiently.

"It's time, Garcie," JJ said softly, her voice even keeled.

I briefly deliberated simply tossing the baby over my shoulder and making a break for it, but something in JJ's eyes stopped me. Something I hadn't seen in a long time.


I knew my friend was tired of the mayhem and the murder. The vigor and the violence. And I knew she saw this as her golden opportunity to reach for the happily ever after that she and her son deserved. And shifting my eyes to the tall Southerner at her side, it was obvious that he very much wanted to give it to them.

So, sadly, I dropped my gaze back to the downy head resting comfortably against my bosom. Brushing a kiss against his golden head, I nodded, my fighting spirit diminished.

Handing the baby over into his father's hands, I warned, narrowing my eyes in what I hoped was a death-defying glare, "You screw this up, my slick little Southerner, and there won't be a Bayou swamp deep enough to hide you."

"I hear ya, chère," Will said with an understanding smile.

Obviously he was unaware of my devious and extensive powers. Nodding in spite of my desire to make the man disappear from the face of the earth, I turned to JJ next. "You're breaking my heart, Gumdrop. But, I understand."

Blinking back tears, JJ whispered hoarsely, "Thank you," as she wrapped me in a tight embrace.

And as I watched their small family leave my sight, I wondered if perhaps it wasn't my best friend's mistake, but mine, in thinking that I could stop the inevitable.


In memoriam of our dear friend, JWynn, lost to us on July 29, 2010. We will forever miss your grace and your light.