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It was the sterility of the walls and the ceiling, the lights from the fluorescence, and the smell of nothing that always made Jack Spicer hate the doctor's office. But he knew that not going to the routine checkups would hurt him more than help him…so every time he got a note from his doctor saying "Come on in!" He swallowed his fear and held his breath.

But he was starting to need air. It had started normally, just some of the regular health tests; but then Dr. Jackson left the office and came back with an entirely new stack of papers. And then it had begun. This was the reason that he hated the doctor's office, and why he hated medical shows. It was always the same, they'd find one small thing that wasn't wrong, (and in Jack what wasn't wrong?) and they'd freak out.

And so they ran tests, and more tests, and more, until three hours had passed. Finally the doctor came back into the office and sighed, dropping Jack's folder onto the sterile counter top and putting his hands on either side.

Jack knew that sigh; it was the same sigh his parents always gave him when they were all together. It was disappointment. It was world-weary. It was hopeless.

"I'm going to die soon aren't I?" Jack's voice held no quiver, no fear, just fact. This was the inevitable; apparently his inevitable was coming sooner than most. How funny. I always thought that could take a beating better than most…I suppose not.

"Yes." The doctor's voice had a quiver, because he didn't like to think that it was inevitable, but there was no way to cure this poor boy. He was falling apart, his muscles were too small and stretched to heal, his bones lacked enough marrow to produce white blood cells, his albinism was starting to ruin his skin and his eyes, and sadly it seemed his brain was too competent for its body, moving too fast, pushing too hard.

"Okay. Well, then…" Jack breathed in and let it out, praying the tears would hold. "I've been in this office for a very long time, Doctor, if you can get me my bill, and write up a report for myself and my parents explaining how and why I'm going to be pushing daises soon, that would be helpful."

Jack slid off the paper covered edge of the high table, and walked over to the doctor, and placing a hand on the man's shoulder. "Doctor…Richard, you've been my doctor for five years now, I'm not fourteen. I can handle it. Just email me the report, okay."

"Yes." The doctor's words were choked, the young man's visits to him over the past flashing before his eyes. He was a good kid, but too odd to be popular, alone and unhappy, but he always held strong, held his own in a beauty and shallow centered world.

From the time when he had been a small teenager sitting alone in the waiting room, lying to the secretary about why his parents weren't there or why he had a huge black eye or a very noticeable limp. To when he walked into the office with his shoulders up and his head held up high, even though everyone saw he was aching on the inside, because no one was there to wish his a happy birthday fifteenth, happy sixteenth birthday, happy seventeenth birthday, happy eighteenth birthday, none of them, from no one.

To just this morning, when he had walked in with a huge smile on his face, thinking that for once he wasn't seeing his doctor to get healed from a Showdown but to have a routine checkup.

A single tear fell onto the manila folder. It was hard to be strong, but for some reason, as Jack took his hand off Richard's shoulder and left the office, he felt as if it was going to be okay, he had a report to write up for Jack, so at least he could be comfy as he slowly died.


Jack smiled as Delores (the front secretary of the doctor's office) handed him his papers and then left. He walked down the long narrow hallway of the office passing the multiple doors of other medical persons, quickly, briskly. The dim lights cast shadows everywhere; no one could see his eyes, his shimmering tearful eyes.

As soon as he reached the outside of the office, he activated his hellipack and went up, turning in the director of home. Then the thoughts started, God how he hated being a genius. It was clockwork.

That idiot doctor must be wrong, I can't die. I'm Jack Spicer, soon to be evil ruler of the world!

Arrogance and anger.

Ha! You wish, face it; the doctor was right. We are going to die, soon, hell, from the look on his face and the fucking sigh, not to mention those ridiculous tears…I say we've only got a few weeks: two maybe three.

Cynical and realistic.

Well. That's it then isn't it, what to do…I suppose since we're going to be die soon we might as well just sit around and wait for it, clean up the lab, sell of the robots and some of the tech, get rid of the Wu and do nothing but eat potato chips all the do-da-day.

Hopelessness and hurt.

Or maybe…this is a good thing. Maybe this is actually the answer to what we've needed all along.


Well think about it. We're going to die, which means that we have the final say in it. In everything, we can do anything without consequence. BECAUSE WE'LL BE DEAD!

Seriously smart and deviously delicious.

But what can I do, I mean I don't know what I want…a list might work, like in that bad movie with the two old guys…whatever it was called. A list, that's what we will do. I can write down all the things I always said I wanted to do.

I'll make it tonight.

And so as he flew through the air, away from the tall building of the city and into the quit forests of the surrounding areas, he felt himself change directions, gentle turning to the left he felt himself headed towards the center of China towards a rural area known for rice farms, ancient temples, and the last remaining Xiaolin monk training ground.

So he flew over the last mountain range and the valley of the temple came into view, Jack was shaken by a sudden jolt of terror. He stopped, hovering in mid-air, the wind quietly whipping his cloths, his hair, and whispering in his ear.

The fear of going to confess his weakness to the few people who he considered his friends was burning in his mind. What would happen? What would they say? What if the decided to kill him then and there to save the trouble?

But he pushed those fears aside. He couldn't afford to let them beat him again. So he landed in the courtyard of the ancient temple and was greeted by the sight of the master monks all mediating. Master Fung leading them, looking up from his lotus position.

When his eyes met Jack's he slowly rose and walked towards the young man. "Master Spicer, what can I do for you on this fine evening, the monks are inside training if you wish to quarrel. " the man spoke with humor, not the disdain of the young monks, but this man Jack knew understood him more than he let on.

"Yeah…Yeah, I'd like to see them, please?" it seemed only right to be polite to the grand master, he had never done anything wrong to Jack. He might be on the side of evil, but it wasn't an excuse to be rude…well not anymore anyways. Besides….this old man's going to be around a lot longer than me….I should respect him.

"Follow me." The master spoke in quiet and quick Chinese to the other grand masters who continued their meditation. And soon he was following Fung into the temple.

"I must say Spicer; I have felt this visit coming for a long time. And I am sad to see it arrive." The Master spoke genuinely and Jack felt a small glimmer of gratitude, if the man was lying, it was still kind of him to do so.

"Yeah? That's great, though I really have to ask you how you know."

"I am a very old man who has seen death in his dreams many times; I know the look of it. Sufficed to say, the shadow has followed you for years now."

"That doesn't explain why you care whether I go or not. I am supposedly on the side of Evil remember?"

"The loss of a life is a sad thing no matter what. That and I believe you have taught the young monks more than you think. They do seem to prefer you over any other Heylin warrior."

"That's because they can beat me in a snap." He said with a humorless laugh. "Besides, I'm not sure if you haven't noticed this but I won't be missed too much by anyone."

The elderly man sighed. And he raised his hand to an archway to the next room. "I will miss you Jack Spicer. You are a better soul than anyone knows. The monks are in there. If they give you any problems I will deal with them." The master bowed low and Jack returned the gesture. It was unlike him but, it wasn't everyday you found yourself dying.

"Goodbye, old Master. Thank you." And he walked into the room where the Xiaolin monks were. And a sight to behold was it. The four younger teens were all in a large open space on the upper level of the room. All had out their signature Wu and were having a Battle Royale. They sprang around the room, leaping in the air, twisting and turning. Pulling off stunts of such magnitude Jack felt his death more and more by the second.

Standing in the archway, hidden by the shadows of the stone structure, Jack peered around the room. Down the few steps from where to the monks were battling, sat a table, and cushions. It was closer to Jack. He could probably take a seat at one of the cushions and hope they didn't all try and kill him once they saw him.

Quietly Jack snuck over to the table and took a seat on one of the cushions and watched the monks continue their duel. Through the sounds of clashing magic he heard their laughter and talking.

"You're going down Clay, check it." Raimundo's voice was filled with the adrenaline of a man who held confidence in his power.

"Not today partner. Kimiko you wanna actually fight or have a tea party?" The larger teen was easy going even in the heat of battle. Jack felt the sickening feeling of envy creep through his veins yet again.

"Hello Spicer."

Jack nearly jumped out of his seat and screamed but was somehow able to only flinch at the sound of the greeting. He focused onto the spot where the noise had come from and found the small green dragon, Dojo, tending to the bonsai on the table, a pair of frilly gloves and a hat adorning him as he delicately sheared off excess leaves.

"Hi." He looked back at the monks and sighed. He dropped his head to rest on his knuckles, "I suppose you know to?"

"Yep. You smell like a doctor's office. Badly." The dragon gently wrinkled his snout and gave a quiet huff of distastes. Dojo placed the shears down gently and turned around to look at Jack; resting himself against the pot's edge.

"I'll remember to scrub thoroughly next time." He said dryly, the irony of it heavy enough to make both boy and dragon laugh. "What are they doing?" he flicked his eyes towards the still oblivious monks.

"Dish duty." The statement was made without any kind of embellishment.


"Yep." They both looked over at the fighting monks and sat in peace for a moment or two. Then Jack felt a small scale hand rest on his arm. He looked down to see Dojo still watching the monks; not saying anything or doing anything different. But the small comfort was enough to make Jack's eyes water.

It was the strangest thing that he would ever know. Two people who had he had thought hated him, were both grieving for him. And for some reason all those lessons on propriety and civility his mother had beaten into him were surfacing. And he wasn't being his normal annoying public self.

It's nice to be able to relax and be me for a bit. Even if death is the cost.

Suddenly he was hit square in the chest with a blast of energy. He flew back and crashed into the wall. His breath was yanked from his body and he felt his bones clank together and his skin absorb the shock. The black spots popped into his vision and the pain rushed through his body.

"Oh fuck that hurts!" He tried to stand and wobbled a bit before the spots cleared. He blinked and was met with the sight of four very angry teenaged monks coming at him. Jack tried his hardest to scramble away but was thrown against the wall again and held there by Clay's massive hands.

"Jack Spicer! What are you doing here?" He looked down to where Omi was standing and tried to draw in a breath to answer but was assaulted with pain. He choked and coughed up blood. The bitter iron taste wasn't new to him but it always made him queasy.

"Can't I visit you losers without being assaulted all the time?" He tried to sound tough and strong but the lack of air and the crushing pain throughout his body made it a lot harder that you would think.

"No, you really can't Jack, so tell us why you're here so we can get this over with, we have stuff to do." Kimiko's tone was bored and hateful. Jack had never particularly disliked her but her disdain of him never made him very fond of her. Besides being a faggot kind of made you allergic to woman as a whole.

Jack felt a flash of pain more intense than any before. And he knew it wasn't because of the monks. Even admitting it even to himself made him hate himself more. Focus on the current problem Jack, or you won't have a chance to focus on your….bad habits…

"Look….I can't really breath so if you could just put me….down I would be able to-" he stopped when he saw Master Fung out of the corner of his eye. His eyes me those of the Master and he shook his head. Barely enough to be seen but the Master seemed to pick it up. He glided into the room and sat down on one of the cushions.

"Young Monks….? Why are you choking my guest on the wall?" all four of the monks spun around and faced Fung, Jack fell to the floor and crumpled in a heap and gasped for air. All four monks quickly went to the table and bowed before taking seat across from the Master.

Dojo for his part slithered over to Jack and tried miserably to pull the pale boy up. Jack slowly stood and shook himself before very slowly and cautiously walking over to the side of the table where Master Fung was and sat down next to the man.

"Don't sit there!" Omi shouted at Jack as he sat down. "You worm in the dirt! Don't sit next to Master Fung you are-" He broke off as Fung held up a hand.

Dojo slithered up to the table and sat in the branches of the bonsai, watching the monk before speaking. "Its snake in the grass Omi, not worm in the dirt."

"Thank you Dojo."

"No problem little buddy." He curled himself up tighter and settled back in the bonsai, looking at Jack expectantly.

Catching the look, Jack cleared his throat and looked down at his hands were they lay in his lap. "I've come to…give you all my Wu." He took a peak up through his lashes at the monks. All stared at him with open eyes and shocked expressions.

"Yes young ones, Jack here has seemed to have a change of heart due to his impending-"

"Leaving!" He shot the Master a look that held the hope of keeping his secret. "I'm leaving, moving away from China, going to back to America to…uh…work, as a professor at a college." Jack stumbled a little and tried to look like he believed all the lies he just said.

"You….your leaving?" It was Kimiko that broke the silence. "And…you want us…to keep your Wu? Why not just give it to Wuya….or Chase?" Her tone turned more suspicious at the end.

"I…uhhh….don't feel the need to give it to them, they've been….a bit rude to me in the past if you haven't noticed." He gave an awkward smile, and sent a silent prayer that they'd just take the offer and shut up.

"That's true but….we're not exactly your friends Jack." Raimundo was the one who spoke this time. And of course he was the one that had to crush the small part of Jack that hoped that the monks would care about him…even a tiny, tiny, ity, bity bit.

"I know that! But…..look just come to my lab tomorrow at noon and take all my Wu, I've got a good seven or eight…I've been lucky these past few times." He got up and quickly left the room. As he left he heard all the monks bombard the Master with question after question about what had just happened. Hopefully they won't tell the monks the truth…

Once he was outside, he activated his hellipack and took off. Once he was above the temple he gave a sigh of relief. He had survived the Xiaolin temple with only minimal damage. Okay….next is Chase's lair, and then I can go home and pretend I'm not dying.

As he flew through the air he hummed a soft tune. This was his favorite invention ever. The hellipack let him feel free and like a bird. When he was flying in the sky there was nothing wrong with the world. Maybe if I'm even allowed to go to heaven this is what it'll be like…that would be nice.

His belief in God was something that also had always made his parents upset…they, as strong and firm atheists, didn't understand why he believed in Heaven. But they didn't see how much he needed it. How badly the idea of a better life was the only thing that had kept him alive….until now.

Seems like my luck's run away with my imagination. Ahhh….well, it could be worse….I could be stupid. He smiled to himself. But the smile dropped and he felt his heartbeat quicken as the giant mountain came into view.

He gulped and felt his confidence leave his body. What am I supposed to say to Chase and Wuya? 'hey guys, it's me, I just came to say, no hard feelings right? Well good, oh, by the way, I'm dying. He shook his head as he landed in front of the massive door. He would keep his impending daisy pushing to himself.

He slipped through the door as quietly as he could and walked down the long dark hallway before entering the majestic foyer. He was always so shocked by how beautiful it was in here, how it felt like a separate world from everywhere else.

His amazement was cut short this time when he heard a rough growl. His eyes darted around until they came to rest on a power tiger slinking towards him, feral eyes looking hungry as ever. Jack took a step back and then another one until he tripped over something and fell onto his butt. Scrambling away he noticed he had tripped on the back of another giant cat.

His breath came in shallow gasps now…more and more of the beasts seem to appear out of every single; and soon the whole pack was surrounding him. His back to a wall and no way of defending himself, he did the only thing plausible; these cats are still humans aren't they?

"You…you guys wouldn't want to eat me….I'm dying." Jack saw the cats hesitate, some seemed to look around at the others, questioning his honesty. "It's true….just came from the doctor's this morning, he told me the whole thing, 'you're dying Jack…but don't worry I'm sure you'll have a nice…nice...'" He tried to laugh a little and smile but it got caught in his throat and he couldn't hold himself up anymore.

His slid down the wall until he was sitting on the floor. The tears wouldn't come so he just sat there. Eyes wet and voice caught in his throat, "come on then, just kill me, get it over with." His voice was barely a whisper.

The cats all regarded him with a pitying gaze, Christ now the cats pity me. Cautiously one of them approached him; it placed its nose close to his head and took a sniff. Then another. Then another. Then it turned its head and growled to all the others.

Jack watched with fascination as all the cats backed off, slowly they all started to crawl back into their respective areas…then it occurred to him that they would tell Chase. And he would tell Wuya…and she would tell everyone.

"W-wait!" He cried. All of the cats stopped and turned back to him. Eyes annoyed and questioning.

"Don't….tell Chase. Please. I can't have them knowing." He pleaded with his eyes.

Then, one by one the cats nodded only once, and then they continued to slink away. Jack heaved a sigh of relief and stood up. He brushed his eyes with the sleeves of his coat and started to walk up the colossal staircase that would lead to Chase's and Wuya's main chamber.

When he pushed through the doors he was met with the sight of a very good-looking shirtless Chase and Wuya going at it Kung Fu style. Jack stayed where he was, head and part of the upper body poking through the door way and the other half hidden, in the case of needing to run away.

After about five minutes of waiting Jack lost all of his nerve….maybe I can come back another time? I mean they're both just so busy right now, I'd hate to be the one that would interrupt them….God they'd both kill me.

He shuddered and started to pull back when he felt something nudge on his back. He twisted around to see the same cat that had sniffed him, push him forward into the room. "Fine." He muttered, "But if they kill me it's all your fault." He gave one last glare at the animal before slipping into the room and quietly shutting the door behind him.

Instantly both Wuya and Chase stopped moving and sharply turned to face the door, both in attacking positions, poised. Both relaxed when they saw Jack standing there.

Wuya was the one relaxed first, dropping her hands she let her talons fall onto Chase's shoulder blade and gave Jack a smug look. "What brings you here Jack? Haven't you reached your weekly quota of sheer embarrassment yet?" He hated how her words stung.

She dragged her nail across Chase's back as she swayed around him until she was in front of Jack. He hated how she looked. Tall, tanned, red hair cascading sexily around her tight kimono; it just wasn't fair how some people got everything. And Jack got…well, jack shit.

"Leave." He snapped his eyes to meet her; I'm still shorter than her…ugh. He gathered his nerves and swallowed.

"No." He didn't step back, he didn't even breath. Waiting to see what she would do. He almost laughed at her surprise. She took a step back and raised a hand. Jack waited for her to strike but instead she merely, waltzed backwards. Without another word.

"Spicer. Now that you and the Witch have had your fun will you please explain to me as to why you've decided to intrude upon my lair. Again?" Chase didn't look at Jack; he actually had said his little speech as he walked over to the sitting area to pull on his shirt.

Jack's eyes followed those rippling muscles until the shirt covered them. He shook his head and calmed himself. Even if you were dying, which you are, that would be way out of your league, Hell he's out of your world. The thought sobered him, and he let the weight of his knowledge pull his shoulders down dejectedly.

"I….just came to apologize." Glass shattering pierced the silence. Both Jack and Chase's eyes snapped to Wuya, whose hand was still poised in a position to drink, her cup of tea now in shards on the ground, a look of shock across her face.

She recovered quickly and snapped. Instantly the shards reassembled and placed itself neatly on the table next to the plush chair that she was occupying while the liquid simply…disappeared. She jumped out of the chair and practically ran over to Chase where she gripped his arm.

Another thing Jack had always envied was their little telepathy communication thingy. They didn't even need to speak to convey entire conversations. Had Jack not known Wuya for years and Chase almost as long he would have thought that Chase hated Wuya and she adored him to distraction. Hell he had thought that for a while.

But recently, and now with this little scene he was proven, Wuya and Chase shared a deep bond. Maybe not a sexual one but a bond. Maybe it was their age, or their magic, or their hatred of just about everything but they got along rather well.

Jack fiddled for a minute with his clothing as the two spoke quickly and quietly before he took in a shuddered breath. He glanced away from the two to where Wuya had been sitting a few seconds ago and made a decision.

He slowly walked over to the chair and sat down. He glanced at the small tea cup, now refilled with tea and licked his lips. He hadn't eaten or drunk anything since yesterday morning…working in the lab tended to make him forget everything, and so far it had been a…busy day.

He heard movement and he looked back to where Chase and Wuya were; both walking towards him. He pulled himself closer into the seat as they approached him. Finally when they were within killing range they stopped.

"And you are sorry…why?" Chase asked; his tone suspicious and inquisitive. Jack felt his resolve weaken momentary, but it can back stronger when Wuya opened her mouth and began to speak in a harsh and condescending tone.

"Yes Jack….why in God's name are you sorry? I mean granted we all know your presence is a trial all on its own but still…." Wuya said with a snicker.

"Look. I came to tell you I'm leaving. I'm going back to the States to teach at college. And I wanted to say that….well, I'm sorry for being a pain in your asses." Jack said. With that said he stood and walked towards the door. Quickly.

He was almost out of the room when Chase seemed to materialize right in front of him. He shrieked and cowered under the Evil Lord's stare. He closed his eyes and waited for the strike to come. But it didn't instead he saw Chase just standing there. Looking at him. Waiting for something.

Jack straightened and sighed. "Look, I'm sorry for bothering you, I really just wanted to apologize. That's it. Let me leave now please." He was getting annoyed being stuck here. Between evil's hottest couple. Every second that past he felt his confidence being chipped away.

Let me go, he silently pleaded, let me go home so I can morn. So my parents can rejoice that they can finally have their will changed. Let me go home and die in peace. When it became clear to him that Chase wasn't moving he quickly walked around the warlord and left the room. He ran down the stairs and past the cats. He felt their eyes bore into his body.

He was almost to the door when he heard the whistle. Instantly the cats moved. They streaked past him and blocked the door, circling around him he had nowhere to go but up. He turned back to see Chase and Wuya at the top of the grand staircase both looking down on him with confused looks.

"Enough games Spicer!" Chase said his word echoing around the room, "tell us what you have done, What insignificant little thing you have once again failed to do. Softening us up with apologies will get you nowhere in the Heylin world."

Jack felt his anger rise, he couldn't stand this, did no one simply want to accept his story. Only now did they give a fig about him. "Nothing! Do you hear me? Nothing, I have done nothing. Excuse me and my sense of politeness but I felt the need to apologize for being such a fucking bitch to you both, but forget it. You can both go cut yourselves and bleed all over this god-damn palace of yours you high and mighty shit head!" he screamed.

As soon as he finished he activate his hellipack he shot upward towards the roof. He hovered there for only second before diving. He curved past the cats and was able to slip right through the door. Once he was out of the lair he headed home.


It's been a long time.