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"I know I messed up, but I love you, please… give me one last chance…." The violet-eyed thief stared at the golden angel in front of him. The air was thick with tension.

"Do you think I'm that gullible? That I would allow you to hurt me again?" the bright one shouted angrily.

"Krad… please…" the phantom thief was cut off as a hand grasped at his throat. He had hurt him so terribly… his other half, the deepest love he ever felt, and he had betrayed, not once, but three times. Dark was a hopeless romantic and he couldn't help himself, but it didn't make it right. He didn't have the will to fight back. The hands on his neck tightened and squeezed his airway tight.

"K-krad…" Dark wheezed. His hand reached up and grabbed a handful of long golden hair.

"I will never let you go!" Krad screamed, "Suffer like you made me suffer!"

Violet eyes met golden ones one last time. Dark's lips moved, forming the words, though no sound came out. "I love you…" were the silent words he spoke as his windpipe was crushed and the hand that grasped those golden locks fell to the ground. Those beautiful violet eyes stared lifelessly ahead as a trembling angel finally released his prey.

Krad was panting heavily as his dreadful deed was completely. He looked down at the lifeless thief and the realization of what he had done hit home.

"Dark?" he whispered, looking down at him. There was no rising or falling of his chest. His eyes stared unblinkingly forward, completely dead. The thief's body changed and a 14-year-old boy laid there, as dead as the thief had been with his ruby eyes staring forward. Krad felt himself being forced away by his Tamer, and he honestly didn't care to fight. His task was finished… it could never be undone.

Satoshi Hiwatari stared down at the dead teen in front of him. His blue eyes instantly watered with tears. How could it be. He knew of Dark and Krad's history… of everything they shared… of how much the thief loved the monster that was within him. How could it end like this? The blue-haired boy began to sob, holding Daisuke against his body. He took the body to the Niwa's house and laid him out in front of their door knocking before he left. Neither he nor Krad would forgive themselves for what they had done.