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When You Wind The Wrong Way

Chapter One


Jun stared at the petite blonde doll sitting on his bed, her long curls pooled in a silky golden ring around her a large book laid open on her lap. Despite the fact that everything looked perfectly fine, Jun couldn't help but notice something was wrong.

For one, Shinku, whose posture was normally perfectly straight, had propped herself up against the headboard of Jun's bed with pillows. She seemed to droop slightly, her head lowered as if weary. When she looked up and blinked at him, he could see her eyes were not their usual clear blue, but where instead almost glassy and unfocused.

"What is it, Jun?" she asked him, letting out her breath in a tired sigh.

"Are you okay, Shinku? You look really tired."

"Nonsense…" she replied a little faintly. "As you can see…I'm…perfectly…fine…" He watched with alarm as she trailed off, her eyes slowly closing, and she tipped forwards on top the heavy book she had been holding.

"O-Oi, Shinku! Shinku!" He raised his voice, panic beginning to rise in his throat. "P-Pull yourself together! Shinku!" His shouts brought the others running up from downstairs.

"Hohohoh…what perverted things have you done to my sister now, desu?" Suiseiseki demanded as Jun gingerly lifted Shinku into his arms.

"Wh-what the hell are you talking about? She just…collapsed…" He stared anxiously down at his doll. She felt so small, so vulnerable in his arms…

"Nothing to worry about, she's just wound down," Souseiseki said reassuringly. "You just have to wind her up again."

"Ha! To think the chibi got so worried over something as petty as that! I'll bet if it wasn't Shinku he wouldn't have that hopeless look on his face, desu…" Suiseiseki's taunts did nothing to calm Jun's nerves.

"J-just shut up!"

"Humph. You'd better hurry up and wind her key. Otherwise the chibi Ichigo will fall asleep too, desu."

"Uuuhh, I don't want to go to sleep, nano!" Hinaichigo cried, grabbing Jun's arm. "Hurry and wind her up!"

"I got it, I got it…jeez…" Jun's hand shook slightly as he laid Shinku gently on the ground and Nori handed the ornate key over. The truth was, he really wasn't used to Shinku just stopping all of a sudden, unexpectedly like that. Suiseiseki's sudden shriek made all of them jump.




"S-SERIOUSLY?" Jun jumped back, dropping Shinku's key to the ground. He stared in horror at the doll, still unconscious and unmoving, lying on the floor.


"I-is that a problem?"

"Oh, who knows, idiot chibi, because NO MEDIUM EVER BEFORE IN HISTORY HAS BEEN STUUUPID ENOUGH TO WIND A ROZEN MAIDEN DOLL THE WRONG WAY!" Suiseiseki was kneeling next to Shinku with Souseiseki, frantically shaking the blonde, trying to wake her up.

"Y-You killed Shinkuuuu!" Hinaichigo started crying.

"N-now, I'm sure it isn't that bad…" Souseiseki murmured, more to comfort herself than anyone else.

"She won't wake up!" Nori wailed, tears starting to form in her eyes as well.

"Shinku!" Jun patted, panicked, at her pale cheek. "Wake up!"

There were several more minutes of commotion, involving Suiseiseki whipping out her watering can screaming that she would avenge the death of her sister and whacking Jun repeatedly over the head, Nori going to fetch a bucket of cold water, Hinaichigo bawling her eyes out and Souseiseki attempting CPR on Shinku, as she had seen on a documentary after last night's episode of Kunkun. A sudden silence fell as the lifeless doll suddenly stirred.

"Sh-she moved!"

"Shinku's not dead!"

"Oh, thank goodness."

"Hmph…I'll take revenge later, desu."

They all crowded anxiously around as Shinku's eyelids fluttered open slowly. Her half-opened eyes were blank and vacant.

"Shinku?" Jun's concerned face appeared over her bleary vision. Her eyes widened suddenly, instantly brightening, and, to everyone's surprise, a vivid scarlet blush quickly illuminated her white porcelain cheeks.

"J-Jun…" she stuttered, in a sweet voice they'd never heard come out of her mouth before. Their jaws dropped simultaneously as tears started to form in Shinku's sky blue eyes.

"Jun…" she said again, in that high-pitched, sugary tone that seemed to embody the complete opposite of her normal voice. "Jun…what on earth took you so long?" Her voice wobbled and cracked, and she burst into tears and threw herself at Jun's chest.

"Didn't you know I thought I'd never be able to see you again?" she sobbed, her face buried in his clothes. Her body shook with dramatically (clichéd) violent sobs completely unbefitting of her character.

"Sh-Shinku?" Jun was utterly shocked, as were the others, by her sudden emotional outburst. Usually, he would have expected a slap, or sharp reprimand, but for some reason, Shinku was being uncharacteristically hysterical.

"Jun! You heartless man! Why did you not wake me up sooner?"

"Th-that's because – "

"Don't tell me you were seeing another woman? Tell me the truth! You've been seeing another woman, haven't you?"

"Wh-WHAT?" Jun spluttered, going bright red in the face. He turned to Suiseiseki and Souseiseki. "What the hell is she talking about?"

At that, Shinku looked up, tears streaks running down her pale, flushed cheeks. Her eyes were wide and moist, glistening with fresh tears.

"I knew it!" she wailed, and Jun suddenly felt the urge to back away. "I knew you were seeing someone else! Why, Jun? Why?" She grabbed the front of his shirt with surprising strength and beat her tiny fists against his chest – the very picture of a wild, passionate girl raging against a lover who has betrayed her.

"Uhmmm…Shinku, I really think you're not – "

"Why do you want to break my heart when I love you so much?"


Absolute silence.

And then,

"EEEEEHHHHHHH?" The simultaneous cry echoed, and once again, a thunderous uproar arose in the room. Shinku continued to cry and hit Jun in the chest, Suiseiseki whipped out her watering can again and waved it around, screaming such things as "Pervert!" and "Paedophile!" and "Chibi chibi chibi, desu!" and bringing down her can on Jun's head with every syllable. Souseiseki's eyes widened, and she said, "I never knew you and Shinku got that far," whilst Jun loudly and vehemently expressed his denial, at the same time shouting verbal abuse at the raging Suiseiseki. Nori had fainted some time ago and Hinaichigo had started crying again, asking Jun why he'd betrayed Shinku.

"JUUUUN!" Shinku wailed, sobbing uncontrollably into Jun's chest.


"Well, I suppose you have been looking strangely at Shinku these past few days…"


"SHUT UP EVERYONE NOOOWWW!" Jun roared, trying to push both Shinku and Suiseiseki away at the same time. As if to make matter worse, Kanaria seemed to choose at that exact time to pop in through the window. The closed window.


"Ha! I, Kanaria, the smartest of the Rozen Maiden, have successfully infiltrated – "

"OI! THAT'S MY WINDOW YOU JUST – " But Jun's enraged yell was cut short as Shinku let go of his shirt and shot across the room.

"YYYYYOOOOUUUUUUU!" In an abnormally unladylike move (but that was only to be expected, what with the current state she was in), Shinku rammed Kanaria up hard against the wall and pinned her there, her hands locked firmly down on the green-haired doll's wrists.

"I-I'm sorry, kashira!" Kanaria squeaked, instantly regretting breaking into the house. "I'll give you my Rosa – "


"HOW DARE YOU STEAL JUN FROM ME!" Shinku lifted one hand and slapped the other doll across the cheek, before erupting into uncontrollable tears again.

"G-geh…wha…?" Shocked, Kanaria cradled her reddened, stinging cheek in one hand and stared incredulously at the inconsolable fifth doll. "D-did something happen…kashira?"

Jun sighed, Hinaichigo ceased to bawl, and Suiseiseki finally relented in her quest to rid Jun of all the brain cells in his head.

"Well, we had a sort of accident…Shinku stopped this morning, and Jun wound her up, but he turned the key the wrong way. We didn't know what would happen when Shinku woke up…but now…what you see here…" Souseiseki stared half in pity, half in terror at her fifth sister, who had once again seized the front of Jun's shirt, which was already stained with damp patches, and was crying heartily into it. He had already given up trying to pry her off.

"That's right. So now she's fallen hopelessly in love with the idiot chibi moron and thinks that he's been cheating on her…with you, desu." Suiseiseki scowled at Kanaria and threw Jun a dirty look.

"It's all of you!" Shinku broke away suddenly from her medium's chest and glared tearfully at her sisters, trembling from head to toe, her expression twisted into one of pure rage – one which they had rarely ever witnessed upon her usually deadpan face. "You're all his secret mistresses, aren't you? You were all planning on sending me to sleep, and then never have me wake up again…just so you can keep him to yourselves!"

"Shinku, they're not – " Jun was silenced abruptly.

"Silence! I know what despicable plans you're all plotting! You're all here having a secret meeting to get rid of me! Jun belongs to me! Who's the ringleader here? Who's the one who started all this? Jun, don't you ever leave me again! I swear, I'll kill anyone who tries to take you from me!" Out of nowhere, Shinku whisked out her cane and brandished it threateningly in the air. Holie too, popped out, but instead of circling around her head companionably like it always did, it flew towards Jun and the other dolls, bobbing up and down as if in distress.

"As I thought, Shinku's not herself; she's acting all wrong because you wound her spring in the wrong direction," Souseiseki said gravely, following the crimson artificial spirit's movements. "Even Holie knows that – and is very upset about it."

"Prepare yourselves! I will fight for Jun! His heart belongs to me alone!"

Jun was beginning to feel very awkward and uncomfortable – his face had been steadily growing hotter with every passing moment Shinku declared "ownership" of him.

"Oi, Souseiseki! What do we do now?" he hissed.

"W-we can't just leave her like this – she's dangerous, kashira!" Kanaria squealed as she, Suiseiseki and Hinaichigo dodged Shinku's cane, which flew through the air towards their heads, missed, and embedded itself into the floor beside Nori instead, who promptly came round and sat up, blinking.

"Is Shinku alright?"

"No, she is very much not; in her current condition the most important thing is to keep her away from – " Souseiseki was cut off abruptly by a new voice, silky, honeyed, and deceptively mellifluous.

"My, my, I see your house is as lively as always, Shinku. It's always such a pleasure to drop by. Of course, my visit would be made all the more pleasurable if you were to hand over that Rosa Mystica of yours."

They turned all together to stare in horror at the silvery white-haired doll emerging from the black of Jun's computer screen.


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