I got this idea when my mom told me about the book she was reading. I originally got thte book for me, but got caught up in another one, so I let my mommy read it and tell me all about it. As it turns out, I wish I would've read it. So this is based on the novel "Invisible," by Pete Hautman, with my own little zest thrown in there.

It's a sad, but sweet tale, and I really hope it makes sense to you guys, because it made sense to me. So enjoy! : )

Disclaimer: I own not the Twilight Saga, nor the novel "Invisible." But if I did... dude, I would have SO MUCH FREAKING MONEY! ! !

Part One

Seth's POV

Jacob and I did everything together. He was my best friend in the entire world. I never went anywhere without him.

Completely inseparable is what we were.

"Mom, I'm going to go cliff diving," I called, heading for the front door.

"No, Seth," she said sternly. "Wait until your sister gets home. I don't want you going alone."

"I'm not going alone. Jacob's coming with me, right, Jake?"

"Yeah," said Jacob, standing at the door, waiting for me. "Don't worry, Sue, He'll be okay with me."

"See mom? I'll be fine. Bye!"

"But, Seth—" I was out the door before she could say anything else. Jake and I both phased and started running, first at a slow pace, then speeding up.

Race you to the cliffs, Jake said. He didn't wait for my response and took off.

Hey, no fair! You're such a cheater! I said, taking off after him.

Seth? I heard my sister, who was apparently on patrol.

Oh, hey, Leah. What's up?

What are you doing?

Me and Jacob are going cliff diving. Wanna come?


No, Seth! Jake whined, drowning out whatever Leah was saying. Just us guys.

—you know that right? Leah was saying. Seth? Are you listening at all?

Oh, sorry, Lee. You and Jake were both talking and I guess he overpowered you. What did you say?

I felt her sigh in my head. Look, kid—

Oh, there's the cliffs! Gotta go, Lee. See you later, okay?

Bye, Leah, said Jacob. We phased out and put on shorts, then walked to the edge of the cliff.

"We haven't gone cliff diving in forever," Jake said, stretching in the oh-so-rare sun.

"I know. It's been a while."

"Remember back in the day, when the whole pack would come up here and shove each other off the edge? Paul would get so mad when we'd team up on him and shove him off when he wasn't ready."

"Yeah, then once we all got to the bottom, he's catch at least one of us and beat the crap out of us… remember when Bella jumped? And almost drowned?"

"Yes," Jacob said bitterly. "I was so mad at her. All so she could see the spirit of her precious leech again." He scoffed.

"Hey, Edward's a nice guy," I countered. "He's like, one of my best friends." Jacob looked at me, almost seeming hurt.

"I thought I was your best friend," he said. I smiled.

"You are, Jacob. You're my best friend ever. You're my hero, my idol. You're everything I wish I could be. You're cool, popular, athletic, a total ladies man. Everyone likes you."

"And nobody like you?"

"Not as much. I'm the kid underneath you, who's a total dork, not really all that popular at all, I've never had a girlfriend, and I freaking dance as a sport."

"Hey, man, dance is totally a sport. Ask any girl, they'll tell you so."

"Yeah, any girl."

Jake laughed. "So if I'm so popular, I get to decide what's cool, right?" I nodded. "Okay, then. I decided that you, Seth Clearwater, are cool. Simply because I say so. Feel better now, Buddy?"

I smiled. "Yeah, a little. Now let's do some cliff diving, huh? You first." Jake shook his head.

"Naw, you first."

"I don't wanna go first. You go first." He turned his back for one second. One second that I took use of. I charged at him, pushing him over the edge of the cliff. I was about to straighten up and do a little victory dance, when Jacob turned suddenly as he was falling and punched me playfully in the arm. I lost my balance and fell with him, both of us screaming with joy as we went.

We hit the water at the same time. Instead of paddling for the surface right away, I let the waves in the water take me. I floated for a bit, eyes open, admiring the underwater life. Eventually, I felt my lungs giving me that tightening feeling, telling me I needed air soon, so I propelled myself upward, taking in a large breath once I reached the surface. Jacob was a few feet away from me, on his back, floating. He floated right past me, toward shore.

"You should try this, man," he said. "It's so relaxing…"

So I lifted my legs and laid on my back, letting my arms float out to my sides. We let the waves take us almost all the way to the shore, when I heard my sister again.

"Seth!" Leah called from the beach. "Mom says you need to come home now."

"Okay," I called back. Jake and I straightened up in the water and raced back to shore.

"Why so soon?" I asked Leah.

"We're having a family dinner. It's Charlie's first day off in a really long time. Mom wants us both there."

"Can Jake come?"

Leah sighed and looked down. "Seth…"

"C'mon, Lee, Jake's family."

"It's okay, kid," Jacob said. "I'll see you later, okay?"

"Oh. Okay. See ya, Jake."

"Bye Lovely." Lovely was his nickname for Leah. They were so in love. Engaged, actually. But apparently, they'd abruptly broken up a few years ago. I don't remember much. Just that Leah cried a lot and said she missed him all the time. Whatever happened, whatever he did, it must've been pretty bad, because she hasn't talked to him since. No one has. Just me. But we don't talk about it. We never have. Jacob's my best friend, so naturally, I forgave him immediately and never gave it a second thought. But I knew Jacob still loved her.

Leah just stood there, not talking at all.

"Lee?" I said, getting her attention.


"Jake said goodbye to you." I motioned to Jacob next to me. "Aren't you gonna say goodbye?"

She kept her head down. "Goodbye, Jacob," she said quietly. Jake smiled warmly and walked away, and Leah and I began our walk home. Leah looked like she was going to cry. I held her hand.

"Does it still hurt?" I asked.

"So much," she told me. "Y'know sometimes I envy you."


"Because you have no clue." She slipped her hand out of mine and walked ahead of me. I had no idea what that meant. Maybe it meant because I'd never had my heart broken. I shrugged it off and followed her home for dinner.

"Seth. Seth."

The voice yanked me out of my sleep. I rolled over in my bed and Jacob was sitting at my desk.

"Hey," he said, watching me. "What's up?"

"Jake," I mumbled, looking back at him incredulously. "I'm friggin' sleeping, that's what's up. What are you doing here? How'd you get in? Mom left the door unlocked again, didn't she?"

He laughed. "No, you left your window open."

I looked over to the window, which was, in fact, open. "Huh. So I did. What are you doing here, man?"

"Let's go for a run."

"A run… What? Now?"

"Yeah. Just for fun. C'mon, let's go." He stood and sauntered over to the window.

"I dunno, Jacob. Mom would be pissed if she woke up and I wasn't here."

He rolled his eyes. "Come on, Seth, just for a while."

I hesitated. "Yeah, okay, let's go." I rolled out of bed and followed Jacob out the window.

Leah's POV

I could hear him in his room as I lay in my old bed. I hadn't slept in this house in over three years. Jacob and I had gotten an apartment together. I still stayed there, even though he wasn't with me anymore. Hearing my brother… it broke my heart completely.

"A run… What? Now?"

He was leaving? Mom would not be happy about this. Especially with him in his vulnerable condition. But I didn't understand. The meds were supposed to be helping. So why…?

I shot up in my bed, throwing the covers off my body and speed-walking to the bathroom. I opened the medicine cabinet and pulled out the two different bottles of medication. The looked as though they were being taken, but I doubted it. I frowned, knowing what was going on. I crept quietly to Seth's room and waited outside the door.

"Yeah, okay, let's go."

I heard him scuffle out the window and waited a couple minutes before I tiptoed into his room. I searched everywhere and finally found them.

He had stashed all of his pills inside of a hidden drawer in his desk. He thought no one knew about it, but I did. I hadn't been in it in years, though. And now, here I was, staring at a drawer filled with Taha Aki knows how many months worth of medication he was supposed to be taking. Why was he even keeping them? What the hell was he gonna do with them? Or maybe he was just too stupid to throw them out.

Either way, I had to do something. I burst into my parents' room.

"Mom! Charlie, get up!" They were startled awake, rubbing their eyes.

"What is it, Lee?" Charlie muttered, stifling a yawn.

"It's Seth." Both their eyes widened.

"What happened? Is he okay?" Mom asked.

"Of course he's not okay, he's never gonna be okay," I said. "You need to come see this."

I got them out of bed and they rushed ahead of me to his room.

"Where is he?" my mother asked, frantically.

"He went out for a run," I told her. "With Jacob, no doubt."

"I don't understand," Charlie said. "The medicine—"

"He's not taking it." I led them to the drawer. My mother saw all the untaken medication and she began to cry softly.

"So… he still sees…?" Charlie asked.

"Yes. It's never stopped."

"I should've done something," my mother sobbed. "This morning, he told me they were going cliff diving, and I just let him go. I didn't even really try to stop him! What are we gonna do?"

"We have to call someone," I told her. "This is totally out of our hands now, mom."

She didn't respond right away, but I knew she was thinking the same. She nodded slowly, then began to sob even harder.

"Lee, I think you should go get your brother," said Charlie. I'm gonna calm your mother down and get the doctor on the phone."

I nodded and hurried down the stairs and out the door.

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