A/N: Hey! So...this story is an idea i got from one of my favorite movies. Kudos to those who guess what movie it is.

Let me say quickly though, this is NOT a Bella/Jacob story, just bear with it. Edward arrives soon.

Very short prologue, but it sets the stage. The fun begins in the first chapter.

This story is completely in Bella's POV for now.

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters of Twilight.


Jake walked into the kitchen where I was standing, reading the note Charlie left pinned to the refrigerator. He'd be home late again. I guess it was just me and Jake. Somehow the thought just depressed me even further.

"Hey Bells? What's taking so long? I was starting to miss you." Jake said, hugging his arms around me. I smiled and lead him back to the living room after retrieving the drinks I'd originally gone to get. It didn't bother me that Jake was here. I knew he wouldn't try anything, even though we were dating.

You see: Jacob Black, my boyfriend, was madly in love with Leah Clearwater: my best friend.

He's never directly told me so, and I never cared to ask. I had all my answers the night he said "I love you, Bella."

Because, when he said it, he thought of her.

I know I should have let him off the hook, let him go after the girl of his dreams instead of watching it tear him up inside every time he lied to me. Every time he said the things he desperately wanted to say to her.

I just couldn't stand to go through my life alone. I've been too alone. As long as he stuck with me, I stuck with him. So when Jake asked me out, even though I only liked him as a friend, I said yes. Because he was there, and does love me, just not the way he pretends he does. He lies; everyone lies. My life has been full of nothing but lies.

Unfortunately for me, I've been cursed with the ability to see through every one of them. Right through, to the truth.

I'm Bella Swan.

I'm seventeen years old.

And I have a superpower.