A/N: This is the DoD/YnM Version of the Yaoi Rule 125. Slight TsuzukixHisoka.

Glancing over the files in his hand, Hisoka made his way back to the office he shared with his partner after turning in their-meaing his-paperwork for the day. Yet before he could even scowl at Tsuzuki-he found himself tripping over what is known as 'dense air'. Before he could hit the floor, however, said amethyst eyed man caught the blonde.

"Watch out there 'Soka." the older male cautioned, smiling brightly at the blonde.

Glaring as he felt his cheeks flush said blonde, roughly pushed the other away, "It's not like I did it on purpose!" he snapped, paper crumpling as his fingers curled in to a fist.

"I never said it was!"

Ignoring the other completely now, Hisoka attempted to side step him and get to his desk, only to stumble back in to Tsuzuki's arms.

"But then again..." the purple eyed male muttered teasingly.

"Baka!" the blonde snarled, emerald eyes narrowing furiously, "Let me go!"

"You sure you can stand on your own? Maybe you're getting sick." he stated matter of factly as he pressed his palm to the blonde's forehead.

"I'm not sick!" Hisoka was quick to reply.

Smile now softening the other said, "Well I know that-but where's the fun in this rule if I can't tease you?"

"...What rule?" the blonde asked warily, momentarily forgetting he was being held.

"Ah...well...you see..."

"Just spit it out already!"

"Alright alright! Just remember you asked!" the brunette warned before taking a deep breath, "The rule about how ukes always fall in to their semes arms-and the blushing only confirms it! So you must really like me!" he said rather quickly, smiling sheepishly at the blonde's now blank expression.

After a moments silence said smile faltered, "Hisoka...?" he asked tentatively, tapping the blonde on the cheek.

Without warning a loud crack was heard as the older male was slapped.

Stunned, he released the younger male who was yelling, "YOU IDIOT!"

"Hisoka-y-you asked!" he reminded the blonde, hastily backing away.

"I can not believe you sometimes, do you know that? Hold still and quit being a coward!"


Little did the pair know they were being watched by two co-workers.

"And your 'dense air' brought them closer together how?" Tatsumi questioned the amber eyed scientist next to him.

Shrugging Watari answered, "I never said the effects would be immediate..."

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