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Tic ..Tock

Sam looked up at the Clock before she once more concentrated on her experiment. SG-1 had a mission today but there was still enough time to finish her work.

"Sergeant Murphy please increase the energy input by five." Her lab assistant nodded and went over to the terminal to change the energy input of the quantum mirror.

"Interdimensional matrix is stable Sir, ehhh M'am." Sam smiled. Murphy was a good Soldier, and a passable Lab assistant. If it weren't for her clumsiness, she would have been promoted long ago.


"Carter!" Jack barked from the doorway, where he had been standing, for god knows how long, dressed in his mission gear carrying his pack on the back and Carter's in his hand.

"Hello, sir. Daniel, Teal'C." Sam replied absent-mindedly, gesturing her Team to enter. She was too busy monitoring energy fluctuations in the Quantum Mirror to pay attention to a bored Jack at the moment. "Please don't touch anything." She addet as an afterthought.

"What'cha doin', Carter?" Jack inquired as he peered at some equipment. On the table beside the apperatus he was interested in was the Quantum Mirror remote. Sam looked up just as Jack was going to touch the delicately calibrated equipment.

"Stop!" she barked. Jack quickly backed up, spreading his hands wide in a 'who me?' gesture as he did so. Unfortunately, this had the result of knocking the remote to the floor right behind Daniel, who was in the process of stepping backwards.

A crunch was heard as Daniel stepped on the remote and overbalanced. Trying to stay on his feet he started to stumble backwards, through the inconveniently placed Quantum Mirror.

Reacting quickly Jack let Sam's pack fall while he grabbed Daniels hand…and lost his balance as well. For a moment the Mirror was flickering and a low crackling noise, one that was slowly increased in volume, was heard.

For a second nobody moved.


"Tell the General what happened!" Sam called to Sergeant Murphy as she grabbed her pack with the left hand, and raced to the Quantum Mirror, followed by Teal'C.

Once more the Mirror flickered followed by a loud crack. Then there was nothing, as the Mirror was no longer active.

Sergeant Murphy blinked. She looked at the Mirror and blinked;then, she looked at the remote and back at the Mirror.

"The General's not going to like this." The Sergeant said to the empty room. She sighed and hurried off to get it over with. Why did such things always happen when she was working?


Jack and Teal'c quickly were back on their feet, scanning the surrounding area for enemies and fast exits. It was, for the lack of a better term, a battle reflex honed by years of Gate travel. Samantha and Daniel were on their feet just as quickly but their sole attention was on the Mirror or more specifically on the deactivated Mirror.

"Sir, we may have a problem." The Major started, looking through the sparsely decorated grey concrete room before focusing on her CO. "The signal feedback caused a backlash in the circuits of the Quantum mirror, and because of this the Interdimensional matrix collapsed

"English Carter, English"

"Because of the destroyed remote the mirror shut down. So if we do not find this universes equivalent we are stranded."

Daniel had guessed that the moment he saw the mirror, but hearing it said was a whole other thing. "Fuck." He mumbled to low to be heard by his Teammates.

"Peachy, just peachy. Carter, Daniel, search the area. T," Jack waved his hand in the general direction of the Jaffa's forehead, "Do something about this, the last thing we need is a shitload of attention."

"I do not believe this to be necessary O'Neill." Teal'C said, while indicating to a Newspaper that rested on a nearby table. "If this Newspaper is correct, the whole adult Population of this world is dead."

Daniel scanned the pages. "It's about one and a half years old. If someone survived, they would have been here in the meantime."

"So we are the only Humans on this godforsaken earth. Great, just great."

"Not necessarily sir." Sam looked around the room once more before focussing solely on her CO "If the Newspaper article is correct, it only affected the adults, it is quite possible for the children to be alive, maybe even for those who reached adulthood after the virus struck."

This revelation changed everything. Disguising Teal'C and blending in till they found a way to get back, a standard operation procedure when stranded on a foreign and possible hostile world, was no longer possible.

"Ok Guys, here's the plan." Jack said, "We have MRE's, Munitions and Equipment for a two week Mission. I have also packed six Twinkies." Daniel and Sam gave him a look that all but screamed 'seriously?' "We are not all as diplomatic as Danny here, and it is a legitimate way of bribing the natives." He said as if it was the most logical of reasons, "Anyhow has anyone else packed additional stuff?"

"I have not O'Neill." Teal'C answered.

"Well I've got my allergen-desensitising treatment and—" Daniel started to blush. "Condoms. Janet thought it a good idea to distribute them among the people of P3X-981."


"Nothing, Sir."

"So we have at least Twinkies, and Condoms to trade."

Jack stated while Daniel was fighting down his blush and Carter tried not to rolled her eyes as he stated the obvious.

"Carter, Daniel you two scout the area. We need to know if the City is inhabited, who's in charge and so on. You know the spiel. T and I are going to secure this facility, so we can use it until we find a strategically favourable base of operation." With a nod from Daniel and a 'Yes, sir' from Sam, both went outside, leaving their backpacks behind as they would hinder a possible fast retreat.

Through the Newspaper they already knew that they were in Wellington, the capital of New Zealand, with the mirror being located beneath the "Wellington Hospital."


Leaving the Hospital through the front entrance Daniel noticed that the area was quite industrialised for a suburb area. And it was dirty, that he could tell without problem, even though the sun was still rising. Old newspaper, burned out trashcans and thrown out furniture decorated the street, with all kinds of graffiti smeared over house - and stone walls.

Daniel looked closer at a few of the symbols that were sprayed with seemingly every colour of the rainbow on seemingly every wall, before he took his Dictaphone and began to talk.

"Recurring names and symbols indicate gang or tribe-like alliances among the surviving population." He said. Sam waved him over to show him a tattered city map she found in one of the burned out cars littering the street, divided into sectors, most likely used to aid the evacuation during the virus outbreak.

"The recurring number 15 matching the one used for this area during the outbreak indicates that the sector system was assimilated by the tribes. It is to be expected that different sectors are ruled by different tribes, with this area's ruler being" He looked at the recurring name sprayed on the wall,"The 'Tribe Circus.' "

Sam signalled Daniel to hold the Dictaphone in her direction.

"The buildings all show signs of vandalism and the shops we came across were striped of food, drinks, make-up and costume jewellery, while medicine and dietary supplement had been left. They obviously weren't schooled in what to take, and only took what looked useful. Most of the burn marks seem old so we can assume that most of the vandalism was done during the virus outbreak or shortly after the adults died." Sam added while entering a store through the destroyed window front. It had once been a tourist office and as such it had little to no value for the children, which left it in a better shape than most shops around. Daniel deactivated the Dictaphone and started looking around, before taking a tourist city map lying around, that was more in detail than the sector map they already had.

Taking a plastic bag from behind the counter, Sam began to fill it with paper she took out of the printer and ball-pens with a Wellington logo on it.

Among the souvenirs they also found a deck of cards as well as some scarfs and hoodies.

The 'I love NZ' hoodies where anything but fashionable and most kids wouldn't be caught dead in them but at least the hood would help them disguise their age a bit.

Sam looked up at the Morning sky; their watches still ran on SGC time, so she had to guess how late or, in their case, early it was. "We should go back Daniel. The kids will not sleep forever and the later we are the higher are the changes to encounter them."

They left the shop through its window, as the door was looked, returning to the Hospital when Sam caught the glimpse of a person, most likely a boy or a young girl, she couldn't tell from the distance, attempting to hide himself in the shadows..

"We are being followed. One on our left and two behind us." whispered Sam, and Daniel, after subtly looking around, nodded. He had not noticed them before but once he knew they were there it was painfully easy to spot them.
A stone flew in his direction and he barely avoided being hit, they now could no longer pretend to not notice them. Sam faced the two behind them while Daniel faced the one to their left. Both SG1 members had their guns drawn but this was more out of reflex than the actual intention to shoot. Nevertheless the Kids, two boys and a small girl, didn't know that, so it didn't take long for them to come out of the shadows.

"Adults, tell us how you survived." One of the boys rudely ordered them.

Sam and Daniel shared a look, they hadn't had the time to put a cover story together.

"We were in a cryogenic unit supported by a zero point energy source isolated by means of."

Sam explained.

"I understand" the Spokesperson said but it was obvious that he didn't, not surprising seeing as Sam had fed them bullshit.

"Are there more?" The small girl interrupted, "Did they put our parents into these cryo-things?" Daniel looked at the small child not sure how too tell her the truth.

"They are from some kind of military. And at least the woman is American. If there are more, emphasis on the if, they're Military as well." The rude boy said.


In the mean time Jack and Teal'C had started to secure their temporary base of operation by collecting all key cards and checking the emergency generator.

In Institutions like Hospitals an emergency generator would activate the moment the power fails, but for the SGC, and obviously for this institution as well, this was too great a risk, as sometimes having no energy was the only thing that kept enemies from activating the Stargate and/or messing with the SGC's computer system.

For SG1 that meant that they had a generator that would provide them with energy for at least a month—a year or more if they didn't use the gate.

Jack had already thought about leaving through the gate towards one of their technologically advanced allies in hope of finding them able and willing to help SG1 return home. Sadly this was not one of his most brilliant of plans, as Teal'C had pointed out.

Firstly, they didn't know if the addresses where the same. Secondly, there was no guarantee that they had already met this dimension's SGC. Third, even if they had met there was no guarantee that they were friends… and last, but not least, it would make a target out of them and earth should the Goauld realise that the Tauri had an active Stargate.

So no gate travel for them, at least until they knew for sure that it would be beneficial.

"I did not find the remote O'Neill. It seems as if it was taken off base." Teal'C said. Jack nodded in response.

"Thanks T." Jack looked at the small bag Teal'C was carrying and raised an eyebrow.

"These are medications I saw Janet Fraiser use in the past. I found them in the Hospital above and thought them beneficial." Jack took the bag from the Jaffa and looked over the stuff inside. Most of it he recognised, stuff like Tylenol or penicillin for example.

"You had to go and find the biggest needles they had, didn't you?"

"A true Warrior faces his fears."

"You think I fear Needles?" It was voiced as a statement.


It was in situations like this that Jack was not sure if the older one was making a joke or being serious, so he decided to let it go.