DISCLAIMER: I do not own Madison Finn and the rest of characters in the novel written by Laura Dower... I am merely a huge and loyal fan who got inspired and wrote something that I could see possibly occurring in the series... (or so I hope :D)


How long had it been since I last wrote something for this so-called 'files' I have? It had been years! I remember I was 13 years old then when I started doing this and it was very important that I update them often. There were even moments when I tend to forget about homework and other school stuff just so I could organize and reread the things I write that make my life more interesting than it ever was… I wonder how it ended though…

Madison Finn grinned at her laptop, rereading what she had written so far. It was weird to start writing on her files again, especially since writing had not been something she'd been doing ever since after her junior high school days. And now, she was starting to rekindle her old interest, bringing her nostalgia to her past. She continued on with more thoughts flowing inside of her.

It must have been when Hart had moved away and I found it harder to write again when he left. And afterwards, my attempts to start this thing I used to do had failed miserably that I decided to just give up. If I were to continue this, I must have had my own blog now or the career I have pursued would be something like a writer… on newspapers! That would be funny since all I write was about myself! What would I want to write about then? Politics? Nah! Beauty and women? How beautiful I am and how strong I am as a woman? How inspiring I can be?

She chuckled at that thought and instantly covered her mouth. Looking around, she breathed a sigh of relief, glad that she did not wake up her roommate Jenna Stuart. Though it was already 11 in the morning, her redhead roommate spent her night partying with her other friends as a celebration for the start of the summer vacation. She asked Madison to come with her but as usual, the more passive girl declined.

Anyway, I know last time all I could talk about was HART JONES! But now, everything changed! Who could believe that I would fall in love with my former crush's cousin whom I swore before that I would never EVER have a crush on? How ridiculous was that? Well, it was not really but then again, I had never felt so happy and contented in my entire life! Not even when I was with Hart but of course that was totally different since I was 13 then and now I'm 18 and more matured and wiser (hopefully) and more experienced (as if! Experienced with what? LOL)! I try haha!

Oh and I'm back to being friends with Vicky aka Bigwheels, my former keypal. It was a lot different now though in a good way since we see each other often unlike before we just exchanged emails. I love it actually that I'm gaining more friends! And of course, I still haven't lost my best friends Aimee, Fiona and Lindsay though I haven't heard from Lindsay for a very long time now. I wonder how she is :/

The shrilling sound of her phone made Madison jump. She was too absorbed with what she was typing. Quickly, she picked up her phone, saw who the caller was and answered it with a wide smile on her face.

"Hey!" she said enthusiastically.

"Maddie!" the person on the other line exclaimed with his throaty deep laugh. "Had breakfast yet?"

"Drew Maxwell! It's almost noon! Shouldn't you be asking about lunch?" she laughed.

"Well, that too," he responded sheepishly. "Hasn't had breakfast yet actually. Had to help Jake move out his stuff. He wouldn't take no for an answer."

"Aw. Poor baby. Should we feed the famished?"

"Gladly! I'll pick you up in 10 minutes!"

"I'll be the girl in..." Madison looked down at what she's wearing. She scrunched her nose, realizing how ridiculous she looked. "You'd have to hold on that. I still got to change so make that 15 minutes."

"You look cute with whatever you wear."

She scoffed. "Not in this outfit, I don't."

"Whatever, Maddie. Just don't make me wait too long. You know how cranky I get when I'm hungry."

Madison laughed. "You don't have to remind me, honey. No wonder you're getting too cheesy at this time."

"Aw really, Maddie," Drew answered, pretending to be hurt. "I'm just trying to be sweet to my girl. Is that so wrong? I already miss you."

"Okay stop! Enough!"

He laughed. "I'll see you later."


With a groan, Madison glanced down at her outfit of a yellow shirt with a flower at the middle which she found "so middle grade" and a pair of ugly green boxers that would surely make people talk about her for the rest of their lives. She stood up from her study table and tossed her phone to her unmade bed. Feeling unorganized and untidy, she went for her bed first and started folding her blanket and plopping her pillows. Then she approached her cabinet to fix her clothing malfunction.

After 2 minutes, Madison had finally set on wearing her white University of Pennsylvania shirt and a pair of khaki shorts. Her legs were starting to get goose bumps because their air-conditioning system was in full blast but she knew that her outfit is fit for the hot temperature outside. Finally slipping on the usual pair of clogs she wears in a normal day, she sat in front her laptop again to finish her journal since there was still time before Drew's arrival.

So yeah I just talked to my boyfriend and we'll be going out for lunch so it should not be a big deal but I can't help it. I always get excited when I'm about to see him. I mean I know I see him about 4 to 5 times a week and we have been together for half a year now but I just really could not help it.

It's good that Drew and Hart had already patched things up after the whole hospital thing so we could double date. Those two cousins are so weird. One moment they're all "I don't care about him and I wouldn't want to deal with him even if it kills me" and then later they're all "Hey man! It's all a big understanding. It was hard not talking to you." No matter how weird they get, I guess it's still great that they're friends again. Everything is a lot easier now. Like a happy ending in a story book. Gee, that is cheesy. I can't believe Drew's cheesiness is contagious. LOL

There was a quick knock on the door and Madison instantly jumped up to open. She had to catch her breath when she saw how handsome Drew was in his simple getup of a black loose shirt and a pair of jeans who was standing in front of her doorstep. There was still this feeling inside of her that she's proud to call him hers.

"Why hello gorgeous," she said in a joking way though she meant it. "You look good to eat!"

Drew's face started to get red. "Maddie!" he exclaimed that made his girlfriend laugh. Even though he appears cool and confident, he still gets embarrassed when Madison gets flirty at him even in just a joking way. "Ready to go?"

"Just a sec!" she cried, running back to her bed. Quickly, she picked up her small handbag and tossed her phone and wallet inside. Then, she had put her laptop on sleep mode and finally went to where Drew was waiting.