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This story takes place in Venezuela, during the time of Mercenaries 2, after the oil rig is destroyed. Also, this is my first fanfic, so don't be too harsh.

The Ambush

(During an Allied patrol)

"Damn, it's hotter than hell out here," said an Allied officer.

"Well, you're the one who wanted to be the gunner, so you can't be in the AC. Deal with it" said the driver.

"Shut the hell up you little ,,," The officer never got the chance to finish his sentence, as he was killed by a bullet from a sniper rifle.

"HOLY CRAP!" yelled the driver, when he saw the blood (and body) in the rear view mirror.

"Where the hell did that come from!"

He then saw five Venezuelan soldiers come out of the bushes, firing at the scout vehicle.

"I need backup! There is an ambush outside of East Maracaibo!" yelled the driver into his radio. The scout, and the driver were riddled with bullet holes as the soldiers fired.

"Damn it, the thing is on fire! Get away from here!" barked the VZ officer to the rest of the squad.

Needless to say, the Allied scout went up and flames, and exploded.

(At Solano's villa, now a certain mercenary HQ)

"Chris, I got a call from an Allied soldier. It seems that a scout was ambushed," said Fiona Taylor.

"Well, who gives a crap? Happens all the time" replied Chris Jacobs, American mercenary.

"No, this is different. The same thing happened to every faction. Except the Venezuelans" she replied.

"Sneaky little,"

"Anyway," Fiona said, interrupting him, "it was outside of East Maracaibo. A very important officer was killed, so that is why it is important."

"Well, what the hell are we going to do about it?" he replied, clamping a lit cigar in his mouth.

"Look into it, don't get killed, that sort of thing" replied Fiona, staring at the computer monitor. "Alright, I'm off, then." As Chris got into a stolen car and drove off, Fiona continued talking to him. "I also found out that in each ambush, there was a sniper involved." She said.

"Well, damn. That helps so much!" Chris said angrily.

Short chapter, huh? Expect another one very soon.