That was the most beautifully depressing manga I've ever read.

I made myself read the spoiler that happens in X-1999, so, HEAVY SPOILER ALERT.


Separate Hearts

A separate heart can still beat the same.

Feelings can intertwine, creating a beautiful flow of emotions.

Emotions that make one human being care for another human being far more than they would for a stranger. An acquaintance. A friend, even.

This emotion, upon normal circumstances, is called 'love.'

It was what his sister had wanted to bloom between them, what she had died for.


That was wrong...

She had died to save him. To protect him from death.

It was no more an act to preserve their love than it was a homicide mission.

She had sacrificed herself for him, someone she had 'loved,' and left him behind to wallow in his sorrow and hatred for the rest of his life.

In a sense, she had been selfish to abandon him with nothing but revenge to eat away at him.

Had she thought, before death, what he would feel every time he looked in a mirror?

What he would feel when he knew that if he cried, she was no longer there to comfort him?

What he would feel when someone didn't burst into his apartment at ungodly hours, leaving him to sit alone in darkness as the pain gnawed at his insides?

What he would feel when he looked in the kitchen, only to have painfully happy memories recalled?

What he would feel when he thought of that dirty fucking bastard?

He would have given anything to know what she had thought of before death.


He would have given anything to have her back with him again.

He would have given anything to have that bastard's blood on his fingertips.

But that was back then.

And now that his blood was running down his fingertips, drenching his arm, staining his clothes, his soul, his heart- he thought differently.

As his last words were uttered, he felt the body go limp against him, slowly growing cold and lifeless.

He could feel the heartbeat.


The thing his sister had been rooting for.


The 'love' that he and the other were supposed to share.


The hatred, the revenge, his sister...

His sister...

...Tha... dump...

"Seishiro... I..."

A separate heart can still beat the same.

Until that heart has stopped beating altogether.

Words can not express what I feel for this manga at the moment.

I'm going to go SOB for a bit. Brbforever.