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Immediately when she returned home, she dumped her suitcase and all of her bags at the door and rushed to greet Apollo and her children. She held the two boys and Apollo held Cadence and pulled Ema into a hug, the change in Ema's attitude towards her children had been almost instant. Apollo was more than just a little proud of his girlfriend.

"I'm sorry Apollo, you must have been struggling just as much as me." Ema smiled.

"It's fine, I've missed you, and I'm exhausted, these three are hard work." Apollo smiled shyly.

It had been two weeks of therapy for Ema, and a week of that was simply getting her to admit she had a problem, still, through talking she had managed to alleviate herself of her fears and her depression.

"Have they been trouble?" Ema asked as she kissed the two boys and then her daughter.

"Uh...no...no." Apollo smiled.


It was merely an hour after Ema had left, Apollo had noticed the kids were so tired, so had put them back to bed, and thought it would be a good time to boot up his laptop and sort out a few notes and write-ups he was doing for work. About thirty minutes later there was a shrill cry from the nursery, so he pulled himself up and found Cadence squealing, the boys were either ignoring her very well or still asleep so he had decided to take her back into the living area to work with him for a bit.

He put the CD player on in the hope it would keep her quiet and content and continued to type out his reports. He noticed that as he typed, his daughter followed his hand movements with her eyes, and soon began copying his hand movements. He laughed and shuffled her further down his knee before his muscles ached. When the phone rang, he turned his head to see where it was and as he reached out he noticed that his daughter was hitting the keys.

Then he heard the beep, the familiar beep that was signifying someone had pressed the delete button.

Cadence began giggling in delight, almost as if she knew that she had just deleted her fathers work for the last few reports.

"Damn!" He glanced down at his daughter. "You clever little demon."


Trucy had found it funny about Cadence deleting her father's work, so much so she managed to stick a sign over his computer saying "Bested by a baby" when she came to visit him two days later. She and Apollo had decided to take the babies out to the park for a picnic, since it was such a glorious day.

She had bought some chocolate brownies her and her dad had made at home, she had also made some sandwiches for her and Apollo and Apollo had bought all the stuff for the kids. Things were going fine until during the picnic Aaron and Xavier had decided to start picking at the grass and throwing it at each other.

While it had left a mess everywhere and Apollo's clothes were covered in grass, leaking green onto the blue denim jeans and white shirt he had been wearing, there had been no injuries and eve Xavier was giggling in delight.

So, they decided to take the kids to a café and that was the most embarrassing experience Apollo had ever had. All three children had erupted into a chorus of crying mixed with giggling. Apollo, red faced, had managed to stop them and calm them down after what were easily the worse ten minutes since he had become a father.


As they climbed into bed that night, Ema cuddled against Apollo's chest, she began to giggle.


"They were little demons for you weren't they?"


"God they're definitely your kids." She laughed. "You said you were a hassle growing up."


"I bet you weren't that-" she was cut off by the light snoring coming from Apollo. "You ass." She fell asleep soon after.

The new day spelt a new problem, a problem being Ema's animal obsession. She had found a stray cat while Apollo was at work. He had seen this cat a few times, jumping across the balconies and assumed it to be a neighbour's cat. She had left food out on the balcony for the cat, obviously meaning it stuck around in the hope for more, and it had been out sunning itself, back pressed against the glass sliding doors that led to the balcony, until mid afternoon.

When Trucy was on her way home from school, she would often stop by to say hello to Ema and the babies. That afternoon was no exception, she dropped her bag by the door and kicked off her shoes and immediately rushed up to Xavier and Aaron, who were stacking blocks.

"Hi Xavier, hi Aaron." Trucy declared loudly. The babies merely acknowledged her with a glance.

"What animal makes the sound moo?" Ema asked her daughter, who pointed to the picture of a cow in her book. "Well done Cadence."

When Trucy turned to face the two female occupants of the house, she happened to glance at the mound of fur sat at the bottom of the glass doors.

"I didn't know you and Apollo bought a cat." Trucy asked as she plucked Cadence up from the couch and took her seat.

"We didn't. I think it's a stray, or a neighbour's cat." Ema replied.

"Well it seems pretty chilled on your balcony there." Trucy pointed out.

"Well...hm...Trucy, will you keep an eye on these three for a minute?"

"Sure, what are you going to do?" She asked.

"If the cat is friendly, I might just take it to all the people in the building and ask if it's theirs." The apartment building was small with only twelve apartments spread over four floors.

The cat had not objected to being picked up, and had purred contently once properly supported in Ema's arms.

"He seems nice." Ema tickled him behind the ears. "Well I better see if he has an owner."

Of all the apartments in the building, including hers and Apollo's, only eight had their occupants inside. None of which had claimed ownership of the cat. Now Ema had a cat curled up in her lap, and she knew Apollo would be peeved she had let it in. Trucy had done Ema a favour and pushed a note through the doors of the apartments that she had got no response from with a description of the cat and a note saying the cat had been found on the balcony.


"What the hell is that thing?" Apollo asked shocked as Ema put the cat on the floor to give him a kiss.

"It's a cat, Apollo!" Trucy giggled.

"Get it away from the-" He was about to object to it being near the kids, until he saw Xavier petting it on the head.

Like all loving and devoted parents, the two of them panicked at first, and rushed forward to yank the cat up should it react to the boy's touch and scratch. To their surprise, it bowed it's head, retracted its claws and laid down before him. He pulled its ears gently, and still earned no more of a reaction than a quiet purr.

The best thing about this, Xavier was smiling and giggling with delight with the reaction to the cat. They had never seen such a positive reaction from the quiet boy.

"Wow...I've never seen him act like that." Ema smiled brightly at her boyfriend. Now both of them were relaxed.

"That's so cool!" Trucy declared. The other two were now petting at the cat, it continued to purr in delight as three sets of tiny hands petted and tugged gently on his fur.

"I'll keep an eye on them." Apollo smiled up at Ema has he knelt down by his children, who briefly ignored the cat to acknowledge their father, the cat crawled up into Apollo's lap and he, and the babies were petting the cat.

"I'll start dinner, Trucy are you staying?"

"Sure, daddy's out tonight, so thanks, I'd love it." Trucy felt briefly dejected.

It was late evening, when the babies were put to bed and Ema and Apollo were relaxing together, the cat taking pride of place across their laps and they were discussing what would happen if nobody in the building or the surrounding area claimed him.

"I guess we could." Apollo was coming round to the idea of having the cat, although it had taken a lot of persuasion. A knock at the door stopped their conversation.

Ema opened the door to the young woman and her daughter that lived in apartment one.

"I found this note today. I have a feeling this is my daughter's cat, he went missing about three weeks ago." The woman handed Ema the note. "Is the cat here?"

"Apollo, come here for a sec." Apollo scooped the cat into his arms and bought it over.

"Churchill!" The little girl cried out, the cat reacted instantly and leapt down from his arms. "Oh thank you so much for finding him!"

"I'm so sorry for any trouble we've put you through, we've been looking for a new apartment, so we've not been spending too long at home. I think Churchill got a bit annoyed about the fact we weren't spending time with him." The woman explained. "I'm so sorry, you're the Justice family, right? You have kids too?"

"Yes, triplets, six months old." Ema tried not to look disheartened about the cat having to return home.

"He's amazing with children, isn't he? He's still a kitten himself." The woman chuckled. Ema smiled and nodded before excusing herself to check on her children.

"Look after him, won't you?" Apollo knelt down to the little girl.

"I promise mister, thanks for looking after him."

"Have a good evening now." Apollo smiled.

"Hey, excuse me, can I have a word?" The woman asked.

"Of course." He stood up.

"Sweetie, go back home ok, take Churchill with you." The little girl nodded and headed off down the hall. "Listen, I know this is rude of me to ask, but I'm worried Churchill may break free again during the day, he's good with dogs and things if you have any other pets...would you be willing to keep an eye on him during the day?"

"I can't say for sure, I mean, I'm working, so my girlfriend would be the one to ask?"

Ema had not hesitated to say yes, offering to take care of Churchill whenever she was needed.

"I'll bring some stuff with him in the morning, until then, have a good Friday evening." The woman smiled brightly.

"Hey...Ema, maybe we should think about getting a pet of our own? I was thinking a full grown dog? It'd keep you company when the babies are asleep and if it keeps Xavier all happy and smiling."

"...Really?" Ema smiled.

"Sure, we'll look for one in the morning." Apollo kissed her forehead.