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"I can't believe it!" Ray shouted, slamming a pile containing several text books and a few loose paper sheets on the kitchen table.

"What's wrong, Ray?" Amara asked, chewing on biscuit.

"Look at all the homework I've got to do! And this isn't even half of it; this is only the crap I got at school today!" Ray complained.

"You think that's bad, wait until you hear the news." Jubilee said, smirking as she entered the kitchen.

"What news?" Sam asked, raising his head from his Mathematics textbook to look at Jubilee.

"It seems that Jean and Scott are bringing school home. On the weekends, holidays and any other day that we're not at school, the two almighty X-Men leaders are going to be teaching us."

"WHAT?" Ray screeched. "You mean we don't get holidays or weekends anymore? It's Friday night, I have plans, and I want to sleep in until lunch tomorrow!"

"Apparently we don't even get days off if we're sick." Rahne groaned as she walked in to join the New Mutants.

"That's totally beyond unfair!" Roberto commented, dumping his own humongous pile of homework next to Ray's pile. "We're never going to keep on top of normal school if we have no time to do our homework or have fun. Think of all the awesome parties we'll be missing out on!"

"Yeah, whatever happened to 'Work, Rest, Play'?" Amara agreed.

"Well then it's pretty obvious what we need to do here." Bobby said as he walked into a room with an evil grin on his face.

"What do you mean, Bobby?" Jubilee asked with curiosity.

"It's all quite simple, dear Jubilee. First, we must ask ourselves a question: What do we like in Scott and Jean? Nothing, of course, except for one little thing. We like annoying them, right?"

"I suppose so." Rahne replied.

"Did he just call me 'Dear'?" Jubilee inquired.

"I have come to the conclusion that-" Bobby continued, only to be interrupted by Roberto.

"Bobby, can you please stop talking like that?" Roberto requested.

"...Fine. Okay, anyway, my genius mind came up with a plan! We can't have classes if we don't have any teachers, right?"

"...Right." The rest of the New Mutants said in unison.

"So we just annoy them until they give up on teaching us, then we'll be free to enjoy weekends!" Bobby said proudly. "I have a contract here," he pulled out a sheet of white paper with his messy handwriting on it and passed it around. "Sign it and you're agreeing to give the X-Men who volunteer to teach us 25 days of torture, starting tomorrow."

The New Mutants looked happy as they wrote their names on the sheet of paper.

Bobby took the paper back. "The games are about to begin."